Buying a big track loader

Buying a Caterpillar 977 crawler loader from an auction, trucking it home, and operating it for a few hours digging into a rocky hill side.


  • ianex33
    ianex332 dagar sedan

    is there a video of him getting the 955?

  • Ricky Bobby
    Ricky Bobby3 dagar sedan

    What drone are you using?

  • blackbaron 18
    blackbaron 186 dagar sedan

    What is d particular reason to go for a track loader rather then a wheeled loader ,is it d offroad capability or r der any oder reasons.Please help me any 1

  • Jan PhD
    Jan PhD12 dagar sedan

    You need cameras mounted in front and one in back.

  • claude wernert
    claude wernert14 dagar sedan

    I like your videos…much action and less talking

  • Anthony Keller
    Anthony Keller16 dagar sedan

    How much $ do those loaders usually run for in that condition?

  • Parker


    15 dagar sedan

    My question as well

  • catoomch
    catoomch16 dagar sedan

    I'm a bit worried Andrew may be carrying a grudge against his local government officials. Anyone know if he's been involved in any rezoning disputes lately, or had any disputes with a cement factory owner?

  • Darrin Fry
    Darrin Fry17 dagar sedan

    Might just get more power out of it .replacing that muffler on it

  • Darrin Fry
    Darrin Fry17 dagar sedan

    Great video. Thanks for sharing

  • Andrea Keeling
    Andrea Keeling23 dagar sedan

    14:35 in ten more years you won’t be jumping in and out like that. LOL

  • Andrea Keeling
    Andrea Keeling23 dagar sedan

    I can’t wait to see this one on more jobs.

  • Andrea Keeling
    Andrea Keeling23 dagar sedan

    Like butter. You might as well retire that old “mean green” machine.

  • Andrea Keeling
    Andrea Keeling23 dagar sedan

    That will be a good snow plow in the winter since your hill gets so icy.

  • glen paul
    glen paul23 dagar sedan

    Assuming that beast is just for use on your property since you don't have a way to transport it to jobs.

  • michelwong1
    michelwong125 dagar sedan


  • mandataruu
    mandataruu27 dagar sedan

    its cheaper to buy a dozzer to the job for yourself and sell it after..

  • Eric jones
    Eric jones27 dagar sedan

    Andrew. This video would have been better if you took camcorder to the auction and showed the inspection.

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    27 dagar sedan

    I kinda bought this without looking at it.

  • thereddrob
    thereddrob28 dagar sedan

    Finally bought something and didn't have to do one little repair to it

  • The Cat
    The Cat29 dagar sedan

    wow Hi guys, I also got a beautiful crawler loader. If anyone cares I'll put the video I created ... Thanks Andrew

  • matt Huth
    matt HuthMånad sedan

    Hey Andrew, have u got any video's yet of works with the 977 ??

  • Rachel Huth

    Rachel Huth

    Månad sedan

    @Andrew Camarata sweet mate, I enjoy your videos, where u live looks like a really nice part of that world - I’m from Gold Coast Queensland Australia, so your videos have defiantly got around indeed

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    Månad sedan

    Working on a big one. I got a 988 too

  • v art
    v artMånad sedan

    where do get all of your financing

  • Goat Sinker
    Goat SinkerMånad sedan

    Kind of like the guy who has a 44 magnum, but for no good reason buys a 454 Casull.

  • Energy oneeighty
    Energy oneeightyMånad sedan

    I feel like all of New York is just rock.

  • Brian
    BrianMånad sedan

    There is no way in hell you are buying 10's of thousands of dollars in equipment every year workin solo plowing roads and clearing land....not to mention the proballay 300k you put into that castle... you had to have inherited some cash flow or something. You would make a lot more if you trained employees BTW and let them do half the crap you waste time on

  • Bill Van Dorn
    Bill Van DornMånad sedan

    You are going to enjoy the D 977 series Andrew! A few differences but worth the weight. Beat of luck to you and the family!

  • John D. Leo
    John D. LeoMånad sedan

    that's a beauty track loader, that machine will work like a slave for you, smart buy!

  • Michael Tarasenkoop
    Michael TarasenkoopMånad sedan

    During my working days a guy digging with a cat 955 excavator broke down so cat let him use a kamatsue or some other brand he said the cat 955 out worked the other used machine couldn’t even come close to the cat for power or ripping power so the cat is the machine to get if your looking for a excavator of equal size and he worked the machines to the max six days a week every week

  • Eric Wheat
    Eric WheatMånad sedan

    You should bring us along to a auction and help us to see what’s going on.

  • Michael Tarasenkoop
    Michael TarasenkoopMånad sedan

    Andrew you. Keep adding more equipment your going to teach your wife how to operate some of equipment hope she is for that !

  • Jessica Healy
    Jessica HealyMånad sedan

    5k ]

  • John Cross
    John CrossMånad sedan

    It’s a shame that the engine side covers are missing on so many of these old traxcavators. Great video it’s people like you that care about these old Cats Many thanks

  • Todd Swanson
    Todd SwansonMånad sedan

    You have far more hours on a machine than me, but I was taught to keep the bucket flat when going in to a pile, because other wise your pushing against the bottom of the bucket

  • Mike Moore
    Mike MooreMånad sedan

    Andrew any plans for one big pole barn for all your equipment under one roof? It would be really cool!!!

  • Cheyenne W
    Cheyenne WMånad sedan

    Can you tell us how many hours on the 977 Dozer, year, and cost you paid at auction? Do you have any videos of a customer job using it yet? Thanks!

  • Darrin Purkis
    Darrin PurkisMånad sedan

    Your living the dream my friend

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  • Conrad Klassen
    Conrad KlassenMånad sedan

    That's how you make your yard bigger

  • Tim Lazenby
    Tim LazenbyMånad sedan

    You WILL buy some equipment!😎 looks like fun 👍

  • mitchell green
    mitchell greenMånad sedan

    What kind of bulldozer is that.

    SCOTT WAYNE SRMånad sedan

    Sounds like all the rods are knocking!

  • Jack Jones
    Jack JonesMånad sedan

    He has all the toys I want

  • Ronald Johnson
    Ronald JohnsonMånad sedan

    Why didnt you just bite the bullet and get a d10 with a set of rippers and get that hill removed

  • tycbec
    tycbecMånad sedan

    A 983 next, then?

  • Florida Adventures
    Florida Adventures2 månader sedan

    Pretty impressive buying equipment like that. That’s gunna be nice for pushing driveways in and clearing.

  • Jake Alter
    Jake Alter2 månader sedan

    Looks like it might need a new exhaust pipe

  • Oriana helena Carvallo calderon
    Oriana helena Carvallo calderon2 månader sedan

    Hola Andrews te estoy siguiendo hace tiempo pero no entiendo el idioma inglés podrías poner subtitulos en español por favor desde santiago de Chile abrazos 🇨🇱🇨🇱

  • Arvis AA
    Arvis AA2 månader sedan

    Riga Smotrim Latvija

  • Rayanne Horne
    Rayanne Horne2 månader sedan

    Check your Check book pal. Lhs

  • captainjerk
    captainjerk2 månader sedan

    Nice loader! Lots of fun in that thing! :D

  • Entrepreneur


    2 månader sedan

    50 years ago i ran a 977 in Autobahn construction. If you have to make a large surface plane it`s not so funny!

  • Jeff
    Jeff2 månader sedan

    isn't a rule that anything that squeaks is a part that if not oiled will wear out faster?

  • life long ditch digger
    life long ditch digger2 månader sedan

    Really nice loader the b series cats are a lot smoother do a lot nicer cleaner job like the 963b but I also got a lot of love for old loaders.

  • mad-_-observer
    mad-_-observer2 månader sedan

    Andrews IRL Minecraft base is really coming along.

  • Randall Hutchcraft
    Randall Hutchcraft2 månader sedan

    So, was Andrew a popular figure before he got on SEblacks, and now he's bigger than movie star's of any year or life span.

  • Chris Madsen
    Chris Madsen2 månader sedan

    Build a ramp to get up top and push the face height down

  • Andrew Spence
    Andrew Spence2 månader sedan

    Great investment Andy.

  • Jerry L Busby
    Jerry L Busby2 månader sedan

    I was thinking the same thing but he can’t go wrong with he Cats ! I love the fact if something breaks or doesn’t work right he just fixes it !

  • ford nut
    ford nut2 månader sedan

    Why not tell people what you paid. I've always told people what I pay so they get an idea what to spend. I've noticed that on SEblacks everyone acts like it's some big damn secret.

  • Francis LOCQUINIER
    Francis LOCQUINIER2 månader sedan

    Ce gars la est super doué, un manipule ces engins d'une façon extraordinaire comme s'il l'avais toujours fait qq que soit le modéle !!!!!

  • Sidewalkchalker87
    Sidewalkchalker872 månader sedan

    Hey! I didn't see you grease it!

  • John Dorey
    John Dorey2 månader sedan

    U Ghost here and a couple other jpgs jiiuuuii

  • R D Forsell
    R D Forsell2 månader sedan

    R G LeTourneau often said, "There are no big jobs, only little machines". Not many jobs were big for the 977 and 955. Pre-Track-Hoe excavating relied on these and 955. Of course minimum trench width was that big bucket.

  • zhang jane
    zhang jane3 månader sedan

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  • LaLa McQuoid
    LaLa McQuoid3 månader sedan

    Congrats very nice machine !!!!!!

  • Darrell Roeters
    Darrell Roeters3 månader sedan

    Selling the 955?

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    3 månader sedan

    nope, I just bought a 988 too.

  • Paul E. Harrison
    Paul E. Harrison3 månader sedan

    Is that a Lowboy only item or is there a 24-ton trailer purchase in your future? Thanks for the videos!

  • Evgeniy Nikitin Music
    Evgeniy Nikitin Music3 månader sedan

    Slick tracks?

  • Evgeniy Nikitin Music

    Evgeniy Nikitin Music

    3 månader sedan

    @Andrew Camarata If you can please turn on subtitles for autimatic translation to other languages. Thnks =)

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    3 månader sedan

    Usually loaders have that style track.

  • joe s
    joe s3 månader sedan

    Probably needs Oil change and Air filter too. Definitely a Grease job.

  • Adan Noyola
    Adan Noyola3 månader sedan

    How much is one of these? I don't see many of them, just mostly wheel loaders.

  • Jeff Panetta
    Jeff Panetta3 månader sedan

    I finish grade with track loaders all day, every day

  • tim fagan
    tim fagan3 månader sedan

    Never really seen to much of tracked loaders in action, they look pretty useless, and seem to have less traction than the wheel loaders, cos you can't put weight on the front idoler to increase traction like you can over the front wheels with a wheel loader when digging into the material. Not sold on the tracked loader!

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    3 månader sedan

    They have their purpose.

  • Colson Myers
    Colson Myers3 månader sedan

    Man that pete 389 is 🔥

  • Shinigami Lee
    Shinigami Lee3 månader sedan

    I always worry when I see a really shitty paint job with drips everywhere. I feel like they are trying to get more than fair market value on something that was beaten to death.

  • Phil Rodger
    Phil Rodger3 månader sedan

    That's a beast! I think they sold it because it needs new tracks. Or maybe you can weld on some new treads.

  • Donovan Repass
    Donovan Repass3 månader sedan

    Does it have a heated cab? Just curious!

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    3 månader sedan

    Someone installed an electric heater in there.

  • Hub Gaming
    Hub Gaming3 månader sedan

    You should get a D8 dozer

  • griff Hall
    griff Hall3 månader sedan

    excellent!! aquire more toys!! a forever fan.... -griff hall

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    3 månader sedan

    Ok, the one I am looking at Monday makes this one look small.

  • Bryan Kerr
    Bryan Kerr3 månader sedan

    Hell, I'd be happy with the little track loader. lol.

  • mario grizelj
    mario grizelj3 månader sedan

    Pogresno radis sa masinom. Kad utovaras, grabis sa dna i dizes prema vrhu, a istodobno zatvaras kasiku. Kad dignes do visine haube, kasika je vec puna i zatvorena i vracas se nazad odmah.

  • Pk Fan
    Pk Fan3 månader sedan

    You must doing used equipment business, but never sale??

  • Michael Malpass
    Michael Malpass3 månader sedan

    Are we gonna ignore the WD40 under the hood???

  • helmut hoess
    helmut hoess3 månader sedan

    I never understand how your video's can get a thumb's down. I watch you for hours and wish to be young again.

  • mitchell green
    mitchell green3 månader sedan

    I love the bulldozer you got it looks fantastic.

  • Американец на 97%
    Американец на 97%3 månader sedan

    Andrew offended the stone that fell on the bulldozer. Bought a bulldozer overtaking a fallen stone.

  • Eddie Morton Tap Man
    Eddie Morton Tap Man3 månader sedan

    That Cat is a Beast moving those Giant Rocks !

  • Eddie Morton Tap Man
    Eddie Morton Tap Man3 månader sedan

    Making More useable real estate on your mountain? Terracing it off for more equipment to come ? Great !

  • Diane Vance
    Diane Vance4 månader sedan


  • Larry Smith
    Larry Smith4 månader sedan

    Does this mean you need to get your own low boy now? Would be interesting to know the basic fee to have them move your massive loader every time you’ve got a job...

  • Leo Marcondes
    Leo Marcondes4 månader sedan

    From Curitiba Paraná Brazil. Sorry for my curiosity, what was the approximate value of this machine that you paid for?

  • cleonjr81
    cleonjr814 månader sedan

    Andrew I wish you would make your videos longer, I am an older person that used to be like You. Know All I can do is watch guy's wrenching and doing things thiere way. Got mad Respect for you Andrew.

  • Kanaka Maoli
    Kanaka Maoli4 månader sedan

    Cody is inspecting that boulder the left. He is thinking, hey dude (Andrew) don't leave that thing there it's not safe man. Smart dog

  • tim mayer
    tim mayer4 månader sedan

    Financially, I think Andrew is in MUCH better shape then we can imagine. If he owns a piece of equipment and it breaks, he fixes it in short order. Most of the used equipment he buys was probably sold by its owner for lack of funds to repair it properly. Andrew has access to these funds.

  • mrdiealot1
    mrdiealot14 månader sedan

    *Owns a home made castle* *Ownes a dozer and a welder* Just gotta wait till the county or city violates your rights and bam kill dozer 3.0

  • N Dirt
    N Dirt4 månader sedan

    Watch those track seals on a 977, tight turns will blow them out and tracks will get real loose.

  • Lord Edward
    Lord Edward4 månader sedan

    Looks like your preparing to recreate the Grand Canyon in New York State! LOL!

  • Donald Swink
    Donald Swink4 månader sedan

    How you going to haul it.

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    4 månader sedan

    Not planning on moving it. But can hire someone.

  • Bryan Kinash
    Bryan Kinash4 månader sedan

    A zip line from the castle to the end of your driveway would be an absolute blast!

  • klaus nielsen
    klaus nielsen4 månader sedan

    14:48 ha ha

  • klaus nielsen
    klaus nielsen4 månader sedan

    3600$ or 36000$ ???

  • Lawrence Norse
    Lawrence Norse4 månader sedan

    Repent to Jesus Christ! Are you a sinner? Saint Luke 5:32 KJV I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. Saint Luke 13:3 KJV I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.

  • Mike Mosley
    Mike Mosley4 månader sedan

    You should run some of that stuff through a small gold plant and see what comes out lol