Dragging a broken Bobcat with a dozer

0:00 trying to drive a pickup truck and trailer up to where the bobcat was
2:33 dragging bobcat with a D7 dozer
11:00 cutting jack off the trailer and towing bobcat home
16:48 Fixing jack, tires, and brakes on the trailer

Levi memorial plates: www.ebay.com/itm/185039163820


  • mad tater
    mad tater20 timmar sedan

    I did the same thing with my trailer jack I put a new one on but I made it so it could swing up and away when traveling

  • Alexander Kraemer
    Alexander KraemerDag sedan

    perhaps a quick pass with the dozer would help smooth out that road a little :-)

  • Jeffrey Strader
    Jeffrey StraderDag sedan

    Dang man that's a goat trail................LOL

  • Thomas McCabe
    Thomas McCabe3 dagar sedan

    That's one way to grade a road. Bobcat as box blade.

  • Kevin Coverstone
    Kevin Coverstone3 dagar sedan

    That road is terrible

  • Funke B.
    Funke B.4 dagar sedan

    Andrew gründet einen Waldwiesen-Abschleppclub für Baumaschienen!!!!

  • Richard Walters
    Richard Walters5 dagar sedan

    I didn't remember the D7, tell us more

  • joe
    joe7 dagar sedan

    Get rid of that camera wide eye out the window ______ really Andrew you think that's good ? Annoying to watch , sorry .

  • Ollie Barwise
    Ollie Barwise7 dagar sedan

    Is that all one property? How big?

  • louis armstrong
    louis armstrong8 dagar sedan

    Your photography when driving along does not work for the viewer!!!!!! it's called car sickness !

  • Thad Leingang
    Thad Leingang8 dagar sedan

    every real man has a Wheel Changer in his garage!

  • serge kubezykdelong
    serge kubezykdelong9 dagar sedan


  • Deese Nutz
    Deese Nutz10 dagar sedan

    I’ve never used one of those off roads jacks and I’ve always wonder how “safe” they are. Obviously I know they’re only as safe as you make them but generally speaking are they pretty safe and trust worthy tools?

  • Steve M
    Steve M10 dagar sedan

    Where did you get those Chain Binders that has the power drill option? I've been looking around for a set. Btw, I'm surprised you still own a Bobcat for as much trouble as you have with them and you have two Takeuchi machines.

  • J Hemphill
    J Hemphill11 dagar sedan

    Looks like you caught junior doing something naughty and hauled him down the hill by the scruff of his neck, hanging his head in shame.

  • Gary Leonardi
    Gary Leonardi11 dagar sedan

    Love your videos, and love big daddy taken out the bobcat!!

  • Dimas Aditya
    Dimas Aditya12 dagar sedan

    Joh aku ora faham

  • Kenny Duncan
    Kenny Duncan12 dagar sedan

    Looks like to me he should use the ole cat to fix the road.

  • Aaron Howard
    Aaron Howard13 dagar sedan


  • Connor McMahon
    Connor McMahon13 dagar sedan

    Welding without a shirt on 🙈🙈🙈😂 no better man for the job!

  • RS Andrews
    RS Andrews13 dagar sedan

    What is the point in this video?

  • Rassr81
    Rassr8113 dagar sedan

    Is the power of new support will be enough for jack?

  • Makers Acres
    Makers Acres13 dagar sedan

    Does the computer or safety system shut the bobcat off, or is something engine failing that it stops running?

  • Raimond Kiewiet
    Raimond Kiewiet13 dagar sedan

    damn thats one rough road

  • mark duncan
    mark duncan13 dagar sedan

    You certainly find the “roads less travelled Andrew!!! Good Work!

  • Vasili Terkin
    Vasili Terkin13 dagar sedan


  • Fixed By Duncan
    Fixed By Duncan14 dagar sedan

    That was fun to watch, that bobcat looked like a toy behind the dozer. Nice mod on the jack.

  • Eric Hertzen
    Eric Hertzen14 dagar sedan

    I was hoping you were selling the Bobcat. Considering you have the TL10 &TL12 available. Because the Bobcat keeps braking down.

  • ccgsales
    ccgsales14 dagar sedan

    Is that road on your property? Why don't you grade/improve it? Even if it's not yours, why not smooth out the bad spots, who's to know?

  • Jacob Lego
    Jacob Lego14 dagar sedan

    Why is there a big mining wheel loader on your property it is a CAT

  • Josh Beatty
    Josh Beatty15 dagar sedan

    Andrew was that a bias tire you put on the trailer? Shouldn't mix bias and radials! Thanks for the vids man, you're busting ass and living the life 🤙🏻

  • Tractor Agriculture Farmer
    Tractor Agriculture Farmer 15 dagar sedan

    Awesome video brother , nice meet you

  • Niko's Property Show
    Niko's Property Show15 dagar sedan

    That's a bad kitty right there 🐱

    LEROY HEUGH16 dagar sedan

    Andrew, how do you shoot those driving scenes? Is that a drone?

  • CAD Thunkin
    CAD Thunkin16 dagar sedan

    Bobby, just wait til your father hears about this. Owwww, stop pulling my eeeeear.!

    GREEK GODS16 dagar sedan

    love it

  • Bruce Park
    Bruce Park16 dagar sedan

    How humiliating for the entire Bobcat corporation. If I worked their you would have personalized service. I would never like to see my product towed.

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    15 dagar sedan

    It depends on what it is. As far as stuff not breaking. The Yanmar, Takeuchi, and IHI and never broken. The old CAT equipment is good. John Deere stuff is garbage.

  • Bruce Park

    Bruce Park

    15 dagar sedan

    @Andrew Camarata What is the best brand that you have used? Is it American made?

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    15 dagar sedan

    Bobcat brand stuff is junk.

  • Elizabeth Turel
    Elizabeth Turel16 dagar sedan

    Why I watch a channel that pulls a bobcat off a mountain with a dozer, but I do! Reminds me of our Northwest woods logging roads, well the trees here are huge Douglas fir, but it’s still awesome to watch.🤗

  • The_Hate_Inside
    The_Hate_Inside16 dagar sedan

    The Bobcat is not pulling its weight, looks more like it's being pulled...

  • Bearded Scrapper
    Bearded Scrapper16 dagar sedan

    6:20 thats one way to grade the road.

  • Bearded Scrapper
    Bearded Scrapper16 dagar sedan

    That is one rough road.

  • nick kolozsy
    nick kolozsy16 dagar sedan

    Time to Get some 14 ply tires for that trailer lol

  • Chuck Kolancz
    Chuck Kolancz16 dagar sedan

    Hopefully you can get some more of those Levi memorial paw print plates

  • benzboston
    benzboston16 dagar sedan

    like a horror movie.i was waiting for jason to come out of the woods

  • fail2fear
    fail2fear17 dagar sedan

    "The trailer is getting destroyed" proceeds to go faster. I love it.

  • Steve Dabbs
    Steve Dabbs17 dagar sedan

    Kinda rough old road !!!!!!!!!!

  • Jake Giossi
    Jake Giossi17 dagar sedan

    Okay, I’m seeing a “new” Cat D7 and a 988 loader…. We need videos of these acquisitions!!! :)

  • mstory22
    mstory2217 dagar sedan

    Shirt Ideas: Alright, That's fixed! Let's work on something else. Why buy new when you can make your own? That will probably be OK. Let's Get Started! Were all done here!

  • Nicholas Tighe
    Nicholas Tighe17 dagar sedan

    Hi Andrew , what work boots do you use ?

  • Louie Canicatti
    Louie Canicatti17 dagar sedan

    Were you unable to remove the bucket before towing? Would have likely been less stressful on the boom. Makes for an easy grading job at the same time though so what can I say lol

  • Guille Valenz
    Guille Valenz17 dagar sedan

    Great Job,.!! always Working on it,...!! Greeting From Chile..!! Always miss... R.I.P. Levi,.

  • Giblet535
    Giblet53517 dagar sedan

    Playin' in da muhd.

  • Jimmy Duncan
    Jimmy Duncan17 dagar sedan

    I've seen a dog take a dog for a walk but never a cat taking a bobcat for a walk. Thanks A C for broadening my horizons.

  • Justo Andres
    Justo Andres17 dagar sedan

    Loving the new way of smoothing the road behind you. Cody making sure the way was clear by looking from right to left then going in front making sure the road way was clear . 🚦👈👌👉👍🤣

  • jackdonkey22
    jackdonkey2218 dagar sedan

    Looks like cody plays disc golf with his innova champion disc.

  • k9tm
    k9tm18 dagar sedan

    The first words he says is that the trailer is getting torn up. I wonder why. Anybody else have any ideas? I don’t even think I want to watch this video.

  • Peter Antonic
    Peter Antonic18 dagar sedan

    I’m surprised that you used both cross ply and radial tyres on the trailer. Here in Australia we can’t mix them, either use one type or the other but not together.😀😀👍👍🇦🇺🇦🇺

  • the eagle
    the eagle18 dagar sedan

    Is he using a drone to film it all?

  • y00h0011
    y00h001118 dagar sedan

    Andrew, save one of Levi's plates for me, please? Thank you.

  • John Dobak
    John Dobak18 dagar sedan

    I feel like that road could use some improvements.

  • Brandy Wine
    Brandy Wine18 dagar sedan

    Talk to text sucks

  • Brandy Wine
    Brandy Wine18 dagar sedan

    No, a technician from tech from my area made a fecon head work at 48gal per hr

  • Jack Johnson
    Jack Johnson18 dagar sedan

    I missed you getting a D7

  • joe moreno
    joe moreno18 dagar sedan

    Andrew I enjoy your videos you are very talented to do all you do God bless you

  • Crazzilla
    Crazzilla18 dagar sedan

    Now that's a bad ass wench. That thing was near ready to eat that bobcat like it was a delicacy lol. I think investing in one of those is in the future for sure.

  • F F
    F F18 dagar sedan

    Andrew, I have that same Amazon kayak and I love it! oh and good video 👍🏼

  • F F

    F F

    18 dagar sedan

    @Andrew Camarata bargain price!

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    18 dagar sedan

    Good to hear. I grabbed that for free off the side of the road.

  • The Smoking Gent
    The Smoking Gent18 dagar sedan

    That trailers officially Trail Rated !

  • george craciun
    george craciun18 dagar sedan

    I think I seen ur dog playing with a innova disc, and next seen u throwing his toy like a golfer, let me know when you are in Ohio, ill show u some good course's.

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    18 dagar sedan

    My friend brought that over, he said he found it on a disc golf place.

  • george craciun
    george craciun18 dagar sedan

    so u a disc golfer

  • Shannon Lyon
    Shannon Lyon18 dagar sedan

    Can anyone tell me what is this camera Andrew is operating while driving? kind of amazing....

  • Thomas Bradley
    Thomas Bradley18 dagar sedan

    You need to 🎥🎞 a different way. But I do watch all your videos .

  • Michael Koop
    Michael Koop18 dagar sedan

    Like that if u need some place get it there and back then do the repairs. Love how big cat got little cat.

  • Ken Dataluss
    Ken Dataluss18 dagar sedan

    Golly, gotta love AC ( CONGRATS on that Million ) But, some people say "Safety 1st" 😫 Some say "Safety 3rd" 😜 AC says "Safety.... Periodically" 🤣😂

  • Wayne Coke
    Wayne Coke18 dagar sedan

    I must have missed it but does the dozer belong to you? You need to find Cody a buddy.

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    18 dagar sedan

    Yeah, that's mine. Yeah, he needs a girl friend (me too). He could make more dogs.

  • Theoretically Practical
    Theoretically Practical18 dagar sedan

    I figured this would be a solid 30 minutes of bobcat hate, I was almost disappointed.

  • Tony Canant
    Tony Canant18 dagar sedan

    Cant wait to see the egg challenge!

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    18 dagar sedan

    Its rendering now.

  • Mad Zit
    Mad Zit18 dagar sedan

    That tire machine certainly made the tire change easy !

  • Oisin prendergast
    Oisin prendergast18 dagar sedan

    Andrew Letsdig18 challenged you to pick up an egg with a exgavator and put it on a bottle just watch his video.

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    18 dagar sedan

    Uploading now.

  • Paul N
    Paul N18 dagar sedan

    Hi Andrew, are you going to accept the eggscavator challenge from "Outdoors with the Morgans" on this video seblacks.info/cold/video/bHqAmnqWoWeMmZg.html He challenged Chris from Letsdig18, Dirt perfect, Wranglerstar and others.

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    18 dagar sedan


  • J. Zingler
    J. Zingler18 dagar sedan

    16:15 Cody is soo cute!

  • scrappy
    scrappy18 dagar sedan


  • Matthew Kidd
    Matthew Kidd18 dagar sedan

    it would be so cool to see all the machinery andrew has in one video, gonna to be a long one

  • Alex Frandsen
    Alex Frandsen18 dagar sedan

    I like how the bobcat doesn't run but the bulldozer they used to move Plymouth Rock runs fine

  • Tony Sutton
    Tony Sutton18 dagar sedan

    Should have taken the trailer with "Monster Truck Tires"!

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    18 dagar sedan

    You are right. Next trip up there I am taking that. I just fixed all the lights on that trailer.

  • Jose Manuel Torres Borrego
    Jose Manuel Torres Borrego18 dagar sedan

    Hola Andrés, te sigo desde Sevilla, España , eres un artista tío. Cuidate y lo siento por Levi, un saludo.

  • Jaxon Bill
    Jaxon Bill18 dagar sedan

    'welders tan' wear a shirt man!

  • ryan gardner
    ryan gardner18 dagar sedan

    Omg......just heard Andrew cuss on camera for first time pulling porcupine quills out of Cody chin. Hilarious it's in his b roll of you subs haven't checked out his b roll

  • Warren Haubrich
    Warren Haubrich19 dagar sedan

    To egg, or not to egg? It's gotta have the Camarata twist!!!

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    18 dagar sedan


  • Golem1
    Golem119 dagar sedan

    My bobcat had a pinched fuel line under engine . Pick up tube screen so clogged. Did the same thing. Ran and died. Older Bobcats were ok. when Ingersoll Rand owner them. Mine was IR 2006 last year . Now Doosan owns them.

  • wes cook
    wes cook19 dagar sedan

    First part feels like mushrooms!

  • Albert Orozco
    Albert Orozco19 dagar sedan

    Something fishy about these two guys..andrew and jessie?

  • TMHailston
    TMHailston19 dagar sedan

    Chris from letsdig18 has challenged you to an eggstravaganza with an eggscavator. Lol

  • TMHailston


    14 dagar sedan

    A dozen eggs later, great effort. I really enjoyed watching all those who excepted the challenge. Good times.

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    18 dagar sedan

    It should be up in a couple hours

  • Thor94


    18 dagar sedan

    @Andrew Camarata Eggcellent!

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    18 dagar sedan

    Ok, ill do it.

  • Run N Gun
    Run N Gun19 dagar sedan

    Letsdig18 challenged you to do the eggscavator challenge

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    18 dagar sedan

    Challenge accepted. I am uploading video now.

  • decoysk
    decoysk19 dagar sedan

    all i see here is fuck it up and fix it fuck it up and fix it ! what a mess ! try taking care of ya shit ! nothing ever works right !

  • B
    B19 dagar sedan

    Does anyone know what that selfie stick is, or what software he uses to make it almost invisible? Very intriguing! Almost 1 million subscribers! Very cool!

  • coondogtheman1234
    coondogtheman123419 dagar sedan

    I used to work at a tire shop and they used the same machine to get the tire off the rim. Better than using two screwdrivers, I've done it that way on bike tires. Nice repair on your trailer.

  • Dakota Disaster
    Dakota Disaster19 dagar sedan

    That’s one way to back drag a trail…

  • Kerry Ware
    Kerry Ware19 dagar sedan

    If the Jack doesn't hang down a ton like it did before, how far is a ton? Is that a specific distance?

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    18 dagar sedan

    It hung down 3"-4", that was way too much.

  • Vilim Marijan
    Vilim Marijan19 dagar sedan

    I still can’t figure out what you record the out of window shots with lol

  • rpavlik1


    17 dagar sedan

    Selfie stick and 360 camera. They have a blind spot at the tripod mount that they hide with software, which is why you can't see the stick.

  • MrSuperBrite
    MrSuperBrite19 dagar sedan

    Andrew you have been challenged to eggxcavator challenge seblacks.info/cold/video/iIKmnI2rmp-Tp4Y.html