Fixing a gravel driveway

Using a compact track loader to fix a water channel in a gravel driveway, then regrading the edges to allow for proper drainage.


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    Cody & Levi, Good boys - Great job Andrew

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    Just me but I put in deeper swales for the water. Big and deep but easy to drive over. What people don't understand is that stone driveways need yearly maintenance. Things like the swales must be cleaned out.

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    RIP, old man.

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    Then its just silent.

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    Glad to see another video that Levi passed the work inspection and cody loved swimming nice job on the drive way

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    I'm operator can I know u have vacancy???

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    Love to you all

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    You got pretty much all the machine already but have you ever heard of this European company Mecalac??? They’ve combine excavator, skid steer and handling machine into one: There trac series, MCR 6-8 or10 that goes up 6 mph… There wheel series, MWR 7-9-11 and 15 that goes over 20 mph And they’ve also combine excavator, articulate wheel loader and handling machine into one, there 12MTX And you can attach trailer on all of theses so you can handle material in or out while still attach to your trailer. Check out this guy on its 12MTX or check them out on the Mecalac show There pretty cool machine that might make you drool for one😉

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    Andrew you are so talented grading I swear its like having extensions to your hands so accurate.

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    Thanks for sharing!

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    Another fun and informative video.

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    Love me some levi memories

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    Andrew you are adorable when you talk to great video thx

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    You need the V cutter you made for the excavator, for the ditch.

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    Great job Andrew but why use the TL10 rather than the D4?

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    RIP Levi. Andrew gave him a great, adventurous life.

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    Thtas one happy dog

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    Need more Vids !

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    Cody was determined to get those geese no matter what. Gonna miss ol Levi the job inspector.

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    My big brother you can fix anything and the machine it is very well done ok .i like the machine it call the forester and i dont know what the nachine is aspell the word very right now ok iove that machine ok .

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    Wouldn't it have been far easier to do this job with the D4 Cat dozer?

  • Tony DeMeo
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    Andrew I had seen on one of your videos you used a Irwin brand clamp to connect hydraulic couplings on a skid steer Is this something you made or is it an actual item. Friend of mine is having issues coupling his fittings Thank you Tony

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    I think one or more of your track road wheels, or "bogeys," is loose.

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  • 粟飯原義雄
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    Abandoned telephone cable. Laying in ends.

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    Ever thought about getting a harley rake would make final grading faster

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    Awesome dogs, they remind me of my black labs.

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    Pretty darn good with that skid steer….Andrew!! ⭐️

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    I sure like your new skid steer, Letsdig18 has one and he really likes his! I hope you get some good use of yours! I know how much you maintain your equipment and that’s awesome watching you do it yourself Andrew! 👌🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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    Cody finding water in the beginning and Levi watching Cody chase geese in the pond is whats so great your vids. I've operated all the equipment you use. Their great to operate had a blast using a trachoe and bulldozer. god pretty good running a skidsteer also. Great vids my friend. Keep them coming they make slow days more enjoyable. I'm self-employed also.

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    In Europe, in the Alps, we are using this method everywhere for channeling the water on gravel driveways:

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    re-watching this video I am saddened to see Levi on one of his last Lab Inspections.RIP Buddy.

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    That truck must have a mean towing capacity to pull that track steer. Must be pulling close to 7 tons...

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    I think this is LEVI'S last video with Andrew. RIP LEVI .....

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    Tem como colocar legenda em português ? Porque sou do Brasil e não falo inglês. Obrigada

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    Boa noite, eu e meu esposo gostamos muito do canal, somos do Brasil. De qual do lugar que vc mora e trabalha ?

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    Your camera is falling up it's blurring out

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    What is the name of the opening song?

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    Ever thought ab buying or building a goose neck trailer for moving equipment around?

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    10 hours of work and only 7 hours of repair on his machines... success!

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    Hey Andrew have you ever heard of speed binders look some up speed binders. C o m dirt perfect uses them all the time he loves them they are really really really easy to bind your trailer down

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    . I’d love a cabin in the woods. But man that’s a lot of gravel you need to maintain. Another beauty job either way.

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    los perritos hermosos

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    That was a huge phone line. Probably 400 pair. That cost someone some bucks when it got hit.

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    Happy dog.

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    does the takeuchi feel the same as the IHI ?

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    how do you snow plow at gravel driveway like that?

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    @Andrew Camarata cool thanks love your videos 👍

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    Andrew Camarata

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    @MedjOOL Maker That type of phone Gravel isn’t so bad, it depends on the type of snow and the plow, it’s also nice to let the ground freeze first. Check out my snow plow in Tips video, I talk about Gravel in that

  • MedjOOL Maker

    MedjOOL Maker

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    @Andrew Camarata does the gravel get pushed all over and create a big mess? or can you adjust the snow plow up a few inches to compensate? thanks

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

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    Most people use 3/4 ton pickup trucks, but I've seen people use smaller.

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    Andrew, why didn’t you use the bulldozer for this?

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    We gave our senior lab mix cbd oil for his joints. It gave him at least another 6 months.

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    Whats the problem with Hemlock wood logs , Andrew said in one video cant give them away ? WHY

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    What do you do with them?

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    Can we get a Tshirt saying something like: Certified by Levi - Good Boy Approved. Paw print and/or picture logo?

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    I googled the music of this video, here is the soundtrack: 00:00:01 Jerome Saramet - Billets verts 00:06:28 Slyrax - Curb Stomp 00:10:02 Milk Inc. - OutworlD2 - Kwon

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    How many hours on your TL10? I just rented one and loved it. Looking to buy one now thanks.

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    Those small boulders are worth a fortune in my area.....NW Ohio

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    think the ihs is better skid steer from what i see

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    Where is your TL12 and why don’t you use it?

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    Nice job, I'd put berms over the road at each culvert do get the water flowing off the road.

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    Who ever did this drive way should be in prison

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    Hope everything is going good. 2 weeks without a video doesn't seem normal. He normally does a video weekly.

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    i watched Levi grow old what a great dog Cody has big shoes to fill

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    Does anyone know if Andrew has died and gone to heaven? It's been 2 weeks since his last video..... I can only watch his old videos so many times lol

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    Love the intro chasing Cody with the drone up the driveway. Andrew your videos are absolutely entertaining. I never heard of a water bar but I’m glad you showed it now I know what it’s for. Great to see both Doggo’s in the video and Cody always finding water to take a swim. Looking forward to the next video.

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    Andrew, really enjoy your content, thanks for sharing, have to say that you are a skilled operator on all your equipment, keep the videos coming!

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    Why did the beginning of the videos soundtrack sound like the baby T rex from jurassic park 2?

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