Installing a new vise

B quality video: Installing a new vise on a concrete/steel work bench.
This is my first video filmed/uploaded in 5K resolution.


  • Cartmen 32
    Cartmen 327 dagar sedan

    Looks 100% better before it was very grainy in the graphics and now it lot smoother

  • Bryan Howell
    Bryan Howell9 dagar sedan

    You mark it then drill it.

  • J. Aaron McCullough
    J. Aaron McCullough13 dagar sedan

    The paint color, block texture, and raw steel roof all make more sense together to me now, especially in the winter. I'm not sure where else you're going with this but it's wonderful, and had been a joy to binge watch those build phases. Glad it is all working for you. It's cool, Mr. Camarata.

  • Christopher Bullock
    Christopher Bullock14 dagar sedan

    What? Cleaning the area before another piece is installed? Ok, who are you & what did you do with McGuyver?

  • 10p6
    10p615 dagar sedan

    5K is mainly a Mac format, for a select few Macs and is a non standard resolution. I would wait for a decent 8K camera of which 8K is a standard resolution; not that many use it right now.

  • Tom Ahoks
    Tom Ahoks24 dagar sedan

    I align my vises so that the fixed jaw hangs just outside of the table edge. So that long stuff can reach the floor.

  • MrSargenti
    MrSargenti27 dagar sedan

    I only use mac 🖥 and my new iMac has a 5k monitor. I use final cut but you can use Adobe on a mac or any NLE. My daughter uses Premiere on her 2020 iMac. I think a mac pro would be the best system gor your needs. The learning curve shouldn’t be a deterrent for a guy like you and mac in general is just so trouble free. It Just Works! And never feed dogs anything with tomato or onion!!

  • mike williams
    mike williamsMånad sedan

    Is there a video where he talks about his concrete bench?

  • Bruce MacGlynn
    Bruce MacGlynnMånad sedan

    You had no vice. Now you have addictions.

  • Peter Terpstra
    Peter Terpstra2 månader sedan

    Look at Davinci Resolve its free, fast, edits everything and works! Want it to run even better use a nVidia card, it uses the GPU cores for rendering.

  • Dominic Passalacqua
    Dominic Passalacqua2 månader sedan

    i feel so god damn honored to be living in the same STATE as andrew i am from long island still counts

  • Dry Roasted
    Dry Roasted2 månader sedan

    "Unbreakable" We'll test that!

  • Joe G.P.
    Joe G.P.2 månader sedan

    Hey Andrew, instead of Premiere try a little piece of software called Filmora, it's $60 to buy, you buy it only once and you get lifetime updates, it's not as sophisticated/advanced as Premiere but it has enough features and it's a LOT easier to use. I bought it a few years ago, very happy with it, and i do pay monthly for Photoshop, so it's not like i couldn't upgrade a package that included Premiere.

  • Nicolas Lab
    Nicolas Lab2 månader sedan

    Da Vinci Resolve!

  • Nicolas Lab

    Nicolas Lab

    2 månader sedan

    @Andrew Camarata :)

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    2 månader sedan

    Lots of people recommended that. I got used to premier now. I don't like paying monthly for it, but it is getting the job done.

  • Woody Woodlstein
    Woody Woodlstein3 månader sedan

    “We’ll see how that works. “. Lmao. These are some of Andrews best videos. No big noise. No diesel. No trailers no drones. Just a common thing we all have and need and sometimes break. Well Andrew figures out how to break them. I hear you about the monthly sub fees fir software. That’s what software companies figured out years ago Charge a user fee don’t let anyone ever own the copy ever again. The trade off is that there are a team of people improving it and fixing bugs endlessly. But I hear ya. Unfortunately we can’t learn programming fast enough. Like we can construction and maintenance

  • Kevin Vermeer
    Kevin Vermeer3 månader sedan

    That's a neat looking hammer, but it doesn't bode well when it's wrapped in bubble wrap for shipping. They do realize that the hammer head is going to be used to hit stuff, right?

  • Jacob
    Jacob3 månader sedan

    Look at this hammer

  • Rob
    Rob3 månader sedan

    still looks the same quality to me

  • krashdown102
    krashdown1023 månader sedan

    That old vice would be a good outside vice... if you weld it... or even if you don’t

  • Özgür
    Özgür3 månader sedan

    saçma bir video olmuş

  • Michael Molter
    Michael Molter3 månader sedan

    I use Shotcut. Free, open-source, and as good as Adobe Premier used to be when I did editing back in high school!

  • J Otterson
    J Otterson3 månader sedan

    I watch on my phone and 4k shows

  • Michael Burton
    Michael Burton3 månader sedan

    do those metal work tables have a concrete inlay?

  • gantmj
    gantmj3 månader sedan

    I still watch everything on SEblacks at 480. The only time you need more is if you want to screenshot text, like I sometimes do for news headlines, and have it be readable.

  • 〈•》Zynifi《•〉


    3 månader sedan

    Nah you always need more because videos look good then, 480p is something from 2010.

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    3 månader sedan

    You are missing out. Upgrade your devices/internet connection.

  • D
    D3 månader sedan

    Nooooooooooooooo Andrew dont goto Adobe Premiere unless you have a LOT of experience with it already and have no reason to switch. **DAVINCI RESOLVE** is what you want. NO MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION and it is just a better tool when starting out to master now. You will thank me later.

  • Heikki Heinonen
    Heikki Heinonen3 månader sedan

    I installed a 100mm vise recently, it was pretty much the same. A 10 minute job takes 2 hours.

  • Bert
    Bert4 månader sedan

    You'll never find that glove again

  • P B
    P B4 månader sedan

    It’s gratifying to see videos with mistakes and all. By enlarging the holes it could weaken the integrity of the vice. Still interesting viewing. The whole series is excellent to watch.

  • Reid
    Reid4 månader sedan

    Hey Andrew, if you are still having issues with your computer/software I could give it a look. Been doing IT for 12 years with a degree in media production technology. Helped a bunch of folks on twitch/SEblacks streaming with gear suggestions/software. Always happy to help.

  • Roger Day
    Roger Day4 månader sedan

    He found a use for the hammer quite quickly... lol

  • Denni Fix
    Denni Fix4 månader sedan

    Cool vise Andrew, let them serve you for a long time)

  • SureShot
    SureShot4 månader sedan

    That's the same one I just got. It's a good deal for a 6" bench vise. Great minds think alike, although I installed mine........differently.

  • man
    man4 månader sedan

    Everything on the internet is free

  • Cswizzle 70
    Cswizzle 704 månader sedan

    Kinda surprised he didn’t just build one like fireball tools did

  • Roman Hlubuček
    Roman Hlubuček4 månader sedan


  • Bosshogg
    Bosshogg4 månader sedan

    great job buddy and great video as always 😎👊🏻👍🏻

  • William Hayes
    William Hayes4 månader sedan

    I can't tell any difference

  • Karl Childers
    Karl Childers4 månader sedan

    do you ever see bear where you live?

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    4 månader sedan


  • Jeremy Sawatzky
    Jeremy Sawatzky4 månader sedan

    Ah good to find this video when I have the same vise sitting at my shop ready to be installed

  • Molnes Woodworks
    Molnes Woodworks4 månader sedan

    Don't know if you read in the comment section. But I came here just to say that resolution is not all. I'd rather watch an entertaining video in 480p, than a boring one in 8K. One suggestion I would make though, look at the resolution the cameras can play in 60 FPS, and choose that. The video is much smoother and it really shines when showing movement. Anywho, hello from Norway 🇺🇲🇳🇴

  • Molnes Woodworks

    Molnes Woodworks

    4 månader sedan

    @Andrew Camarata Try it out, and see if you like the increased frame rate with 60 fps. If not, there is nothing wrong with sticking to 5k 30fps. The quality looks really good 👍

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    4 månader sedan

    The dozer video I just uploaded was 5k 30 fps. just wondering if I should do 4k 60 instead.

  • Molnes Woodworks

    Molnes Woodworks

    4 månader sedan

    @Andrew Camarata No doubt you're right about the resolution. 5k is much larger than 4k. I'm just making the argument that an increase in fps would benefit your videos, making them smoother in movement and also giving you the option of slow-mo since it has twice the frames to use pr second slowing it down, and still not being a choppy footage. I've looked at the GoPro 9 and see they list 60 fps if you step down to 4k. I see mostly benefits from keeping it at 4k. Smaller file sizes, still the same image quality with just smaller size in total, easier to manage in editing since it demands more of the computer to handle 5k, and the option of wide angle in the gopro if that's ever needed. But I really do understand your thought of making your videos future-proof and not look back at VHS quality 5-10 years from now, hehe. But as with the ever growing increase in resolution pushed by the camera companies, the technology for upscaling follows close behind. So my guess is that our 1080, 1440 and 4k footage now - won't look VHS on our screens in the future. But that's just my gut feeling. Anyway, I'm rambling on here. Just found your topic interesting 👍 glad you're still up and running even though the world seems to have pushed the pause button this last year

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    4 månader sedan

    Think 5k 30fps is better than 4k 60fps?

  • Ess Gee See
    Ess Gee See4 månader sedan

    “Should a bought a Macintosh “.

  • squid guy
    squid guy4 månader sedan

    I use DaVinci resolve for editing it's free and does everything I need it to do

  • Cory Pechon
    Cory Pechon4 månader sedan

    Andrew tech tips

  • jake broesky
    jake broesky4 månader sedan

    I liked this one better than most because he talked more and also the quick look around the shop and outside around the shop. I would REALLY like to see a video (on a nice summer day) of a walk around the whole work area outside and inside in detail with his explanations explaining each area and any history about it or why it was created and when

  • L  P Custom Builds
    L  P Custom Builds 5 månader sedan

    I mean i will appriecate more (normal or b roll quality videos in standart resolution) than 1 video in 5k...

  • Jason Alexander
    Jason Alexander5 månader sedan

    i cant say for the 5k, but the 4k on my display looks awesome

  • Adamant Adam
    Adamant Adam5 månader sedan

    Use an older Adobe Premiere that you can own outright. Good luck with 5K that’s nuts.

  • Adamant Adam
    Adamant Adam5 månader sedan

    That’s still a crappy vise. You need to buy a Wilton Bullet vise I have 5 and love them.

  • David Turner
    David Turner5 månader sedan

    I wish more SEblacksrs would upgrade there cameras. I know it cost to do it and have to computer to process the videos. I think its worth it to keep people watching it makes for a more real life experience. Your video watching of my note 20 ultra set to the highest quality looks like I'm there. Keep up the good work

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    5 månader sedan


  • Aaron Stephens
    Aaron Stephens5 månader sedan

    You should just hire a editor, if that is an option?

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    5 månader sedan

    Maybe, I still do it.

  • Alan T
    Alan T5 månader sedan

    Years ago I worked at a Power Plant and in one of the Machine Shops someone removed and stole a huge vise that was bolted to the 3/4” steel work bench. The Company replaced the vise about a week later with a brand new vise. Then a week after that.... the new vise was stolen and the old vise re-installed to the bench. Very bold move... someone risking their job for a vise..

  • Dom.Pascarella
    Dom.Pascarella5 månader sedan

    knew the wrench was gonna get stuck :/ lol

  • MEMeOp
    MEMeOp5 månader sedan

    Go pro isn't really type of camera for high quality i would say. And don't worry so much about resolution bitrate is more important especially when lighting conditions are worse because loss of detail. Hi bitrate 1080p can look good enough, low bitrate 4k wouldn't look good. id say high bitrate 4k camera is more suite maybe not as practical as Go pro i can admit.

  • Horsepipe
    Horsepipe5 månader sedan

    5K Looks great in 720p. Also those are the same hammers we'd use on an erl-rig and I've only ever seen one of them broken so it should last you a good long time.

  • hypercube33
    hypercube335 månader sedan

    Davin chi resolve

  • beernutsonline
    beernutsonline5 månader sedan

    I also built a new computer some time ago, (GeForce 1070) and GoPro studio didn't run at all on it. I switched to DaVinci Resolve, (free!) never looked back!

  • lord FARTquad Beanz
    lord FARTquad Beanz5 månader sedan

    Jeez...shouldn't be that hard

  • Luke Brown
    Luke Brown5 månader sedan

    So strange to get a glimpse into your life, what we see is a simulation of your life, which is actually my life, spent watching your life. Feels like my shop and projects, but none of this is real, but it is real.

  • David Well
    David Well5 månader sedan

    350k people watching a guy install a vice. I'm not alone.

  • Matt Byrne
    Matt Byrne5 månader sedan

    A wristlet bracelet would be a great secondary choice for even better safety just think of freakish instances of curious children if you have no children then the way this is should suffice your needs as a responsible liscenced gun owner trust me a .001% chance of breaching the unit or a.01% with children you never know I’ve seen my father doing things looking from an outside window and where he was hiding things and I’d investigate when I was a boy even though I never took anything I was curious so who’s to say those who have children there’s a small chance this unit isn’t a bulletproof child safe unit there’s a slim slim chance but still a chance this unit could be breached I’d rather wear a men’s type bracelet maybe cloth type wear or leather

  • Ekbergarna Linus
    Ekbergarna Linus5 månader sedan

    hey mate, try Sony Vegas PRO! thats the one im using and i love it!

  • Steven Pendleton
    Steven Pendleton5 månader sedan

    Clarity is outstanding with 4K!

  • Pink Mountain
    Pink Mountain5 månader sedan

    8:55 i agree, why?

  • the2060ish
    the2060ish5 månader sedan

    In case it didn't fit they gave you a bigger hammer..

  • James Innes
    James Innes5 månader sedan

    The Wilton Unbreakable Hammer - Challenge accepted!

  • Dan Oesterman
    Dan Oesterman5 månader sedan

    Half expected you to fix your vise.

  • Ken C.
    Ken C.5 månader sedan

    I built a workbench a few years ago, and put off getting an equally worthy vise for it. This video I inspired me to finally buy one. In fact, I got the exact same model Andrew got, which included the bonus hammer.

  • Sydbius
    Sydbius5 månader sedan

    Da Vinci resolve for editing its free give it a shot

  • Зоя Убина
    Зоя Убина5 månader sedan


  • Sonny Morrison
    Sonny Morrison5 månader sedan

    Good job great video I have a question for you ever hear of or see any Bigfoot around your part of the world?

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    5 månader sedan

    Thanks. Just deer and bears.

  • Tony Nascimento
    Tony Nascimento5 månader sedan

    Try DaVinci resolve

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    5 månader sedan

    That got the most suggestions by far, I probably should. I am getting used to using premier though.

  • Pancakeshouse85
    Pancakeshouse855 månader sedan

    Before too long we're going to have to have the Andrew Camarata new glove fund. Rip to gloves during Cody's ongoing great glove steal.

  • John Lanham
    John Lanham5 månader sedan

    Wait, .... you had a can of paint this whole time, and you didn’t use it on that Vice ?? 🤢🤢🤢🤮

  • Owen Heh
    Owen Heh5 månader sedan

    Use davinci resolve! I switched from premiere and am very happy with it. Also seems to be more stable than premiere on my PC

  • Joe Milbourne
    Joe Milbourne5 månader sedan

    Hi Andrew I noticed where you had to paint the side of your house again because of the rain causing rust... imagine what it is doing to the roof... it needs painting and I heard you in another video say that you need to put a front on your equipment shed to stop the snow blowing in, two big jobs waiting for your attention, please keep the work video's coming they are great :-) :-) :-) !!

  • László Szekeres
    László Szekeres5 månader sedan


  • Damager FX
    Damager FX5 månader sedan

    My computer is having trouble running the 4k and 5k. It's not like your making feature films with CG in it. HD is good enough. Save your money.

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    5 månader sedan

    As time goes on, bigger is better. Ill spend the money to make 5k the new standard.

  • LeverageLifestyle
    LeverageLifestyle5 månader sedan

    If you jump to 5K, all the files will be much larger and it will take much longer to render videos. Check out Filmora for a more simple editor.

  • Troy Humphreys
    Troy Humphreys5 månader sedan

    5k looks good!

  • Eddie Patterson
    Eddie Patterson5 månader sedan

    Don’t use a pipe on a vise. A vise is not a press. Thanks Andrew. lol 😆

  • Eddie Patterson
    Eddie Patterson5 månader sedan

    That’s a nice hammer that came with the Vise

  • Ray Owens
    Ray Owens5 månader sedan

    I woulda bet every penny in my bank account he was going to drill the bolt holes on the vise

  • Doudou Mohamed
    Doudou Mohamed5 månader sedan


  • Sven Müller
    Sven Müller5 månader sedan

    Why Adobe premier? Better and NO Coast ist DaVinci Resolve. I mean, why give a lot of Credits for Software? DaVinci is use for Movie and Cienema Movies too. And the best is, you have a lot of ppl, he can help, a lot of plugins and and...

  • Tommy Pate
    Tommy Pate5 månader sedan

    Great video andrew

  • gizzmo667
    gizzmo6676 månader sedan

    Still love the way he switches from 240v to battery

  • James Falzon
    James Falzon6 månader sedan

    Andrew just can't stop buying new things and modifying them. He could buy a brand new lambo, then just start fixing everything

  • adrian bellamy

    adrian bellamy

    6 månader sedan

    He's thinking of buying a Tesla 4×4 carnt wait until he says well that broke for no good reason

  • NewbFixer
    NewbFixer6 månader sedan

    Typical man... new toys so need to spruce the place up to match the new item lol

  • AlbyBatty TECHannel
    AlbyBatty TECHannel6 månader sedan

    Go with 5K and Adobe Premiere because now a lot of TVs support 5K and it's amazing!!

  • David Chapman
    David Chapman6 månader sedan

    The Video Looks Great on my 5K iMac, when you went outside I could seethe snow falling.

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    6 månader sedan

    That is good to hear.

  • Bobcat93
    Bobcat936 månader sedan

    Apparently there is a big demand for a vise installation video....I just love the green so bright and cheers up the shop..and you made it interesting Brilliant.... I've whant to ask you what camera set up do you use..or suggest for starters .just a go pro? Thank you

  • John Sykes III
    John Sykes III6 månader sedan

    I've been looking for a full-size vise for a long time now (I have a Panavise for model building), so you convinced me to try this one. Ordered after watching this video, should be here early next week, with the free sledge. My workbench is a standard design I came up with many years ago using 2 x 4s and 2 x 6s to build. It is quite strong, but is more of a woodworking bench than metalworking.

  • the3rddecline
    the3rddecline6 månader sedan

    I loved when he jammed the spanner. You could see it coming for a few seconds. Awesome approach of not unbolting the nut again, but instead going the manly route of smashing the spanner with a hammer until it's bent enough. 😂

  • steve shoemaker
    steve shoemaker6 månader sedan

    WOW 5K looks awesome Andrew...Thanks

  • Able Ready
    Able Ready6 månader sedan

    Your camera is 5k, but unless your viewers also have 5k monitors, they won't see a difference over 4k.

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    6 månader sedan

    Some do. And as time goes by, more will.

  • Bauer Graczyk
    Bauer Graczyk6 månader sedan

    Do a video on your new skid steer

  • Leanda Lynch
    Leanda Lynch6 månader sedan

    good vice hammer good video

  • Lee Davis
    Lee Davis6 månader sedan

    There are such things called "torrents" for absolutely free Premiere Pro software. Just saying.

  • Doc Digit
    Doc Digit6 månader sedan

    As from 4K no one will see the difference as 5k+ is simply a marketing trick. The higher the resolution the more bandwidth you (and especially your viewers) will need. Money wise it will benefit internet providers and not you. So for you it is a waste of money, time and camera wise. Stick 2 4K for the next year and then reconsider I would suggest kindly 😎👍🏻

  • Oz Ghi
    Oz Ghi6 månader sedan

    Can I ask you something, where does the water come from in your House? I hear it's a direct pumping around the clock and this is strange for us in Saudi Arabia, we have three options first the National Water Network is pumping once or twice a week, second drill a well after taking a permit and making sure not to damage the groundwater , third water tankers, there is no pumping 7/24 ! So we have water tanks starting from 10 metric tons for a small-sized house and may reach 200 tons according to what the owner of the house builds under his house and it is concrete and from the foundations of construction, this happens in the whole country, Of course, there are filters for purification for drinking and eating so that we do not have to buy water to drink and change the drains whenever it feels like it , Otherwise we pay the bill for the water, with the option to bring our own water or buy it from wells by tanks , of course, the national network of water is from the sea "Desalination water", its very good but annoyingly they adds fluoride to it ! so we use filters for drinking and cooking , so what are your options?

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    6 månader sedan

    Most people here have wells. In this case I did a shallow well. Its only 6 feet (2 meters) deep. And it works good. I did it on a wet area on my property, and dug a underground pipe from the well to the building.