Buying new compact track loaders

Getting a tl10 and tl12 compact track loader and using them on a few jobs.

Hose clamp:


  • Nathan Scott
    Nathan Scott15 timmar sedan

    You ain't going to know what to do with yourself when you get too old to work like you do now.

  • BU𐍂AGØ
    BU𐍂AGØ17 timmar sedan

    By tons he means lbs, which means the "6 ton" skitsteer is actually 2.7 tons

  • Jeffrey Strader
    Jeffrey Strader2 dagar sedan

    Andrew Camarata what's it like to be FILTHY RICH??

  • Matt D
    Matt D4 dagar sedan

    Awesome video man how are those Takeuchi s treating you?

  • Matt D

    Matt D

    4 dagar sedan

    @Andrew Camarata good deal thanks.

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    4 dagar sedan

    They are good.

    NIKITA KHRUSHCHEV5 dagar sedan

    How much money do pay to insurance for all this machines Andrew?

  • atawualpa1
    atawualpa16 dagar sedan

    Do you mind me asking how much you paid for that TL12?

  • Dallas Crane
    Dallas Crane6 dagar sedan

    With all those skid steers i would of though that you would of at lease had a 4 in one bucket for them they make life a lot easer

  • Tom Chaplin
    Tom Chaplin6 dagar sedan

    What is with you Americans & skid buckets, have you never heard of a 4in1 front bucket, never seen a skid in OZ on a skid steer loader.

  • center builder
    center builder6 dagar sedan

    You need the old cat. Little slower, but raw power.

  • Tractorman007 Houge
    Tractorman007 Houge7 dagar sedan

    Shut the machine off when hooking up hyd lines just a tip .

  • Tractorman007 Houge
    Tractorman007 Houge7 dagar sedan

    Dude your doing great things . Keep up the good work . BTW keep the levers that disengage your att.. Greased heavy it makes a world of diff.

  • Todd Simpson
    Todd Simpson7 dagar sedan

    Been watching for awhile, saw your sicklebar mower on snowtrails then you got a tl12 Impressive. Just subbed and got to looking around your yt page. On the about section see your into property maintenance and lots of machine work. Not finding what Im looking for, I wanna ask where in this great country are you based. I watch Diesel Creek so i know he's in Central/Western PA. But where are you? Todd /Eastern NC thanks

  • Ronald Dibbern
    Ronald Dibbern8 dagar sedan

    Andrew,Cody looks a little lost without another partner to harass.your so good at fixing things seems like an easy fix.

  • Michael Tarasenkoop
    Michael Tarasenkoop12 dagar sedan

    What is better the four wheel skid steer or the ones with the track? Any advantage of wheel or track models

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    11 dagar sedan


  • Paul Tidswell
    Paul Tidswell14 dagar sedan

    I gotta close this in someday

  • Osman Nuri Ozmann
    Osman Nuri Ozmann16 dagar sedan

    That is one ugly house, with the ugliest concrete patio, I am glad see the patio go, maybe best the house should have gone with it too, But the way you rid of all that concrete, & rubble, they all ended up in a pitch end of this land is a disgrace, Even in the move to Wild West the pioneers left less deficit than you did, darned shame , from AUSTRALIA

  • Cindar F
    Cindar F19 dagar sedan


  • Nathaniel Miller
    Nathaniel Miller20 dagar sedan


  • Don Bino
    Don Bino21 dag sedan

    two wrongs don't make a right

  • michelwong1
    michelwong122 dagar sedan


  • Bill k
    Bill k24 dagar sedan

    Nice work how much did u pay for the skid steer?

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    23 dagar sedan

    About 35 each

  • 赤石晃
    赤石晃26 dagar sedan


  • SoylentGreenisPeople
    SoylentGreenisPeople28 dagar sedan

    Connect with engine're fighting against the valve block.

  • Mary Dwyer
    Mary DwyerMånad sedan

    ha ha on that last job bet the neighbour was pissed you put that old shed over by his house.

  • Jim Craig
    Jim CraigMånad sedan

    Andrew U need to build yourself a snow plow blade for your skid steer now

  • Nicholas Chelala
    Nicholas ChelalaMånad sedan

    Andrew has the best toys

  • Mark Thomann
    Mark ThomannMånad sedan

    Do you still have the old ones or have you sold them off?

  • wb5mgr
    wb5mgrMånad sedan

    Did you ask the homeowner if it was OK to dump that concrete over there? Just because other people have been dumping over there doesn’t mean they wanted them to do it. Maybe they don’t even know it’s being done. Maybe they have no idea. Or maybe it was done in the past and they have no way to move it and now you’re adding to it when they’re thinking you were going to take yours away. Just saying.

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    Månad sedan

    They were going to truck it out and dump it somewhere else. Easier to just dump it there.

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    Månad sedan


  • wb5mgr
    wb5mgrMånad sedan

    Whoever poured that slab did a piss poor job. No steel or fiber and from the looks of it very little aggregate. Also it doesn’t look like they put any kind of compacted foundation underneath it which is why it sunk. Just put up a 2 x 4 form and pour a big chunk of concrete cross your fingers and hope for the best 🤦

  • Ivantini Pollon
    Ivantini PollonMånad sedan

    Carregadeira poderosa e rápida muito produtiva.

  • carey fujita
    carey fujitaMånad sedan

    Beast mode, love it

  • Jerry L Busby
    Jerry L BusbyMånad sedan

    Another great job done !

  • Alix Xila
    Alix XilaMånad sedan

    a une nouvelle machine

  • Alix Xila
    Alix XilaMånad sedan

    bonjour traduction merci

  • W Vello
    W VelloMånad sedan

    Andrew has such finesse when required... most people would not be able to get that shed back onto the footings it was sitting on

  • Trey Williams
    Trey WilliamsMånad sedan

    Tak is the way to go! The TL10 is a work horse, I could only imagine what the 12 can do.

  • Rochester Tommy
    Rochester TommyMånad sedan

    A little paint and unmmm it’ll look like it was just painted.. lol

  • eghty8fox
    eghty8foxMånad sedan

    A little paint an it'll look like it was just painted

  • Zaltic
    ZalticMånad sedan

    Didnt notice the size difference until he compared them next to each other

  • Phillip Gilbert
    Phillip GilbertMånad sedan Andrew, this guy needs some direction.

  • Roberta Guindon
    Roberta GuindonMånad sedan

    Amazing how you can finesse those machines.

  • sung im
    sung imMånad sedan


  • claude wernert
    claude wernertMånad sedan

    Dumping these concrete blocks in that place?

  • Anton Tanchev
    Anton TanchevMånad sedan

    Not steel reinforced patio?!

  • Skidmark
    SkidmarkMånad sedan

    That dodge has a hell of a set of springs on it! Doesn’t squat to much with all that concrete

  • Mud Puddle
    Mud PuddleMånad sedan

    I think everyone can appreciate a man of his word.

  • John Dondero
    John DonderoMånad sedan

    Lol. A little paint and it’ll look like it has new paint

  • Justin Henderson
    Justin HendersonMånad sedan

    I just bought a TL8 and was wondering, Do you charge by the hour or the job with your skid steer? Trying to get idea we’re to start with mine I have 16 years experience operating machinery

  • FlyGuy716
    FlyGuy7162 månader sedan

    ya just spent 80k plus on 2 skid steers no big deal lol

  • Rick Nelson
    Rick Nelson2 månader sedan

    Where do you buy your equipment?

  • Wade Lederman
    Wade Lederman2 månader sedan

    Where's Old Yellow? I keep seeing the young dog Coty, but the other dog has been missing from your video's.

  • Elffirr Design
    Elffirr Design2 månader sedan

    "a little paint and it will look like it just got painted"

  • Rubuk
    Rubuk2 månader sedan

    40:20 Is that the guy you mentioned in an earlier video that was thinking about converting a 1 ton pickup into a dump truck?

  • S A
    S A2 månader sedan

    Poor Levi, up in his years and barely able to walk. He passed already, his little soul in a better place now.

  • Damien Mielcarek
    Damien Mielcarek2 månader sedan

    Bobcat sucks damn things always broken

  • climatixseuche
    climatixseuche2 månader sedan

    @4:18 it has eyes :O

  • Jeannie Piriyayon
    Jeannie Piriyayon3 månader sedan

    I’m new to your channel and just wondering what state you are in. I really enjoy your videos.

  • Alexis DeVille
    Alexis DeVille3 månader sedan

    So you get rid of the track bobcat?

  • Dawson Hardy
    Dawson Hardy3 månader sedan

    Are you going to keep your two bobcats?

  • Che johnny
    Che johnny3 månader sedan

    @43:20 property set back?..never heard of it..neighbors lawyer..'i have'

  • Woody Woodlstein
    Woody Woodlstein3 månader sedan

    The ads are so dense now it’s unwatchable.

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    3 månader sedan

    Premium, zero ads.

  • B
    B3 månader sedan

    Those TL10 units look like well made and capable units!

  • big jock
    big jock3 månader sedan

    why did you dump/ flytip concretemjust because they / other people did did not mean you do the same,i like your channel but fly tipping is not good, somewhere down the line this will have to be cleaned,why not get a rock crush,would have been better .cowboys do crap jobs like this ,don't fly tip,im in scotland i hate it when this happens it shows you could not give a shit.

  • Gene Goodman
    Gene Goodman3 månader sedan

    When you changed the hyl fitting on the machine didn’t that mess up all your other attachments. You should have changed the hoses on the attachment leaving the machine as was, then all other attachments would have stayed as they were. Maybe I’m wrong it’s just the way I see it.

  • Vinyl-und Bikecorner
    Vinyl-und Bikecorner3 månader sedan

    1.000.000 thumbs up for cleaning the unloading place GREAT WORK

  • Barry Kent
    Barry Kent3 månader sedan

    Thats why you need to put your aquipment under cover

  • Squish
    Squish3 månader sedan

    1 man 4 skidsteers...🤘

  • Martin 228
    Martin 2283 månader sedan

    Hey, just wanted to ask is it better to use the foot gas pedal or hand gas lever

  • Rush Austin
    Rush Austin3 månader sedan

    World's biggest appliance dolly.

  • Brandon Kirk
    Brandon Kirk3 månader sedan

    @Andrew Camarata Ik how it is to SHOVEL (not plow our snow blow, shovel) (I want a skiddie) in NY

  • Roger Whiting
    Roger Whiting3 månader sedan

    Is tne TL12 high flow?

  • Nicolas Giant
    Nicolas Giant3 månader sedan

    Terrible limpieza

  • tekeguy68
    tekeguy683 månader sedan

    Levi is currently my spirit animal.

  • Joe Vining
    Joe Vining3 månader sedan

    I'm reporting your video because you're lazy you're getting paid for this job and your illegally dumping the money you're getting paid from this job pay for the garbage to be dumped and just so you know you can take cement and asphalt and grind it up and guess what you have type II it's used for underneath house pads and sidewalks you're really embarrassing your company you have by illegally dumping what is your fucking problem you're getting paid to do a job and you're too cheap to pay for the garbage to be dumped and you're under contract and you're doing all of this on video guaranteed if I caught you doing this I'd film everything you're doing and make sure you got arrested for illegally dumping other than you eat illegally dumping there's no problem with the way you do anyting you are a very talented skilled labor

  • insomniscient
    insomniscient3 månader sedan

    36:28 great example of Andrew's work ethic, I love how he doesn't just drop the ramps. As someone from Europe who doesn't have any access to nature, I absolutely love binging on these videos. It's just so nice to at least watch someone else work outside in the woodlands, away from the overpopulated areas.

  • mpowerjon


    Månad sedan

    The blue trailer has relief springs on the ramps so they dont slam.

  • Wayne L.
    Wayne L.3 månader sedan

    What did people do before skid steers were around? Amazing machines. So versatile.

  • Bill Weir
    Bill Weir3 månader sedan

    More toys for the boys :-)

  • Pk Fan
    Pk Fan3 månader sedan

    Always put some lubricant for installation for future repair, get into a practice, remember that

  • Excavator Digs
    Excavator Digs3 månader sedan

    Let's dig has a TL12V2

  • Chris 3M
    Chris 3M3 månader sedan

    I like the #10 best!😉

  • thardyryll
    thardyryll3 månader sedan

    How a person treats animals tells you more about him than anything else.

  • Jay H
    Jay H3 månader sedan

    is that your dump truck? (the white RAM dump druck)

  • rick lad
    rick lad3 månader sedan

    I see you add a turret to your name on your truck ....nice. Looks good

  • the sole vlogger
    the sole vlogger4 månader sedan

    :50 me too bud

  • zimmelbot1
    zimmelbot14 månader sedan

    Very considerate to tidy-up the concrete dump site. Class act.

  • Charles wood
    Charles wood4 månader sedan

    I want one so bad

  • Murphy
    Murphy4 månader sedan

    Levi , good friends are hard to come by

  • P Kope
    P Kope4 månader sedan

    Can anyone tell me what the music at 5:13 in the video is similar to ? It sounds familiar but it's driving me nuts that I can't remember it . Another Great Video Andrew . YOU truly are AMAZING !!!👍👍

  • GeorgeBonez
    GeorgeBonez4 månader sedan

    Andrew Bro! It’s time you hire some employees man! I could be available if ya twist my arm a little. Uhhh my name is Andrew too. Well it’s my middle name George Andrew Bonez but that’s ok right? 😆

  • Eric Albertson
    Eric Albertson4 månader sedan

    Man can tell at the end how much Levi means to Andrew and that he knows it’s close to the end for his old friend

  • Donald Mends
    Donald Mends4 månader sedan

    Yea they maybe great rigs, but you can only run one at a time Andrew, if they run the same style that okay but not different style controls don't work , running a rig should be contiousflow

  • bea kittelscherz
    bea kittelscherz4 månader sedan

    If AC ever will open up a DYS (Drive It Yourself) - Themepark I´ll def buy a Dayticket and try out every f´##n Machine! YAY !!!

  • Trav-trav 1718
    Trav-trav 17184 månader sedan

    Anyone else wanna see what kind of snake that was

  • Sonny C
    Sonny C4 månader sedan

    i come on here to watch Canelo Alvarez highlights and ive been watching this guy for 3 hrs.

  • fritz
    fritz4 månader sedan

    you are going to have to hire a crew to run all those

  • Endless Summer
    Endless Summer4 månader sedan

    You ever feel the urge to donate one of those, I'm your guy. Lol. Enjoy your videos.

  • hans van den Biggelaar
    hans van den Biggelaar4 månader sedan

    I''m sorry to see that your dog LEVI is suffering pain in the hind legs, please consult a veterinarian docter

  • Sonny Morrison
    Sonny Morrison4 månader sedan

    Do you still have the big white dump ?

  • Ryan Doohan
    Ryan Doohan4 månader sedan

    lmao, "There's the patio, still gone, good!" Well, it's a good thing that damn thing didn't come back!

  • Climamusic
    Climamusic4 månader sedan

    The TL10 is a beast, so strong little machine, aweome WOW! 😮