Cleaning up a collapsed house

Using a TL10 track loader to clean up a small house that collapsed and load it into dumpsters.

Unlisted video covering that well better:


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    We’re did you get them load binders

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    Well well well, what have we here

  • Larry Feeks
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    So glad you covered the well! Make sure you tell others; property owners, etc. Seriously, it needs to be properly covered and sealed. Remember Baby Jessica! Getting off my soap box, now.

  • Wallace Pedro
    Wallace Pedro2 dagar sedan

    Great CLEAN job. I hope you will be generously compensated by the property owner.

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    Once the roof starts leaking, there goes the house.

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    If I didn’t already want a skid steer bad enough now I want one even more!

  • Mr. Cool

    Mr. Cool

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    Me too. But I get by at home with a Kubota Tractor with backhoe and a front end loader with a skid-steer coupler. But when I hit the lottery...

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    You know what’s lighter than wood? Ash…

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    Could have been funny to take the mulching disc to it haha

  • Bruce Roth
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    Was that river stone common under the concrete when the house was built?

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

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    Someone used that for foundation. That works fine.

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    I can see all the effor u put in these videos and all i can say is thank you!

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    Wow. That pebble/concrete foundation was pathetic!

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    Great work for the waste block stone ..he put it in soil ...seal it...nice reuse of environment

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    I was waiting for an unknown basement to appear and gobble you up. that would be my luck ;)

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    How much did you charge to do that days worth of work?

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    I guess there's no asbestos 😳😳😳😳

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    Up there in 'em hills, I would have just burned the debris instead of renting one of those containers.

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    Just curious how long it took to do the full job here....

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    Tough old house

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    Wow, great job

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    Haose heat

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    I wonder how a house gets that bad, how people can let something like that goto waste

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    That well is what horror movies are made about.

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    Where are your GLOVES! Great job guys!! Congrats

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    Why didn’t you just burn the wood?

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    in a day.....i feel lazy

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    It would be cool to do a before and after shot from above.

  • Sabbie H.
    Sabbie H.10 dagar sedan

    So, you've done this before? So very interesting. What will happen to the well? When someone builds on the property will they have to dig all of that wood etc., up? Interesting. Thank you.

  • tim bukh3
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    That T10 is a mean little beast. That's a thumbs up for me.

  • Marlene Gold
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    Very near a noisy highway; did you have the option to set it back from the road more?

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    wow 👍job bro👍👍

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    Man: I’m tearing down a house today Bystander: With a bull dozer? Man: No, a Bobcat

  • Peter O
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    Delaware water gap canoe trip...stopped for a break... walking about saw an outhouse middle of nowhere ..still had pics on the inside.. home was long gone... happy pics too....

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    i cant believed you walked in the house........

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    That house isn’t tiny, but it’s cozy or quaint. Needs new paint 🎨

  • Linda Harvey
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    Was the water pipes, gas lines and electric previously removed? Or did I miss a video?

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    excellent !!

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    Padlock on collapsed building! LOL! Sort of like the driveway my late hubby and I saw with a locked gate across, but no fence on either side... I understand the necessity, but I still can't help feeling bad for the loss of habitat for all kinds of wee creatures...birds, bunnies, etc... WOW! How they used to build things: a ton of small rocks and no rebar in the porch construction! Could sell those for ballast. LOL Interesting, but kind of not cool at the end; burying all that debris as a nasty surprise for the next person who wants to make use of the land, whether for construction of a house or as a garden...

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    That looks like fun! Lol

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    Common guys,tell your friend to subs.Getting close to a million.

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    3/4 of this is skippable. Wow an autist tears a house down. Big whoop

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    Andrew is an amazing artist from the camera angles, music he chooses, drone shots. All of it...very artistic!

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    945k people disagree with you.

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    How you get so many views is beyond me. This is true autism

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    Am I the only one sad to see that stone foundation go? Think it would have been awesome to see them rebuild a shed on it.

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    He a pro.

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    Andrew, masz super maszyne do robienia porzadkow. Brawo 🖐👍🍀😍👄

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    Cool at least they kept the door locked

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    This just looked like a fun job

  • Rhyme& Reason
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    The owner should have you push all that concrete rubble into that well and fil in the rest of it... it's nothing but a major liability at this point.

  • Rhyme& Reason
    Rhyme& Reason17 dagar sedan

    Wow, that open well mostly concealed by vegitation was a good example of why it's maybe not a good idea to take your dogs along on such jobs... and why you've got to watch out yourself - you never know what you could run into!

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    Thankfully, no Samara in there

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    Have you thought about getting some roll offs Andrew? I'd like to have some myself.

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    That well should just be filled in with 3/4 4" from the top and then topped with top soil. Safe and you'll never know it was there

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    Its a good well.

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    I have noticed a lot of evergreens there.

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    That is so cute. I want one. It looks like my dog trying to bury food he doesn't like. You go guy.

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    Another amazing clean result 🎖. I wonder what al those pebbles were used for: chimney or the basic structure ?

  • Darrin Fry
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    What would something like this cost to Demolish ??

  • Kenneth Burgess
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    I’m just a little bit curious as to why you would bury some cement/bricks?

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

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    Everyone would be unhappy about that. Those materials should not be mixed.

  • Kenneth Burgess

    Kenneth Burgess

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    @Andrew Camarata put it in that dumpster where everything else went

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

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    what else would you do with it?

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    Those poor tracks :)

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    And the little piggy went eeeeeeeeeeeee

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    nice video can somebody explain to me why a bobcat is most of the time used and not a excavator is it because a bobcat you can hook up a ton of equipment where a excavator has its limits or something else

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    Where have you been Andrew I sure miss your shows on SEblacks

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    Was waiting for some long haired pale girl to crawl out of the well.

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    Back in the 80s, my drunk friends and I would just freaking burned it.

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    Andrew, you ok brother ?

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    Imagine you went to the wrong house haha

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    What state is this ? Its so green.

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    those chain binders are sick!

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    Nugget Noggin be saying "Man. y'all should have run the metal detector around there first. Ya still can."

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    i wish you'd make more videos ... love them

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    Here in California are the fire burning everything, why the land owners don’t do that instead of seen their houses burning in the fire?

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    Are you worried about the debris and rock coming back up ? . Loved the video! I have a baby bobcat I want something like yours though!!!

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    Hi dose anyone know we’re Andrew gets his orange camouflage spud wrench from Seen him using it a lot looks like a very handy tool I did search on line the only place that had something close was Tractor supply’s but not exactly the same. ?

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    Hi there. I just discovered your channel, shame on me, it's amazing the quantity and quality of your work. I have a small woodshop and work alone, it's hard work but nothing compared to yours, I'm addicted to your videos.

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    Hey, Andrew, I work for a Takeuchi dealer in CT's New Haven county - hit me up if you ever need parts shipped to you! Company is Chadwick-BaRoss in Oxford, CT. :)

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    So that houses water supply was the well, pretty basic living - no electric either I imagine & not too long ago, amazing!

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    This is the first video of yours I've watched. All around excellent work, and I mean that it is work the way it should be done. The demolition was great and the videography was outstanding. I used to do some demolition on a smaller scale and with hand tools, curbside trash cans and one good friend.That was thirty eight years ago and the neighbors called us the Swedish Tractors.

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    While watching Andrew load the dumpsters the song phrase "Let's do the Monster Mash, the Monster Mash..." came to mind.

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    i know this is a demo grapple bucket but what brand of root grapple do you have

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    Not this year.

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