Buying an excavator auger attachment

Buying a new excavator auger drive attachment. Drilling post holes with it. Splitting stumps with the cone splitter. And shaving down stumps.


  • B bert
    B bertDag sedan

    Cody the curious dog ^^

  • Rattlerjake1
    Rattlerjake1Dag sedan

    Andrew, that cone is designed to split from the side of the stump, not into the middle.

  • Ingrid Arlington
    Ingrid ArlingtonDag sedan

    What breed is Cody?

  • Геха Иванов
    Геха Иванов2 dagar sedan

    Einfach Scheiße

  • Izzy Morgan
    Izzy Morgan2 dagar sedan

    It also splits full lenght logs

  • Fionntan Osuibhne
    Fionntan Osuibhne3 dagar sedan

    Anyone familiar with the brand of jacket that is he's wearing ?

  • Andy Saunders
    Andy Saunders4 dagar sedan

    It works, but it's kind of slow...

  • Andy Saunders
    Andy Saunders4 dagar sedan

    With that drill on - Thunderbirds are go!

  • Andy Saunders
    Andy Saunders4 dagar sedan

    Happy dogs...

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    Funke B.4 dagar sedan

    Wie heißt diese Musik?? (Name von Musik?)

  • Funke B.
    Funke B.4 dagar sedan

    Andrew Du mußt nur richtig mit den Geräten umgehen,nicht vollen Druck mit Bagger !!!

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    Näin halkaisukone tehdään, ei se saa heilua valtoimenaan.

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    My new favorite SEblacks channel

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    Congrats on 1million

  • This Ole Sign Guy
    This Ole Sign Guy6 dagar sedan

    I'll bet that would be easier if you had the thumb to hold that tight instead of it swing free like that.

  • Makers Acres
    Makers Acres13 dagar sedan

    It’s kind of crazy that the image almost looks like some crazy click bait from a 1950’s style of someone going to drill to the center of the earth!

  • Bluntly
    Bluntly14 dagar sedan

    I could be wrong but think your using way to much down pressure withthat log splitter. The idea with that is you leather threads do the work.. pushing down just drills through the stump rather than splitting the stump. Gentle on the pressure should be more successful

  • Bluntly


    14 dagar sedan

    I see the log smoking from the amount of pressure you applying. It's way to much. You want to pull it apart not press it apart

  • 吴迪
    吴迪19 dagar sedan

    Hi Andrew.I m chinese.and I enjoy your video.plz make some more. I relly want to meet you and help you to do there things.very interesting.

  • david hinson
    david hinson21 dag sedan

    Andrew... You got some sloppy play in that turntable on the hoe.

  • michelwong1
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  • Miles
    Miles26 dagar sedan

    Great tool. Bloody expensive ! I have one that fits onto a tractor (PTO). FYI...... when using the screw, you ALWAYS split into the side of the trunk. In other words you are against the grain which forces it apart. NOT going along the grain. Thanks for sharing.

  • Neal O'Russa
    Neal O'Russa26 dagar sedan

    A little unimpressed by the stump auger it seems like. I just built a ripper attachment for my mini excavator. Have you tried one of those? Check it out!

  • Максим Мазурук
    Максим Мазурук27 dagar sedan

    Оце собі іграшку знайшов , що означає сирий пень колоть та трухлявий

  • Gisele Rochon
    Gisele Rochon28 dagar sedan

    just love the way your dog stands there like...whats in the box lololol

  • Donna Gross
    Donna Gross29 dagar sedan

    It's Christmastime with Andrew and his new tools!

  • Oktawian Cież
    Oktawian CieżMånad sedan

    what sence does it make, instead just use a mulcher... a drum mulcher to be precise

  • Ezekiel Boney
    Ezekiel BoneyMånad sedan

    Cool Videos

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    SKULL SIGHTING 12:10 11 o'clock on the screen. Yikes!!!

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    …Levi wants a rest and a snack/meal!…well earned!…

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    ..keep videoing!…pls don’t stop!…

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    …love how you dive right in!…kudos!…

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    M PlussantMånad sedan beyond words…

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    …hah!…vise grips!…

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    …best site I’ve found in a long time…

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    …you are living the dream!…congrats!…impressive!…

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    …smart dog!…gets outa the way!…

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    …I wanna play too!…

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    You a good dude!…

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    …dogs are better than people…humans don’t deserve dogs…

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    …where is this?…

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    ..the dog!…

  • luckyaf85
    luckyaf85Månad sedan

    This auger must have sucked because I've never seen it on the channel again

  • ibokay
    ibokayMånad sedan

    An idea for that stump borer: Once you drill down about a foot, build a fire in the hole. Stump will totally disappear in a day or so.

  • ibokay
    ibokayMånad sedan

    I was taught when tightening a bolt and nut, to put the driving force on the nut and the backup wrench on the head. My question is: Does it really matter? I often see it done the opposite way.

  • Jon Miner
    Jon MinerMånad sedan

    Good hard work, well done. Also, the builder can estimate the difficulty of drilling a well. Thanks for sharing! Stay Healthy!

  • Agustain Sullivan
    Agustain SullivanMånad sedan

    Andrew and his toys if it can get stuck Andrew can get it unstuck!!ha,ha koolCan I come over tomorrow and play Andrew??Ha Ha wish it was bigger go figure!!

  • Gabe Batista
    Gabe BatistaMånad sedan

    you should get a bad ass stump grinder next??!! :D

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  • michael van Grootveld
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  • michael van Grootveld
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    hold gap machine in front of the stove

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    Geno Perez 1225Månad sedan

    Rip levi

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    Andrew you're going to be the best Dad ever!

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    Are u greek

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    Sandy AdamsMånad sedan

    ANDY,, YOU Have SKILLS,,mad skills,, with All Tools, an MACHINE s !! You're the most capable person, I've ever seen. An your Furr Family Loves you too.

  • bob coopers live youtube vlog
    bob coopers live youtube vlogMånad sedan

    perfect for splitting dry bull pine firewood

  • Austin
    AustinMånad sedan

    that stump grinder is definitely a great investment… nothing worse than trying to work around a property with stumps everywhere

  • Alen Bananalen
    Alen BananalenMånad sedan

    How old is Levy ? he seems like a shaman

  • Robert Fay
    Robert FayMånad sedan

    *- Can burning the stumps in place after getting a big center hole drilled work?*

  • Jenny O'Reilly
    Jenny O'ReillyMånad sedan

    Another crazy fabricator, only different. Home made wood splitter.

  • claude wernert
    claude wernertMånad sedan

    I’ve become addict on these videos….

  • Bruce MacGlynn
    Bruce MacGlynnMånad sedan

    I love the utility of clothing. Tear those stumps apart,

  • monte4283
    monte4283Månad sedan

    Cody is a wild man! 😂

  • Bebert Dattagre
    Bebert DattagreMånad sedan

    buy a wood stove to heat your workshop

  • Mike
    MikeMånad sedan

    How well would that work on a skid steer?

  • paul hatch
    paul hatchMånad sedan

    I envision Andrew tearing cars or metal with that thing.

  • Alex H
    Alex HMånad sedan

    12:49 anybody else see that skull in the leaf pile back by the wall?

  • Mitchell Ventrone
    Mitchell VentroneMånad sedan

    Well least I know these eterra augers are weaker than hell, glad I didn't buy one.

  • Michael Angelo
    Michael AngeloMånad sedan

    The stump tools looked pretty ineffective overall. And after viewing the Drive's lackluster performance turning that splitter, I imagine that if you put a big auger bit on that drive, it's going to bog down pretty quickly.

  • cmpremlap
    cmpremlapMånad sedan

    Cody’s a crack up. Looks great. That stump buster looks cool. Thank god for reverse. Looks like smaller bites worked best on the fresh stumps to avoid getting stuck. Used to have one of those portable hydraulic hose end crimper setups. Definitely nice to have in a pinch.

  • tonnymiller123
    tonnymiller123Månad sedan

    that is very expensive hydraulic press you got there..have been using it in Denmark for 22 years :) but can only press Parker fittings, so I have another one I can set to the exact diameter :)

  • tonnymiller123
    tonnymiller123Månad sedan

    that looked like BSP cones on that thread...was it BSP thread also?

  • Kalsang Dorjee
    Kalsang DorjeeMånad sedan

    you are the real man Andrew.

  • Mohd Firdaus
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  • Geoff Schulz
    Geoff Schulz2 månader sedan

    love the sound of the crunch as the log splits

  • Chappy P
    Chappy P2 månader sedan

    That giant Forstner bit grinder is excellent. Saves time burning a out a stump with a fire, but then you don't get to cook a steak and drink a beer.

  • Frank Mullen
    Frank Mullen2 månader sedan

    what is your fascination for useless devices.

  • HappyJackSlade
    HappyJackSlade2 månader sedan

    another awesome Vlog thanks again Andrew

  • Julia Townsend
    Julia Townsend2 månader sedan

    That attachment is like something from Thunderbirds. Love it.x

  • Peter Jennings
    Peter Jennings2 månader sedan

    Not exactly to the point of qthis qvideo, but your 2017 video about 4 way splitting stumps, has me thinking of your hammer attachment to your excavators with a 4 way blade instead of the bullet shaped hammer. I believe you have an old hammer tool that you damaged when you put new ears on the yanmar that could provide the answer with a couple wings welded to the bullets end. Just a thought, no more muscling logs up next to the splitter device, just swing the yanmar over each massive log.

  • Chris Boek
    Chris Boek2 månader sedan

    U might have better luck with the stump grinder and spliter with higher flow hydraulics

  • Eugene Minton
    Eugene Minton2 månader sedan

    you'd think there would be some sort of spring or piece to keep it in place long enough that you can hit a target with the tip without trial and error... that would allow for deviation under pressure.

  • Tim C
    Tim C2 månader sedan

    At 8:42 on the video you added an extension to install the stump splitter. Would it work better if the adapter was a little longer like 12 to 18 inches? It seemed like the drill was hitting the stumps as you drilled into the and you had to reposition versus continuing the drill. Just an idea to extend the adapter. Sorry about Levi. Thank you for the videos!

  • Pat Ram
    Pat Ram2 månader sedan

    Too much fuel to much time too much time

  • Pat Ram
    Pat Ram2 månader sedan

    OK we did find a Green stump good job

  • Pat Ram
    Pat Ram2 månader sedan

    I’m surprised that stump is dead no wonder we drill pretty easy I know you’re a lot smarter than that Andrew I watch your videos

  • Dry Roasted
    Dry Roasted2 månader sedan

    Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, "Wanna screw?"

  • hack smit
    hack smit2 månader sedan

    Thats one way to get your pallets up the hill

  • Lonchpad1
    Lonchpad12 månader sedan

    The cone looking attachment is really for splitting logs along the length of the log. Saw it on another video. Great attachments!

  • Marc Bro
    Marc Bro2 månader sedan

    No stuck bolts....disappointing :p

  • Brandon McConnell
    Brandon McConnell2 månader sedan

    Do you need a bigger hydraulic pump for that stump splitting

  • Cemre Mert
    Cemre Mert2 månader sedan

    12:12 theres a skull on top left on the drill :)

  • MrRtc555
    MrRtc5552 månader sedan

    I think he was using a Sunex wrench. Any opinions on this brand? 😁I’m looking to buy a wrench set that isn’t too expensive

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    2 månader sedan

    Yeah, those line wrenches are sunex, they seem fine.

  • phung lung
    phung lung2 månader sedan

    an excavator makes someone like Mr. Camarata into a super hero!

  • David Jenkins
    David Jenkins2 månader sedan

    Going HAM on that oak stump. Let's go ahead and see just what this thing is made of day one!

  • Erik Nelson
    Erik Nelson2 månader sedan

    Andrew has got it when he squares the stump drill with the tree rings, its how its done

  • Gene Goodman
    Gene Goodman2 månader sedan

    I thought that last one was to drill for a post hole in the stump. Try laying it in the saddle in a horizontal position and drill from the side, or on an angle.

  • Gavin Bell
    Gavin Bell2 månader sedan

    That's one lucky dog!

  • Windsor Marsh
    Windsor Marsh2 månader sedan

    call before you dig, lol

  • Andrew Mcmurray
    Andrew Mcmurray3 månader sedan

    Those Orange ratchets you use they sell them at tractor supply but now they're black