Buying a military cargo truck

Buying a 1997 Stewart and Stevenson flatbed cargo truck:
0:00 intro
4:14 hook up to a flatbed trailer
7:10 Mess up trailer then re-engineer truck hitch
20:30 Successfully tow trailer and do small digging job
27:08 Tow fork lift and get truck stuck (has to be in "mode" for 4x4)
30:25 Hook up to military equipment trailer then fix its brakes
33:15 load shipping container on trailer then try to move it up a muddy driveway, and have the truck stuck for a few hours


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    I love this, but just wanted to point out, you can cut the tree which might have been easier than trying to wiggle the trailer and the truck free. Oh well I loved it either way, didn't want you to struggle so much. I think a lot of people said it muddy/slippery roads you can deflate the tires to get more grip or use tire chains to get through the slippery bits or use bits of wood/sticks to get enough grip for the tires on the slippery bits

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    The Diesel is getting in past your Injector Cups. When they crack the high pressure fuel is allowed to enter the coolant system via the coolant passage. To repair them it requires the injectors to be pulled in order to remove and replace the cups. The Injector Cups are relatively affordable under $20 each. Replacing all the injector o-rings will also cost you around $100 the reason you had heck getting them nuts off is because the collars on the NUTS are crimped to keep them from backing off.

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    Not very impressive for a military vehicle. Was it Canadian?

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    Trying to get my ass to work, but can't stop watching this awsome video, Great job Andrew, you know the limits of yur equiptment...In yur previous life you must have been a general. or some type of a Explorer..and damn good at it..thumbs up people to this epic vid..

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    At 12:30 i was like oh hes gonna heat them upp to loosen them, thats smart. And then he just cuts them straight of LOL

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    did these trucks get really cheap or something. All the diesel guys on SEblacks are messing with them now.

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    Those fasteners you were trying to remove look like the same type that are used on aircraft structures called "Hi Lok" fasteners. They're designed to be torqued once and not come loose, which is why you couldn't get them off easily. Great job on moving that frame assembly back to where you needed it. Good to know information.

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    I would have thought these newer Army trucks would have locking differentials?

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    It'd be awesome to work a Summer with you guys. Good job with Everything! You definitely know how to get things done

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    35:45 "yeap that aint going anywhere" the obligatory mantra after rigging up something on a trailer.

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    Y’know, the minute I saw that truck I knew something was wrong with it! I just knew it had a civilian tow hitch!!!!!

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    Injectors cups. Common on cat c7s and the like. Injectors Orings and copper seals.

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    I bet the moved that hitch so far in as they did not anticipate making tight turns and more often than towing needed those high strength tie down for shipping, airlifting etc. There must be a military procedure to prevent any turns under a certain radius... But did I just watch Andrew have his very own mudfest?

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    Fantastic. Like one of those Arctic Russia videos. Great stuff Andrew!

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    You can't fix stupid, and this is stupid

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    @Andrew Camarata proper planning prevents piss poor performance. Your way of thinking....... there's a tornado headed straight for the house, I think I'll go feed the dogs. My way of thinking........ there's a tornado headed straight for the house, I think I'll head to the basement. P.P.P.P.P.P. You say its an excuse to have an actual plan in place. For example, im gonna haul a container up a mountain with a truck a very small dozer, in a rain storm. That was not a plan and turned out to the stupidest thing I've watched in a very long time. You can't fix stupid, and you won the award on that day. Congrats on getting smarter, using the proper equipment, on a better day. You just proved me right, THANK YOU lol

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

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    Sounds like making excuses to not do something. I brought 2 more containers up there and it went much easier after I got a bigger dozer.

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    @Andrew Camarata container, mountain, dirt road, rain storm. Once again, you can't fix stupid, and that was stupid! Container, mountain, dirt road, sunny with blue skies, checked the radar, different outcome! Make better decisions, have better outcomes/results 👍🏻👍🏻. If I'm going fishing in a 20' foot boat (your dozer), in the ocean (your mountan), im checking the fukking radar!

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

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    Andrew Camarata

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    Truck runs perfect. I was planning on taking it to the cat dealer to have it fixed, its a long drive though.

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    Andrew Camarata

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    Wow, that turned into a cluster real fast. Reminded me of some of the construction sites I've been on when everything just turns to sh*t and you spend all day trying to undo something, and at the end of the day you're right where you started but with a muddy mess. You got subscription! Keep it up. Love the truck.

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    Andrew Camarata

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    Thanks. I got a d7 with a winch. And got 2 more containers up there.

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