Eggxcavator challenge

Doing the Eggxcavator challenge. Using an excavator with a thumb to pick up an egg off a bottle and move it to another bottle without breaking it.

After editing this video, I feel like I got some really delicate eggs, some of them broke for no reason.


  • Joe Evora
    Joe Evora21 timme sedan

    Hahahahhaa Egg! ……with grits??🤣

  • Rob Jennings
    Rob JenningsDag sedan

    Now that is taking practice of a delicate touch to another level lol

  • Ken Budd
    Ken BuddDag sedan

    Use hard boiled eggs you can at least eat your mistakes

    CHRISTIΛΛN LUTZΞR3 dagar sedan

    Hahahahaha: the skid steer flipping the egg...

  • PopCapps
    PopCapps3 dagar sedan

    Hahaha awesome

  • Danny Creech
    Danny Creech4 dagar sedan

    Andrew, you are so crazy. Love it!

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson4 dagar sedan

    Your going to run out of eggs.

  • Ernesto Spadolesto
    Ernesto Spadolesto5 dagar sedan

    You don't have to pick eggs with such construction machines - I mean you can, but you don't have to.

  • Jimmy The Hand
    Jimmy The Hand5 dagar sedan

    Do the bottles have to be empty?

  • TheEscape2012
    TheEscape20126 dagar sedan

    people dont get that a bigger excavator is more precisely to steer

  • MC Armoury
    MC Armoury6 dagar sedan

    Only Andrew can say: “I think I have one other machine here with a thumb.” Like he has so many that does’t know them all!

  • Quien Vive
    Quien Vive6 dagar sedan

    😀 👍 🥚 🍳 🌯

  • Juan Antonio G
    Juan Antonio G6 dagar sedan

    Buen video gracias por compartir 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Kenny Williams
    Kenny Williams6 dagar sedan

    This is my last update on my challenge playlist. I have 65 videos with 351 views. Thanks too all that made a video and all who watched them.

  • Ondrej Podlucky
    Ondrej Podlucky6 dagar sedan

    Egg bucket challenge, I see ;)

  • yo bro
    yo bro6 dagar sedan

    I laughed my ass off when you got the skid loader out 🤣🤣

  • Russian Bot
    Russian Bot6 dagar sedan

    Dude i freakin died when you showed up with the spatula!!

  • Russian Bot
    Russian Bot6 dagar sedan


  • Jim Grady
    Jim Grady7 dagar sedan

    I've been skipping this challenge on other channels, but after years of watching Andrew solve a multitude of problems with a big hammer, a pry bar, and the same gentle touch as a German jazz band, I just had to watch 🤣

  • unchained20000000
    unchained200000007 dagar sedan


  • Vzdanishslav
    Vzdanishslav7 dagar sedan

    Well, shit! That was fun, thanks, Andrew!)))))))))))))))

  • pear7777
    pear77777 dagar sedan

    Cody's like: eggcelent, raw omelet

  • pear7777


    7 dagar sedan

    .. and a perfectly backed egg as well...

  • Pete Van Nuys
    Pete Van Nuys8 dagar sedan

    What are the point where is it ?

  • T Heart
    T Heart8 dagar sedan

    A tool for every fix, A machine for every job, A toy for every occasion, A dream shop, A castle, A good wife and a dog..... Oh yeah...

  • aljazareh
    aljazareh8 dagar sedan

    breaking an egg with an Eggxcavator is like killing a fly with a sledge hammer .

  • New Guy
    New Guy8 dagar sedan

    This one has to be the funniest one yet - especially when all the dirt falls onto the frying pan as he is trying to flip the egg. Enjoy watching all the competition.

  • Wood Rocks and Plants and Stuff
    Wood Rocks and Plants and Stuff8 dagar sedan

    Who else watched this nine years ago.

  • James Aldridge
    James Aldridge8 dagar sedan

    that fried egg still is better than anything you will get at Mac Donalds

  • Scott Loves YouTube
    Scott Loves YouTube8 dagar sedan

    The dirt just gives the eggs extra seasoning on the grill!

  • M Henhawke
    M Henhawke9 dagar sedan

    Im willing to bet that Andrew could put the egg back in the chicken!.

  • Carry on
    Carry on9 dagar sedan


  • Charlene Thomas
    Charlene Thomas9 dagar sedan

    That's cool😀😀

  • Dan Hamilton
    Dan Hamilton9 dagar sedan

    Great Job Andy. You are the one - Jack of ALL trades.

  • PapagouBoy
    PapagouBoy9 dagar sedan

    ha ha ha ha

  • Anthony Bailey
    Anthony Bailey10 dagar sedan

    what a stupid waste of time grow up

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    8 dagar sedan

    Ill do it again.

  • John King
    John King10 dagar sedan

    That was FUN, Andrew !! Cody was the lucky winner, egg, with a side of rocks !! Tee Hee !!

  • Eric N
    Eric N10 dagar sedan

    Mmmmm. Can’t wait for the hash browns.

  • Roger Ferris
    Roger Ferris10 dagar sedan

    Well done Andrew, that was absolutely priceless, and Cody got lunch into the bargain.

  • Vicki Moree
    Vicki Moree10 dagar sedan

    Check out Lyle Davis low budget #eggxcavatorchallenge attempt video

  • Shane Hurenkamp
    Shane Hurenkamp11 dagar sedan

    I want to see Matt from Diesel creek give it a go

  • Colton Garber
    Colton Garber11 dagar sedan

    That was awesome!!!

  • Jon H
    Jon H11 dagar sedan

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Colton Garber
    Colton Garber11 dagar sedan

    How did you come across my best friends channel? My best friend has the channel named life long ditch digger

  • Chris
    Chris11 dagar sedan

    He's using boiled eggs! Just kidding.

  • babsy Red
    babsy Red11 dagar sedan

    😂😂😂 brilliant

  • ZoonCrypticon
    ZoonCrypticon11 dagar sedan

    @6:20 I got reminded of the movie "Jurassic Park 3" where a velociraptor took back on of the stolen eggs...

  • Randy Dobson
    Randy Dobson11 dagar sedan


  • Piotr P.
    Piotr P.12 dagar sedan

    Pozdrowienia z Polski 😀

  • Mitala Aleka
    Mitala Aleka12 dagar sedan

    Does anyone want extra rock with their egg ? it was funny, thanks for the Video Andrew.

  • Scott Fidler
    Scott Fidler12 dagar sedan

    People who downvote this have no chill. Great video!

  • Bryan Poole
    Bryan Poole12 dagar sedan

    Anyone who can pick up an egg with an excavator and put it on another bottle even though it's cracked it's pretty darn good with an excavator

  • Chuck Stark
    Chuck Stark12 dagar sedan

    As usual, Cody wins in the end.

  • Trey McGehee
    Trey McGehee12 dagar sedan

    Let’s see you make pancakes

  • Savage gaming
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  • JimsEquipmentShed
    JimsEquipmentShed12 dagar sedan

    Friendly staff, excellent ambiance, did not disappoint, would eat here again. Five stars from reviewer “Cody dog”.

  • Darlene Preston
    Darlene Preston12 dagar sedan

    FRONT PORCH PONDS- Licking, Mo. Eggs on the rocks please lol.🌻

  • mmi16
    mmi1612 dagar sedan

    Anything worth doing - is worth doing to excess. The Eggxcavator Challenge is EXCESS.

  • Walt T
    Walt T12 dagar sedan

    I have been watching a lot of eggs being broken and enjoyed every one of them. I thought it would be great to combine this challenge with some charity. Look what the ice bucket challenge did for The ALS Foundation. With this in mind I sent a check to St. Jude's Children Hospital. It has to start somewhere.

  • Ionut Geanta
    Ionut Geanta12 dagar sedan

    👍 👌

  • Rodney Ross
    Rodney Ross12 dagar sedan

    WOW what did Outdoors with the Morgans start. Everyone is trying. I just knew you had it a couple of times. Damn good try and the flipping was a great try.

  • Sergei Barabanov
    Sergei Barabanov12 dagar sedan


  • jayeff
    jayeff13 dagar sedan

    You're at a different level man....😉

  • Lance Pearson
    Lance Pearson13 dagar sedan

    Loved the cooking segment but also a great effort overall - thanks for sharing

  • griff Hall
    griff Hall13 dagar sedan

    3 over medium and 2 pics of cinnamon raisin toast please...

  • Steev Don
    Steev Don13 dagar sedan

    They did surgery on an egg with a 20something,000 lb excavator

  • FangBlah
    FangBlah13 dagar sedan

    Every time you dig around utilities, think about this challenge. ;D

  • Wil Hall
    Wil Hall13 dagar sedan

    Challenge excepted, is this how it’s supposed to work?

  • Heartland Trading Post
    Heartland Trading Post13 dagar sedan

    That was a lot of fun to watch. Thanks Andrew! Spatula in the skid loader was epic!

  • Mikesxrs300
    Mikesxrs30013 dagar sedan

    need some farm fresh eggs those store eggs have thinner shells IMO. And come on Andrew everyone knows plastic spatula on teflon cooktops :P

  • Eagle Eyes
    Eagle Eyes13 dagar sedan

    Lollllllll, I’m pretty sure Andrew just done an experiment on all his viewers! Now he knows we truly love him😎👍🏻

  • Robert Miller
    Robert Miller13 dagar sedan

    good job

  • crizcriz103
    crizcriz10313 dagar sedan

    Egg challenge accepted

  • William Cohen
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  • Dragos Yu
    Dragos Yu13 dagar sedan

    Actually I don't have nothing to do. Can u Say yes please?

  • Dragos Yu
    Dragos Yu13 dagar sedan

    How much gasoline did he burn to do such a stupid thing

  • Desert Rat

    Desert Rat

    13 dagar sedan

    Actually his machine burns diesel. And it doesn't matter how much he burned. He made enough money on this video to fill it up countless times.

  • Anastazia Valvaine
    Anastazia Valvaine13 dagar sedan

    to be honest, i like both of the channels, of cause "Andrews" and also "Diesel Creek" (hmmm was it his "egg challenge??" Or amother channel i dont know yet?). But what i really like is: Andrew is complete honest to show also when he fails. Andrew came close, but his excavator was probably a tick too big for that.. I tried this challenge also for fun 3 years ago with an excavator (almost the same size as Andrews last one) and i fail 8 times.. thumbs up as always..! 👍

    AZVIDS13 dagar sedan

    Eggcellent!🥚🥚🥚🥚……Darn eggs cracked for no reason🤣

  • Richard Kan
    Richard Kan13 dagar sedan

    A sad waste of flood

  • Vasili Terkin
    Vasili Terkin13 dagar sedan


  • ljpenterprises1
    ljpenterprises114 dagar sedan

    Really got a chuckle out of the "spatula" on the skid steer. Nice job. Now let's see you peel apart a new package of bacon and get it on the griddle....

  • Đức Nguyễn
    Đức Nguyễn14 dagar sedan

    Ban that la gioi minh o VietNam

    GREEK GODS14 dagar sedan

    love it

  • Emilio Gonzalez Pastoriza
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  • Darwin Dwelle
    Darwin Dwelle14 dagar sedan

    Wow talk about talent

  • localcrew
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    I have my own version of the challenge on my fledgling channel. But I don’t have an excavator! 🤷🏻‍♂️ Like and subscribe!

  • Donald Mends
    Donald Mends14 dagar sedan

    No Andrew could succeed with the egg challenge, he doesn't have soft touch like Let dig 18 has. He could put pipe together like Kris does.

  • Michael Natrin
    Michael Natrin14 dagar sedan

    Eggcellent content.

  • TheFabled1
    TheFabled114 dagar sedan

    hahaha when the dirt fell on the grill....that was great.

  • Viheavyequipment
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    haha good vid

  • Elaine Gregory
    Elaine Gregory14 dagar sedan

    TOTALLY BROKE ME UP! 🤣🤣🤣 Where’s the bacon?

  • Darryl Windle
    Darryl Windle14 dagar sedan

    fucking hell, you must be bored!!!!!!!


    Great job

  • 2H80vids
    2H80vids14 dagar sedan

    Andrew: Coul;d you rig-up one of the cameras to give you a display in the cab? If you can get a live feed going, then watch it on a laptap, or something. I'm no tech wizard.😁

  • Jeffrey K Bevins
    Jeffrey K Bevins14 dagar sedan

    Well I thought that you did a great job, even if you cracked the shell a couple of times and a couple times did good. I started laughing when here you came up with the skid steer with a turner clamped to the bucket. I have run a skid steer for years and I am pretty good at doing things with it. I have used a large pipe wrench on the bucket to unscrew 1 and a half inch and 2 inch and 3 inch pipe fittings off of pipe. I love watching your videos and keep up the great work. Be careful and stay safe. As always, Jeffrey !!!

  • The Crazy Man From Ireland
    The Crazy Man From Ireland14 dagar sedan

    Not bad at all iv got a video on my other channel My Big Digger . Check it out i use a Golf Ball kinda what your doing 👍👍👍👍

    NINEZ14 dagar sedan

    You need to make an addition to the house. But, I think you nailed it first time. Close enough for rock and roll.

  • Bill Williams
    Bill Williams14 dagar sedan

    Good effort one an all.

  • Andoni Zulaika Errasti
    Andoni Zulaika Errasti14 dagar sedan

    Very funny

  • Chevy Chase
    Chevy Chase14 dagar sedan

    I was expecting a shot with the gopro mounted in the bucket facing the egg and now I'm wondering what that would have looked like.

  • Colin Soutar
    Colin Soutar14 dagar sedan

    Well done 👍