Gravel and tour house with replaced roof

0:00 dump truck; clean bed, grease, fix tail light

maintenance, deliver gravel,
3:24 deliver load of item 4 gravel
6:03 spread out gravel with TL10 track loader
11:48 tour of finished house

House listing:

Video replacing roof framing on house:


  • Doo Bees
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    So there are actually some women out there that watch his work and they don't like it? What? It's work and that is what work looks like if you don't already know>

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    What Drone do you recommend (one u use?) ? GREAT channel, almost hypnotic to watch!

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    When I used to install truck bodies long ago we would make an expanded metal shield in a frame that we would mount in front of the tail lights. Not sure if that's cool with your DOT but that's what we did back in tge day.

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    Senem Ulku8 dagar sedan

    Wow it’s beautiful love it

  • Bill Grant
    Bill Grant13 dagar sedan

    Alot of people have relocated and or bought a second house from the city to our area. Business is booming right now in construction of all types. Definitely a sellers market let's hope the lumber prices start to come down. Always fun watching your videos Andrew!!

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    LED,S ARE GREAT BUT BIG BUCKS...................

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    Looks like the house sold a couple of weeks ago for $751,000

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    that battery on the beginning of the vid might not make it through the next winter.

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    I watch this channel and I seesmalk thibgs that tell me he is very picky and makes sure hedoes a good job for his customers

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    Dang .. place sold for $751,000! Market housing prices have been nuts! 👍

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  • Vera Lucia Pereira Chora
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    Awesome! Great job Andrew!

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    Beautiful restoration

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    Love the house.

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    sold a week ago for an easy $750,000

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    Can you make more videos please please me videos

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    If those are the only lights you can get, perhaps you could put a metal guard frame over them. For some of your other videos PLEASE when manually lifting keep your back straight [ verticle ] and use your legs to lift and PLEASE stop jumping down from all heights. I am ONLY 63 and yet my body is completely worn out and I am in constant severe pain in both my back and ankles. I would hate you to experience the same pain.

  • Sardo Passalacqua
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    Steel boxes my bad.

  • Sardo Passalacqua
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    I really enjoy you videos. Brake lights on your dump truck make tell boxes.

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    Thank you Andrew for the absolutely fantastic videos...very much enjoyed and appreciated!!

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    Two questions. Where is the TL12? What’s you thought on Gehl/Mustang skid steers?

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    Why is parking the dump with the tarp extended not an option?

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    Rubbolite M201 Tail Reverse Light.

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    jeezus i seen the listing, 700k for a house the size of a trailer?

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    Månad sedan

    @Andrew Camarata that is amazing, guess the housing market is insane on your side of the world also and not just here in Holland :D

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    Månad sedan

    It sold over asking price in under a week.

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    i oil up my sewing machine, i didn't know trucks needed oiling

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    Great video, good gravel, attractive house. Always good to see Cody. Thanks!

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    cody knows he should not be sitting in a dump truck flying down the road. Seen it in his little dog face "holy this is dangerous".

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    Thanks Andrew .... That house turned out amazing . I am glad they saved it .

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    Awesome home rebuild

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    $700K it better be

    SCOTT WAYNE SRMånad sedan

    You forgot to cover that load of rock! Glass in Iowa is not cheep.

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

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    It was down like 3' lower than the truck bed sides.

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    A man, his dog, and his big truck ……….It’s a beautiful thing. JoeB,

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    Nice work! They did a great job on the rehab!! $699k under contract as well! Wow

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    When not in use , leave the dump bed up 3 or 4 feet . Water will drain out that way .

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    3:51 Cody: "how does my human know how to do all this stuff?"

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    Asking price 699,000 Zestimate $193,300

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

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    I heard they got 760

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    Good looking dog that likes to go!

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    Conveyor belts make the best mudflaps,we use them on all our end dump trucks and trailers.

  • Robert Murray
    Robert Murray2 månader sedan

    Andrew on your big white dump truck the tail lights go to a round one and get two old generator housing off of old cars all you need is the out side of them weld them to the farm them put the lights in side of them that way you should never have to replace them again.

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    Another great vid andrew your the best on here down to earth keep it up ok mate codies thebest too😃😃😃👍

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    Lmao. 699k for a renovated barn with 100 yr old bones. Man these home flippers are optimistic.

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

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    It sold in a few days

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    I know this video is month old. Andrew have you looked into dial lite or Truck lite? These are the two companies I get lighting for my bus fleet.

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    Off topic Andrew but you were gracious enough to answer my questions before so I'll try again. First, so sorry about Levi. Such a beautiful dog. I'm building an addition & want to put in the water drain pipe around footer. Which do you think is better, the PVC with the holes in it or the black coil of like 4" ADS perforated corrugated pipe? Thank you!

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