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    Furrow for tall thick prairie grass, a Rotary Deck Cutter for dressing. They are what we use on our ranch.

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    I've had the opportunity to view a number of this guys videos. When you first see a 54 minute video titled clearing trees for sawmilling you'd could that be worth nearly an hour. The fact is Andrew produces very interesting content that easily holds your attention. Particularly for me is you never know what exactly he's going to get into, one minute we're pushing over trees, then a loader repair, then back to a driveway and more tree work. Guess maybe it's the unexpected random activity that can happen. It's all good stuff. Thx...

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    I love this, but just wanted to point out, you can cut the tree which might have been easier than trying to wiggle the trailer and the truck free. Oh well I loved it either way, didn't want you to struggle so much. I think a lot of people said it muddy/slippery roads you can deflate the tires to get more grip or use tire chains to get through the slippery bits or use bits of wood/sticks to get enough grip for the tires on the slippery bits

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    Having to clean branches off the top all the time would make me go for the other kind that is like a bush-hog that swings up sideways to cut branches like that... 👍

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    @1:08:00 I always wonder about the strength of the metallic welds withstanding the torque of the upright standing metal beams.

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    Sometimes I believe Andrew could build a whole city on his own. Impressive. Reminds me of the workers of the first skyscrapers in NY at the beginning of the 20th century sitting on a steal beam high above the ground. That famous B&W photo.

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    I guess you figured out the hard way, sickle mowers are NOT designed to cut 2" material, and for sure NOT big limbs! I have a New Holland 451 three point sickle mower that will run in all positions, it's very easy to hold in an upright position and cut SMALL limbs. Best part is, being in the back instead of the front like yours, it keeps itself clean, I don't have to stop and clean it off. Lastly and very VERY important, don't take your dog out when sickle mowing!!! I've seen dogs run by a sickle mower and loose a leg!! To them at ground level, they don't understand the cutter is sticking out away from the tractor/skid steer!! They run around the tractor and the sickle takes a leg or two off!!! It just happens so fast!! SR

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    Appreciate the lack of constant narrative like some. Pretty efficient in your comments without long breaks in demonstration aspect. Once question about door you installed - was a forestry door that is heavily fortified from debris or a regular door?

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    This video has bee very helpful. I am wanting to put a drain in a low area of my rural driveway and this is my starting point. I may need to install 2 drains but thanks so much for this helpful guide :)

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    I love that his dogs get right up on what he’s doing and he exhibits all the the patience in the world. Now he just needs to find out if they make PPE for dogs.

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    I own one of these 6035 machines and the parking brake assembly has been removed. is there any way you could send me pics of yours ? the parts manual doesnt show anything but the caliper

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    Those 1/4" are meant for shearing when a tooth gets jammed so you don't break the drive or shear a drive line connection which is more difficult to fix. Pretty much exactly like a bean/wheat head on a combine harvester but the teeth last a lot longer not cutting branches.

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