Installing hitch on international dump truck

3 year old video installing a trailer hitch on my International Paystar dump truck. Then towing with the truck.
By friend learning how to drive truck:


  • Danny Clarence
    Danny Clarence11 timmar sedan

    First mistake, IT'S AN INTERNATIONAL!

  • City Lights
    City Lights3 dagar sedan

    Man be careful driving that dozer up a steel ramp like that. That sucker will slip right off, dump you outta your seat and then squash you.

  • Ed Stevens
    Ed Stevens7 dagar sedan

    Better to go up 23A than down

  • Jan PhD
    Jan PhD8 dagar sedan

    The guy with the red shirt is 'incompetence' waiting for a disaster.

  • BU𐍂AGØ
    BU𐍂AGØ15 dagar sedan

    Ah i now realize its a 3 year old video, thats why he said he had the truck for 4 months

  • WeepWeep 222
    WeepWeep 22217 dagar sedan

    I love the truck brother! Subbed😎

  • Justin Hughes
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  • Austin Hayes
    Austin Hayes24 dagar sedan

    Those washer fluid pumps just have an prong on them, just pull on it and it will come out, mite have to wiggle it around some or pry on it with a screw driver

  • Eric William Clark
    Eric William Clark25 dagar sedan

    where do i get a socket wrench like that lol ?

  • MrNightworker
    MrNightworker28 dagar sedan

    16:01 🤣👍‍‍who buys cheap. buys 2 times

  • johnny mack
    johnny mack29 dagar sedan

    A 6 pin plug had a trailer brake wire a 12+ a ground. Tail light and blinker . I use that 6 pin on all my trailers.

  • Donna Gross
    Donna GrossMånad sedan

    I watch Andrew with my husband. We both love Andrew's work attitude and great videoing. I bet there are a lot of women who watch A.C. as well.

  • Giltai1
    Giltai1Månad sedan

    Hey Andrew In New Zealand we use British I suppose trailer connectors you can be 100mm out and it will line it up then it has a bumper pin that aoutmatically drops down. Magic when I was doing farm deliveries I’d drop the trailer 10 times a day

  • Chip van meter
    Chip van meterMånad sedan

    Here is what you need to replace the shift splitter handle

  • Ed Colby
    Ed ColbyMånad sedan

    I do Excavating for a living, I come home from work and watch your Videos, How sad LMAO.....Great channel!!

  • Ed Colby
    Ed ColbyMånad sedan

    Throw a couple of those quick connectors in the glove box cuz there great in a pinch, No pun intended, if your broke down or having an issue on the side of the road or getting DOT'd, Just to get you home then you can replace it

  • Tranquil Swan A-Z
    Tranquil Swan A-ZMånad sedan

    Heck that truck and trailer this operation looks like you are moving to a new level Andrew. I wish you great success. Hard work deserves rewards

  • Wompie
    WompieMånad sedan

    Just for what it's worth, Soldering is actually not recommended and will actually not pass most safety checks in automobiles. Crimping is is the recommended method of securing wires on an automobile as a solder will crack and break while a crimp will never fail if done correctly.

  • R Johnson

    R Johnson

    Månad sedan

    Andrew is crimping the wires and soldering them.

  • G Mont
    G MontMånad sedan

    You use that socket wrench like an electrician.

  • Building Store
    Building StoreMånad sedan

    great work 👍👍👍

  • Avia suaz
    Avia suazMånad sedan

    Con razón te das maña y habilidad para todo lo que es motores eléctrico de todo sos nieto o hijos de italianos !!! En Argentina también somos súper Fierreros nos encantan las máquinas autos reformarlos.!! Me haces acordar a los que fabricaron los primeros autos de carrera y se las arreglaban con cualquier cosa !!! Bieeen ahí Andrews y Señora y Perritos !!!🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🐶🐶🙏👍😘💪💪💪💪💪

  • Riley Russell
    Riley RussellMånad sedan

    Didn’t he buy like a brand new blue air hose trailer? What happened to it I thought that was the reason he bought the white one

  • Edward Mullendore
    Edward MullendoreMånad sedan

    That's called screw abuse what did that screw do you

  • Jason Swift
    Jason SwiftMånad sedan

    The male connector at 10:51 needs to be hard-mounted to the steel plate not dangling around like that.

  • Setir Channel
    Setir ChannelMånad sedan

    The strong truck...👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Nasim Bahbahani
    Nasim BahbahaniMånad sedan

    Who could predict that this mild mannered property maintenance contractor giving out useful vehicle maintenance tips would go mere weeks later on a mud soaked rampage from hell that one top youtuber described as, "Possibly the most insane video on youtube."

  • Philo Beddoe
    Philo BeddoeMånad sedan

    Content has really slowed down here. Bummer. You should just become the Hoovies Garage of construction equipment and forget about the excavating business.

  • Phoenix Arizona
    Phoenix ArizonaMånad sedan

    Sweet Rigs I have a 77 Ford F600 dump truck and equipment trailer and a have a 78 Square body chevy Dump Truck Both are a beast I haul my Backhoe with my f600

  • Ionut Geanta
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    👍 👌

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    Andrew: 1 Military: 0

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    Wow, those complaining about no videos. You can never, ever rush an artist. It will not end well.

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    Am I getting too impatient for new videos, or are you slowing down?

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    Big video incoming for sure.

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    what do you know about Gehl 4510?

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    2 weeks dude, we need a good long video

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    I can't believe im canceling this subscription, not enough videos to keep it. oh well

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    :-D :-D

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    almost there 1M... almost there

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    Well its been awhile since you posted, guess you are making a motion picture

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    I'm hooked on your vids Andy! Where are you now? Hope you are well!

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    @Andrew ,we need a weekly post from you... we've become addicted on your videos, and it's only your fault :)

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    We need videos seeing alot of video's on other channels about Andrew but no Andrew videos 😢

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    Чувак откуда вся эта техника,берешь в аренду или собственность

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    Andrew - it's been 15 days since your last video - we need you - we want you.

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    any videos upcoming

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    Im watching u always..were are now Andrew? U cant new video?

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    I miss you Dude

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    How mouch you are asking.?

  • Ferguson 20 diesel
    Ferguson 20 dieselMånad sedan

    In Ireland we have hydraulic trailer brakes but air is becoming more popular now. Air was always used on lorry. Farm machinery low loaders use hydraulic.

  • glen paul
    glen paulMånad sedan

    Where is your new Tesla pickup truck??

  • glen paul

    glen paul

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    @Andrew Camarata Wonder if they will actually release any?

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

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    IDK, no one got them yet

  • Matt M
    Matt MMånad sedan

    that old washer pump should just pull out with some elbow grease

  • Dirt Brute
    Dirt BruteMånad sedan

    I’ve always had the big cam Cummins in my trucks . Make sure you change the pt pump screen when you change the fuel filters. You can also turn the screw on the pump to take the delay out of the fuel pedal. I normally do that when I get Another one of these engines. You have to bend a little plate out though

  • Craig brooks 79731
    Craig brooks 79731Månad sedan

    Sure miss your videos I love that a young man has done great for him self you are one of the great channels on SEblacks

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    Garage StoryMånad sedan

    I appreciate the amount of time and thought that went into this video! Do you do the drive by shots yourself, or was there someone in a separate vehicle? Either way, still a lot of time and effort!

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    Can you do a tour of the castle? Life inside

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    42000 subscribers needed for a million, come on tell your friends, help Andrew get his well deserved plaque.

    HOLY CRAP WHATS NEXT?Månad sedan

    No vids for two weeks? Are you waiting for the one mil vid? We be missing AC....

  • Titanic Films by Mark

    Titanic Films by Mark

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    @Andrew Camarata Thank you Andrew. Looking forward to the video. The B videos are great as well.

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

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    You’re welcome. Trying to focus on quality over quantity. Army truck video next.



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    @Andrew Camarata BTW, answering my comment is "dope".. God bless and thanks



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    @Andrew Camarata Thank you brother...just love anything you put up...In this day and age, hahah we have nothing to look forward to, but you...... hahahah

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    Andrew Camarata

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    Ill get one up soon.

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    Hey man use the right tool for the job. A rachet is not a hammer.

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    Congratulations on all your success Andrew, this channels hitting 1 million subs even if you don't upload before then. My favourite channel by far and make me wonder why I don't film everything. Such a huge inspiration man I think what's holding me back is I don't want to be famous and enjoy the private life but I get the impression your the same and that didn't stop you. Fare to say I learned a lot about life from watching your videos. Thanks for everything.

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    Miss your videos men...

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    Andrew what’s a good tractor backhoe loader? I’m looking to get one. Thanks

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    Hey we need a new castle tour

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    I guess works been slow this year been awhile since you posted any jobs

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    Aqui Brasil do Paraná, bom esses video com esses caminhão, varios tipo trator

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    Hey Andrew sure missing your posts. Always learn stuff and inspirational feeling that I could do more! Your awesome and I miss you n Levi

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    Glad to see that even professionals use random tools as hammers.

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    Why have you stopped posting regular videos

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    @Andrew Camarata no rush broo

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    Ill get some up.

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    Katterskill falls!

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    Someone’s got a brand new v2 go fast camper on that Tacoma!

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    Are you using Marine graded wire?

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    Andrew I love to follow your channel and I love you I missed new clips I am from Arab😘👍👍👍👍

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    Needa update on ur old dodge

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    @Andrew Camarata still would be a nice video 2nd gen for the win

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    @Andrew Camarata that sucks

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

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    My buddy installed a new engine in it attempting to fix it, but just could not get the thing running properly, it’s so rotted out, the thing is done.

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    I enjoy watching your full life every time I visit.

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    Gotta ditch the old Daytons on that sexy KW

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    I love seeing that wild and crazy, happy dog Cody running around!!!

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    I use wire connectors with soldier already in them. Push wire ends into connector, heat and done.

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    "Okay, so this is actually 2 years since I've installed that hitch" Classic Andrew video

  • Ornery Fpv
    Ornery FpvMånad sedan

    Soldering actually creates a stress point in the wire from the heat which will fatigue over time and can cause the connection to fail. That's why you never see it on cars(or aircraft)except for on circuit boards. If you look in a factory fresh airplane or consumer vehicle, you won't find soldered connectors, its all crimped plugs.

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    You by far are the best SEblacks creator. Geez why are you so interesting? Asset Value with meaning. So many people love you. There is no reason to tell you but it hit me when a friend at work was talking about you and was amazed I’ve been watching and told him how legit you are for me and to check out the steel castle. Stay Blessed love the content!

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    Know how you feel about the Bobcat, but wonder your feeling about the IHI, and Takeuchi TL10 &TL12 compared to the IHI?

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    glen paulMånad sedan

    Watched Letsdig do comparison of new Kubota, Takeuchi, and Yanmar mini excavators. Wonder how those new ones compare in performance to your older Yanmars? Power, lift capacity, reach...etc

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    Boa tarde, como faço pra conseguir as camisas do canal.

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    Is it me or is Audie Murphy and Andrew “look-a likes”.

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    Most of those windshield washer motors are just a press fit, they just pull off.

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    when do you place here movie of your new cat loader

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    As I am a 17 year old going through life I have learned many things about heavy machinery and ETC Andrew Camarata has still taught me many things about stuff I’ve learned. Hope to meet you someone time in life.

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    Would be a good idea to weld a plate on the back to lower the hitch. It’s to high for the trailer which is making the back rub and un even load distribution

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    Good morning 🌄 Stay focus on your health getting fat

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    Can't wait to see what you do with that 1078. I used to drive the heck out of those in the Army! Very capable and durable vehicle.

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    That is good to hear. That truck has been good so far,

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    Hello from Russia. You really crazy men. Nice job.

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    I had over 40yrs in in large motors and Generators. Our major customers like the Navy, Coast Guard, Wash State Ferries--required their connections to be mechanical crimp AND solder--just as you recommended. Those other type of connectors as you say are for very temporary or emergency situations and will definitely lead to electrical problems down the road. For your supplies you can purchase lugs and splices that do not come with that plastic collar on them-----Mikey

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    stay on the road

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    Older footage is great footage. Keep it coming Andrew

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    I would highly reccomend a MTVR aka a mk23 military truck. They can come with ac and will go places that other truck cannot and can tow your equipment trailer just as well as your dump truck but is a automatic. They are pretty sweet 7 ton cargo offroad capacity and 16 ton onroad in the bed.

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    Wow amazing 👍

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    Lol the way you scooped up the Rhino with the forklift 😂

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    how come on the side of the dozer it says LGP but it don't have wide tracks

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    ok thanks

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    I don't know. I took the sticker off one side of it.

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    The outside camera view is awesome.