Digging out stumps with a dozer

0:00 intro and dogs
0:14 bring in for garage for oil change
3:30 service air filter
8:01 solder on new battery terminals
11:04 do stump job
33:11 smooth out dirt a week later with compact track loader


  • Jake Moeller
    Jake MoellerDag sedan

    Andrew, as versatile as you are, do you make the music for your videos?!

  • Roberta Christeen
    Roberta ChristeenDag sedan

    levi still alive in this video

  • Roberta Christeen

    Roberta Christeen

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    @Andrew Camarata yep he is

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    Andrew Camarata

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    Isn’t he in this?

  • Chuck Cribbs
    Chuck Cribbs8 dagar sedan

    Impressive work!

  • Jan PhD
    Jan PhD13 dagar sedan

    Every time I remove one of my trees, I feel bad.

  • Nathan Scott
    Nathan Scott13 dagar sedan

    That first stump had roots all the way to China. I don't know how she's going to grow grass in a rock garden. One question though. When those stumps rot want it leave a whole? Nevermind you answered my question.

  • Keller Hopkins
    Keller Hopkins15 dagar sedan

    how long did this take ? should the tree guy have left the stumps a few feet tall to make it easier?

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    15 dagar sedan

    That was a quick day, with a dozer you’re better off just cutting them right down to the ground, if you’re using an excavator it helps to leave them long, but they need to be at like 8 feet.

  • TLB Farm
    TLB Farm15 dagar sedan

    What are the pellets AC is putting in the battery terminal at 8:40?

  • George Loyzaga
    George Loyzaga16 dagar sedan

    I am suppose to pack my bags but I have to watch what Andrew is up too first I have few hours before my flight..😂

  • Real Rural
    Real Rural19 dagar sedan

    You did an awesome job, and made a great video. It really makes me wish I hadn't sold my dozer.

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    Please active legend in portuguese. Thanks.

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    Gotta see the big track loader digging some stumps

  • Austin Atkins
    Austin Atkins26 dagar sedan

    Keep up the good work guys!

  • Nasim Bahbahani
    Nasim Bahbahani29 dagar sedan

    Using a track loader bucket as an axe is a new one for me

  • Verna Burns
    Verna BurnsMånad sedan

    Why don't they put the stumps in a pile and just burn them?! Don't understand.

  • Dave G
    Dave GMånad sedan

    Hey, are you concerned about the buried stumps rotting over time and creating sink holes??

  • Dave G

    Dave G

    Månad sedan

    Never mind, I should have just waited for the full video...lol

  • Godzilla
    GodzillaMånad sedan

    Levi was a sweet dog and Cody is too, but Levi will be missed by all. You did a good job on the stumps and the ground looks good.

  • James Miller
    James MillerMånad sedan

    This is entertainment...thanks.

  • Gary Owens
    Gary OwensMånad sedan

    Andrew you should look into getting a screen and start screening dirt at home and selling it!

  • Grant Lockridge
    Grant LockridgeMånad sedan

    “Im not seeing a good way to get that off” AKA get the torch lol

  • Bill Van Dorn
    Bill Van DornMånad sedan

    Hey Andrew, have you ever tried a stump grinder for your skid?

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    RIP Levi, :(

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    I'm brazilian hello friends how are you? I have my SEblacks channel here in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. I'm struggling to win entries, as people here are very fond of powerful and diesel pickups, but my pickup is gasoline and gas. I don't have the resources to invest, things are not going easy here, I'm using a Google translator to communicate with you. I need a godfather to help me in some way. these pickups here cost very expensive, around 50 thousand reais, approximately 10 thousand dollars. 😞😞

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    talisayMånad sedan

    Building sinkholes...good money in that?

  • John Dondero
    John DonderoMånad sedan

    Love Levi and Cody. You don’t even realize that a dog actually teaches you things. How to care for something other than yourself is probably number 1 on my list. Keep up these awesome videos. I like your easy going attitude as you’ve taught me to emulate that as well.

  • Chris Langdell
    Chris LangdellMånad sedan

    Nice work. Levi is getting up there in age. Looks like he is having difficult times getting around with his old stiff Joints. Get him some Glucosamine tablets and mix it into his food for 6 months and he will be as good as new.

  • Joe W. Harris
    Joe W. HarrisMånad sedan

    Good job. Good dog.

  • Melindahaynes
    MelindahaynesMånad sedan

    And now I feel confident to change the oil in my sewing machine 😉

  • Paul Brasier
    Paul BrasierMånad sedan

    Just asking for a friend. Why the Dozier and not the Excavator for this job? Looks like you tear up a lot more ground and much more time.

  • Mamerto Mamaclay
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    Very good Dozer operator good guy

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    Sean Larkan2 månader sedan

    Good to be reminded what incredibly powerful, versatile pieces of equipment those cat dozers are

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    I miss Levi.

  • Bryan
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    Glad to see old Levi in that one I was sad when I heard he passed away that's like family like one of your best friends I cried when mine died

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    Diane Morris3 månader sedan

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Andrew and family. Levi enriched your lives and it was a joy to watch you interact with him. You will feel his loss but have wonderful memories. Kind regards to you at this time.

  • Roberta Christeen
    Roberta Christeen3 månader sedan

    use a asphalt roller on the dirt that will fatten it out

  • Willie
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    Hi Levi - good boy

  • Jackie Wilson
    Jackie Wilson3 månader sedan

    Hey, what kind of cameras do you use? I’m looking for a new one. The one yu used while driving holding your arm out the window too!

  • K2Tuff
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    So you dug up the stumps, tore up the yard just to bury them in the yard again. Genius.

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    That's a Dozer not a race car.

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  • Roger Whiting
    Roger Whiting3 månader sedan

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  • Roger Whiting
    Roger Whiting3 månader sedan

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    keep up with Everything is a must nowadays , great job. Glad of all your Accomplishments Good For You. people Appreciate you and your work more than You Know .You just Have That Eye For Making Things Right and Look Right.

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    chunky Harper3 månader sedan

    On our 24 volt stuff we don't use soldered battery terminals they can create enough heat when hard long starting to melt the soldering out just a tip I've experienced. Great video

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    fb.watch/5QMqH4yTOb/ Andrew, you need this.

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    I would have thought that the excavator would have been more suitable for this job!

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

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    Maybe, dozer grades better.

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    appreciate your content. could i get a link to the pliers at 10:40? thanks!

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  • kasey casece
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  • kasey casece
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    Very talented man.

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  • Bryan Kerr
    Bryan Kerr3 månader sedan

    Burying stumps is no different than grinding them. Eventually the wood is going to rot away and leave a void. Most times its minimal, as far as a sink hole goes. Nice work.

  • Mr.Wallbangr
    Mr.Wallbangr3 månader sedan

    im surprised you dont prime your filters

  • Daryl Bain
    Daryl Bain3 månader sedan

    A chopper shredder would be nice. It would make short work of those stumps and white top layer?

    STRAIGHT UP.3 månader sedan

    Just can't believe he jst drove a 50ton ,piece of raw metal onto my concrete floor. Without any floor protection amazing.

  • Strelok blackburn
    Strelok blackburn3 månader sedan

    we got a lil case d4 like that, we were using a triaxle goose neck with a 450....an no trailer brake. talk about sketchy. i made the suggestion that we use out w900ls and a lowboy...much mo gooder

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  • Alan Bradbury
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    I love your vids Andrew, can I just offer you a bit of advice. Whenever you do an oil change, always check that the filter is seated properly before firing the engine up. Cheers from the UK.

  • Timbo D
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    Travis N.3 månader sedan

    We all want our yards to be the opposite of what we have. Im on the flat land prairies of crops(no trees) and love the mountains, rolling hills & forest. People who live and grew up in the trees(forest), want a flat no tree yard. 🤪😝

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