Buying a crawler boom lift

Buying an IHI mini dumper that had a boom lift installed in the bed. And first time operating it doing a quick tree job.
B quality video cleaning up some fire wood next day:


  • Christopher Bullock
    Christopher Bullock16 dagar sedan

    Cody’s got a bone. From a prehistoric caveman. Or woman. Woof!

  • Dennis Aspenleiter
    Dennis Aspenleiter22 dagar sedan

    great find !!! i have an old 52 hi ranger bucket truck i use around my property wish it had tracks

  • michelwong1
    michelwong124 dagar sedan


  • Sudd 268
    Sudd 268Månad sedan

    I’ve never told anyone how to do anything on SEblacks but when I rent a tow behind lift I set up as far away from the tree to still reach the tree and also use my brush cutter with chainsaw attached, be careful Andrew don’t want to get a tree on you, thank you for your videos.

  • Sudd 268
    Sudd 268Månad sedan

    Never seen a rig like this but sure like to have one for a long weekend, thank you for your videos

  • CluelessBeekeeping
    CluelessBeekeepingMånad sedan

    You've got THE COOLEST TOYS!

  • bill wells
    bill wellsMånad sedan

    I watch you work and I don't feel so stupid

  • Heiko van der Laar
    Heiko van der LaarMånad sedan

    How cute.

  • rualert
    rualertMånad sedan

    The kid lives.

  • Roberta Guindon
    Roberta GuindonMånad sedan

    You’ve surely got all the big boy toys.

  • Bruce MacGlynn
    Bruce MacGlynnMånad sedan

    There it is the Bucket Track

  • Alix Xila
    Alix XilaMånad sedan

    Bonjour tu travail mieux d'abitude

  • T.D. Hartman
    T.D. Hartman2 månader sedan

    Great little machine you found. Congrats!

  • Dry Roasted
    Dry Roasted2 månader sedan

    This is why we can't have nice things!

  • Chad McQueen
    Chad McQueen2 månader sedan

    That thing is great super cool

  • Evan Rusiecki
    Evan Rusiecki2 månader sedan

    cool little machine

  • CuddlyBear
    CuddlyBear2 månader sedan

    Are you going to smash it with a sledge hammer then say it's poorly designed?

  • Andrew Spence
    Andrew Spence3 månader sedan

    Great investment Andy, never seen a homemade tracked one.

  • the god of all
    the god of all3 månader sedan

    THERE A PLUS TO THAT you can get on to roof with out ladders

  • Evgeniy Nikitin Music
    Evgeniy Nikitin Music3 månader sedan

    Cool offroad tracked vehicle =)

  • Saki630
    Saki6303 månader sedan

    comedy of errors lol

  • quantum robot
    quantum robot3 månader sedan

    Dude u confused a few of us on this episode we can't figure out why u were jumping up n down try n to reach a limb n that tree when u literally just bought a boom truck...?? 😆😆😆 c'mon Andrew u know that!

  • Andreas D'Greek
    Andreas D'Greek3 månader sedan

    LOL That crawler has BMW ///M Stripes.

  • Squish
    Squish3 månader sedan

    Puts huge load on a rope and it breaks : Ropes are trash, im not a fan 😄.. never change brother

  • Steven Robertson
    Steven Robertson3 månader sedan

    Yes and you can tale the tops out of trees, and those that are in bad places. That need extra care in removing them!

  • westside8530
    westside85303 månader sedan

    Nothing broken so far. Going to be a short video.

  • L H
    L H3 månader sedan

    No details on height it can go and price you paid. I’ve been looking for something like this but they’re either way too expensive or sold before I get to it. Lucky man.

  • Brian Shelley
    Brian Shelley3 månader sedan

    Home brew bucket truck. Also known as a nope machine.

  • Ben B
    Ben B3 månader sedan

    @1:00 " The price is right" BOOM Bob Barker gets out of the Basket!!!!! 🤣

  • Dan Daniel
    Dan Daniel3 månader sedan

    You need to train Cody to come to you and sit when you ask him to. Hes all puppy in a big dog's body LOL. It pains me to see your other old dog limping around in pain, been such a good companion for you and he's in his last yrs of life. Keep him happy and full of treats he deserves the best . Also if your not giving him anything for pain it his arthritic issues ask your vet and they will help him out.

  • Brian Knight
    Brian Knight3 månader sedan

    I freakin need this in my life.... I would totally put a stretcher in the back and use it for EMS.

  • insomniscient
    insomniscient3 månader sedan

    6:27 *mutley laugh*

  • sebell C
    sebell C3 månader sedan

    To be HONEST I ROFL when I saw the trunk fall in the opposite direction and HIT the "new toy" shit just happens everyone once in a while you just could not foresee (I also thought it was a good thing it did not have a driver in that seat). Thank you for showing us your new toy I am pretty sure you will get some good profit out of it in the future (I also heard you say "I can just weld it a bit here" ;).

  • Drew Lamp
    Drew Lamp3 månader sedan

    Paint it camo and take it hunting! It would be THE shit

  • Ron Knutson
    Ron Knutson3 månader sedan

    This guy will hurt someone someday

  • vinyalonde
    vinyalonde3 månader sedan

    No offence intended but you may want to consider wearing a hard hat whenever you use this equipment. As always, I enjoyed watching the video. Do you also rent out your equipment to other contractors sometimes?

  • Bryan Kerr
    Bryan Kerr3 månader sedan

    Pretty awesome. The only thing I would do is put some bigger pads on the outriggers. Never seen one like that before. Should come in very handy. Thanks for sharing.

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    3 månader sedan

    Yeah, I got some mats that go under those out riggers. On that hard driveway they are not needed, but on dirt they should be used.

  • Tiersmoke92555
    Tiersmoke925553 månader sedan

    100% operator

  • GeorgeBonez
    GeorgeBonez3 månader sedan

    Finally the one piece of equipment I know how to operate. Lol Always setup your bucket truck about a car length or a little more away from the tree or pole you’re working on and put a cab-cage on that thing. Pretty cool little bucket vehicle. I’ve never seen one quite like it.

  • Andrew Campbell
    Andrew Campbell3 månader sedan

    Where your hard hat ,earmuffs and chaps.when using a chainsaw

  • Matt Morris
    Matt Morris4 månader sedan

    When I was still a lineman we had those and they were great!

  • Terri Leslie
    Terri Leslie4 månader sedan

    Ya, That God Damn Rope!! That wouldn't have happened if that stupid rope wouldn't have broken that I put on. That Stupid Rope, Stupid Rope? Wait a minute, that rope didn't go on by itself, or did it. Anyways, that Stupid Rope!!!

  • Ken Shores
    Ken Shores4 månader sedan

    Andrew: Where do you find this stuff. Do you have mystic powers or what. Good video even the second time around.

  • george hoth
    george hoth4 månader sedan

    You have a convenient crane in your garage. You could adapt the boom lift so it can be pulled off the dumper and you can use the dumper as a dumper. You could lower the boom assembly on a base on a pallet and store in your barn. Two tools for the price of one!

  • Sun Rabbit
    Sun Rabbit4 månader sedan

    I was actually eating when I heard the impact, and immediately thought "that don't sound good" as soon as I heard the sound of wood and metal hitting. As soon as my eyes refocused on the screen I was wondering if what I thought had happened, had happened, and yes it DID happen. Damn!

  • Larry Kingrea
    Larry Kingrea4 månader sedan

    Learning a lot from your videos

  • Chas Carpenter
    Chas Carpenter4 månader sedan

    Well i guess thats christened it.

  • Daniel D
    Daniel D4 månader sedan

    Andrew Convert that thing to a tank hahaha

  • J. Walker
    J. Walker4 månader sedan

    When you have a good year and your C.P.A. says spend, spend!!

  • Gary Mallard
    Gary Mallard4 månader sedan

    Blames it on the ROPE BREAKING!!! 😆😂 Were you born a FEMALE?? That is So Egyptian!! DE-NILE

  • Gary Mallard
    Gary Mallard4 månader sedan


  • Gary Mallard
    Gary Mallard4 månader sedan

    Units like that are common in Utility companies....we had off road track units with buckets/aerial devices for remote areas or bog use that trucks couldn't drive to....not Rare at all Commercial Units were ordered.... This may be a home made unit....but not anything New....

  • Gary Mallard
    Gary Mallard4 månader sedan

    Why do you pull them down... WITH ROPE!! 😆😂 DAMN THIS IS 3 STOOGE LEVEL

  • Gary Mallard
    Gary Mallard4 månader sedan

    You got more height to Your throwing sticks where you can move or boom to reach them???? C'MON MAN..... USE SOME BRAIN CELLS??

  • Gary Mallard
    Gary Mallard4 månader sedan

    A little Tip...back into where you need to work....not beside trees!! Especially when your an Idiot... Cut it properly and nothing gets damaged.... I cut trees with my Bucket trucks... Never dropped anything heavy on my trucks..... 😆😂

  • Neil Bradley
    Neil Bradley4 månader sedan

    " Yeah ,thats about where is was " 😃love watching this Channel .

  • Roger Whiting
    Roger Whiting4 månader sedan

    I just saw the electric company going down the power lines with its cousin. Crazy challenging terrain.

  • A Stanton1966
    A Stanton19664 månader sedan

    This is why when you rent a lift to do tree work they recommend that you buy the insurance to fix it.

  • Alf Fmir
    Alf Fmir4 månader sedan

    Thank you very much for your videos, I have a great time watching them and I find it admirable how autonomous you are. But, my friend, you should NOT place the machine under the tree that we are going to cut. you have to put the machine as far as possible, therefore the arm of the basket is long.

  • John Stenstrom
    John Stenstrom4 månader sedan

    It’s a brave man who records his mistrakes fir the world to see. Andrew forever”Philosopher King”.

  • Robert Stewart
    Robert Stewart5 månader sedan

    Deer blind !

  • Jecht final fantasy 15
    Jecht final fantasy 155 månader sedan


  • Delmer Mccall
    Delmer Mccall5 månader sedan

    Get you a tree rope

  • JeRome Welch
    JeRome Welch5 månader sedan

    Andrew thanks for showing us your failure I'm sure the urge to edit that out it was large thanks for keeping it real peace brother

  • Gavin1130
    Gavin11305 månader sedan

    I’m a Zoo-archaeologist, and I’m 110% sure, Cody was chewing on a Bigfoot’s pinky toe. 🤣jk Great video, I appreciate the variety of content, keep killing it AC.

  • Елена Сокол
    Елена Сокол5 månader sedan

    это какая страна ?вы там с головой не дружите что ли ? имея такую технику как можно так можно лес валить и вообще сколько смотрю всё время с пустого на парожню переводите это такой бизнес или что это сколько надо деньги иметь что б так играть ???????

  • Larry Ehrlich
    Larry Ehrlich5 månader sedan

    I wish I had the energy of your dog! An escape rope would be handy if the engine quit and you were up in the bucket all alone. It could happen.

  • Justin Pierre
    Justin Pierre5 månader sedan

    That tree was not having any part of any kind of cooperation..

  • Justin Pierre
    Justin Pierre5 månader sedan

    And it Sticks the landing...... 9.5

  • Demo Man
    Demo Man5 månader sedan

    I wonder what happened to the bucket tank after this

  • I musta got lost.
    I musta got lost.5 månader sedan

    Sooner or later andrews left arm holding that camera is gonna get

  • Mark Berry
    Mark Berry5 månader sedan

    Lmfao as a tree worker, watching you do that takedown was absolutely hilarious.

  • Lukus Carter
    Lukus Carter5 månader sedan

    Andrew, your channel is getting more and more interesting as time goes by. Thanks for putting out such great, unfiltered content. Taking the time to hit the record button when you ain’t got to, but you teach so many young and old men to not be afraid to get the hands dirty. Bless you sir.

  • tim outdoors
    tim outdoors5 månader sedan

    I got 3izike tracktors like yours sadly the loader part is missing i love them 4x4 they r like tanks

  • David Quirk
    David Quirk5 månader sedan

    Next video: repairing the bucket truck. Cool piece of kit.

  • Ted B.
    Ted B.5 månader sedan

    That is so cool. Great for residential tree jobs...less lawn damage. Now you need it's bigger dump-brother to carry off the debris.

  • Adamant Adam
    Adamant Adam5 månader sedan

    This is a very interesting machine I’ve never seen one.

  • doug westacott
    doug westacott5 månader sedan may wish to put a couple of those cheap/ other people say inexpensive..LOL...bubble levels on that thing. Just a thought.. same one you put on your zoom boom..

  • Thomas Nelson
    Thomas Nelson5 månader sedan

    I'm a crane operator with a word of advice. When the frost melts out of the ground it'll get soft. To prevent your outriggers from sinking and tipping the thing over with you at height, put some sturdy pads down!

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    5 månader sedan

    Yes, I got some pads for it.

  • C&H Pipelines
    C&H Pipelines5 månader sedan

    Love watching from jack in Australia perth Wa 👍👍

  • Tim Cowan
    Tim Cowan5 månader sedan

    Just found this channel is he for real? Nothing seems to be thought out .A touch of “off head ,on cabbage”Hey levy what do you think of my new toy..nice,if you hadn’t damaged it in 10 minutes😂😂🇬🇧

  • max smith
    max smith5 månader sedan

    ВИдео называется: Попробуй отбери!

  • Andrew Will
    Andrew Will5 månader sedan

    He blames the rope that already snapped once before!😂😂👍👍!Great way to blame something else for your own fault!

  • CutTheKnot
    CutTheKnot5 månader sedan

    Uses a dry rotted twist rope and wonders why it broke. Properly rated Braided Nylon rope, sling straps, Cable, or chain. He already knows this which cracks me up.

  • Sarah Southgate
    Sarah Southgate5 månader sedan

    Hopped in, look at that face of joy in the teeny weeny track bucket truck. The question remains, how many broken bones have you had in your life. Never seen you in a casr.

  • Jeffrey R. Kelly
    Jeffrey R. Kelly5 månader sedan

    Thanks for sharing !!

  • Tommy Gun
    Tommy Gun5 månader sedan

    Brooooo at 2:25 where is the stick to the go pro?????? I’m so confused.

  • taco bell
    taco bell5 månader sedan

    6:18 it just broke for no reason

  • Patrick Joyce
    Patrick Joyce5 månader sedan

    "Creak, Thump, I was go'nner move that !!!

  • Bob Johnson
    Bob Johnson5 månader sedan

    That'll buff right out.

  • Jackson Colby
    Jackson Colby5 månader sedan

    Andrew you should check out Yankum ropes they're really cool kinetic ropes and work really well.

  • Tom Sawyer
    Tom Sawyer5 månader sedan

    Andrew's motto: "If I can't figure out how to tear it up in 10 minutes, I don't want it."

  • p.m. dolgalev
    p.m. dolgalev5 månader sedan

    так думаю..самые счастливые на этом проекте собаки-раздолье и свобода!!!

  • CooCooKaChoo
    CooCooKaChoo5 månader sedan

    Who's got all the toys? Andrew does.

  • Malcolm Coppock
    Malcolm Coppock5 månader sedan

    He is so pleased with himself.

  • Malcolm Coppock
    Malcolm Coppock5 månader sedan


  • David Schwartz
    David Schwartz5 månader sedan

    I'm 75 OY now and you remind me so much of myself when I was your age, one voice in my head would say, I should move that crawler the tree might fall on it, but then another other voice said Nah, you have this thing in total control no need to waste time moving that crawler lets get going. I knew the tree was going to fall on the crawler and I never saw this video before and then you would have to take the time to make the repairs and many times put off till later. At my age now I've only recently started listening to 2nd voice, and not the easier 1st voice, but believe me it's hard to do, but in the end, it also works out to be much better and easier!

  • Ray Owens
    Ray Owens5 månader sedan

    Is there anything you won't buy bro?

  • don stelter
    don stelter5 månader sedan

    Okay, Andrew, how long before we see this modified for your winter activities. LOL

  • dees van houten
    dees van houten6 månader sedan

    that was stupid with that tree........booom!!!