Levi the dog memorial

This is a Memorial video for Levi the dog, he lived 6-6-2006 to 6-4-2021
Someone else edited this, I couldn't do it.

Memorial plates: www.ebay.com/itm/185039163820


  • Steve Wolfe
    Steve WolfeTimme sedan

    So sorry for your loss Levi was a big part of your story

  • Woods 2 Waters
    Woods 2 Waters8 timmar sedan

    I’ve been watching your contact for a long time now. Sorry for the loss I know how it feels I had to put my yellow lab down last year he lived to be 15 as well. Definitely one of the hardest things that I’ve ever had to do. Keep up all the great videos.

  • PoxyBear
    PoxyBear11 timmar sedan

    I'm so sorry Andrew, rest on Levi.

  • Victoria Payton
    Victoria Payton11 timmar sedan

    😢😢so hard to lose, but your gave him a fantastic life❤️

  • rascalszx2
    rascalszx212 timmar sedan

    So sorry to hear about this, Andrew.

  • Jerry Hutch
    Jerry Hutch14 timmar sedan

    So sorry for your loss 😪😪

  • SniperKid -
    SniperKid -20 timmar sedan

    Whoever disliked this video deserves to go to hell. RIP Levi.

  • dancer9110
    dancer9110Dag sedan

    Miss u buddy 💐

  • mobayguy
    mobayguyDag sedan

    Andrew, feel so much that I don't have words. Just Thanks for letting us share some of the Joy Levi brought to you.

  • Hank Zoerb
    Hank ZoerbDag sedan

    Sorry for your loss.. R.I.P. Levi, you will truly be missed.

  • Neil McKechnie
    Neil McKechnie2 dagar sedan

    What an honour for a great dog. I always thought that Levi was smiling. So happy to be with you and so keen to make you happy. A lifetime of great memories. Never forgotton. Thanks for sharing.

  • Joe Schlong
    Joe Schlong2 dagar sedan

    Man I really miss my dog too

  • javier jimenez cueto
    javier jimenez cueto2 dagar sedan

    D. E. P. 🐕🖤💫

  • g g
    g g2 dagar sedan

    I'm so sorry to hear this Andrew me you and thousands of people will not forget him and thank you so much for sharing with us

  • Sue Hale
    Sue Hale2 dagar sedan

    So sorry for your loss of precious Levi. He lived such a wonderful, adventurous life and his pawprint is forever imprinted on your ❤.

  • JEFFERY Thornton
    JEFFERY Thornton3 dagar sedan

    Sorry 4 your lose you have a great friend &good memories

  • Ge Ra
    Ge Ra3 dagar sedan

    Condolences from Moscow

  • Jim Kleinert
    Jim Kleinert3 dagar sedan

    I am so very sorry for your loss. I know well how deep the bonds run, and the pain that comes from having them pulled loose. Thank you for shirring these images with us, We will miss Levi too, and appreciate the opportunity to share his adventures with you.

  • joshua nichols jr
    joshua nichols jr4 dagar sedan

    god bless

  • Running Bear
    Running Bear4 dagar sedan

    Bless Levi and protect his beautiful soul. Heart felt condolences to all who loved him. Thinking of Cody. God Bless All

  • Craig Gibson
    Craig Gibson4 dagar sedan

    Super sorry man! He's been part of the videos for SO long. I completely understand how you feel... Our dog Diesel is almost 14 and he isn't doing well. It's hard to see him in pain and having trouble getting around. Sure looked like you gave him a better life then anyone else ever could have.

  • Josh Albanese
    Josh Albanese4 dagar sedan

    What great dog! Sorry for you loss.

  • Smokey Yunick
    Smokey Yunick4 dagar sedan

    🌈 😭 🐾

    EDM B£ATS5 dagar sedan


  • Guard Your Rights
    Guard Your Rights5 dagar sedan

    I'm cutting up onions over here, in Cleveland, Ohio.

  • Jayden Remlap
    Jayden Remlap5 dagar sedan

    Who ever put a thumb down you suck

  • Jayden Remlap
    Jayden Remlap5 dagar sedan

    He was a very good and happy dog🐶🐶

  • Norman Mallett
    Norman Mallett5 dagar sedan

    Awe man to sad for me to watch atm. Great videos andrew, I been watching them a lot lately. And seeing levi in all of them. You're a good man. RIP levi. Sad video to see.

    NIKITA KHRUSHCHEV5 dagar sedan

    Sorry about your loss

    NIKITA KHRUSHCHEV5 dagar sedan

    Hello Andrew from Dublin Ireland, God bless you and you got a new subscriber.

  • Brian Clarke
    Brian Clarke5 dagar sedan

    Levi had a great life. Good video. Well done

  • southside
    southside6 dagar sedan

    How could 245 people dislike this memorial?? oh no morals that's it RIP LEVI

  • Brody A
    Brody A7 dagar sedan

    Sorry for your loss! Respect from Chicago Illinois!! R.I.P. puppy!!

  • The PNW
    The PNW7 dagar sedan

    Levi had a good run a lot better than others you took good care of him r.i.p Levi

  • Jacob Sanborn
    Jacob Sanborn7 dagar sedan

    What monsters disliked this video??

  • Sky Dragon
    Sky Dragon7 dagar sedan

    I love Levi

  • GamingFaxe
    GamingFaxe8 dagar sedan

    I'm really sad to see Levi passed away. He was a great dog and he had a wonderful full life with you! I am very sad. Rest in peace you wonderful dog! Greetings from Germany 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    8 dagar sedan

    He was a great dog.

  • Adrian Badea
    Adrian Badea10 dagar sedan

    You can go to gym... you can eat healthy.. you can't stop the death...i will light a candle 🕯️ in his memory...rip 🙏

  • FURY
    FURY10 dagar sedan

    Fuck man this hurts the soul I haven’t been keeping up with your channel sorry for your loss brother I had a golden lab named cleo she was a tank they got her when I was born cause the doctor told my mom she couldn’t conceive again we were like twins she passed at 17

  • Manuel Marquez
    Manuel Marquez11 dagar sedan

    You are a talented person. But what separates you from the rest is your love for your pups. You are a great man!!!!

  • Roger Camp
    Roger Camp12 dagar sedan

    Andrew you gave Levi a life filled with love and great adventures. Levi you were a joy to watch. RIP

  • Happy Cat
    Happy Cat12 dagar sedan

    Have been there several times,it never gets easier.Having a backup helps some but still a hard thing to get over. Just remember the best times. Sorry Andrew.

  • Kristoff Lutchman
    Kristoff Lutchman12 dagar sedan

    He was such a good, happy boy. This is such a beautiful tribute to Levi. You gave him the best life a dog could have. Room to run and be free and all the love in the world.

  • Country boy
    Country boy12 dagar sedan

    Rip Levi i’m so sorry 😭

  • Mark Yax
    Mark Yax13 dagar sedan

    So sorry for your loss of a great dog. I truly believe that one day we will meet up again with all the animals we have loved.

  • Reis Logan
    Reis Logan13 dagar sedan

    Levi was a fantastic dog and sadly this is a part of owning dogs that everyone has to live through 🦮🐶

  • Reis Logan
    Reis Logan13 dagar sedan

    RIP Levi

  • Randy's Crafts
    Randy's Crafts13 dagar sedan

    Sorry to hear about Levi. This video is a tear jerker. First time seeing Levi as a puppy. You'll have Cody for a long time as well. You make a good daddy for them. Levi had a good life. RIP Levi.

  • Danny Rushby
    Danny Rushby13 dagar sedan

    good night and god bless levi

  • Tim Ellis
    Tim Ellis14 dagar sedan

    Sorry to hear Andrew. It’s been great to get to know him through these videos.

  • Lance Rains
    Lance Rains15 dagar sedan

    Anyone who watches this and doesn't shed a tear is heart less....

    SAL MARINO15 dagar sedan

    Levi has been a wonderful dog...thanks for shaing.

  • Tim Abbott
    Tim Abbott15 dagar sedan

    I'm so sorry for your loss. It's not going to be the same with him with you on your ventures.

  • Jiraphat Sempian
    Jiraphat Sempian16 dagar sedan

    my 2 dogs died from ticks and they were gifted from my aunt when i was 2 or 3 and i still want them back to chase some random dogs from entering the property as there were 10 wheeler cabovers coming in and out to transport pigs to the break room renewed into a pig holder

  • WeKnowEDKH
    WeKnowEDKH17 dagar sedan

    I’m so sorry, Andrew.

  • Ruben Nalbandian
    Ruben Nalbandian17 dagar sedan

    Sorry for your loss Andrew he was a big part of your videos , I know its hard to loose your buddy

  • JB
    JB17 dagar sedan

    Andrew, I’ve been watching your channel since it’s inception and Levi was a big part of why I watched. I too have labs and feel your pain, there is no bigger loss than your sidekick. Cody has learned a lot from his old friend and will no doubt miss him as much as we all will. God speed my friend, we all will miss him terribly. 🐾

  • Joe Duke
    Joe Duke17 dagar sedan

    I lost my dog to an accident when I was 5, lost my Dad at 23 and my GF decided to cheat when I was 45... I don't really remember anyone else.

  • Ethan Ortega
    Ethan Ortega18 dagar sedan

    I’m so sorry for your loss me and my family loved Levi so much

  • ghost protocol
    ghost protocol18 dagar sedan

    :( MY

  • WilsonJW 82
    WilsonJW 8218 dagar sedan

    RIP Levi!!!!

  • Pro-Grames
    Pro-Grames19 dagar sedan

    so sorry for your loss Andrew, Levi was a beautiful dog, you filled Levi's life with beautiful loving warm memories, god bless

  • Montana Sky
    Montana Sky19 dagar sedan

    Just saw your video on Levi. Very sad in deed. I enjoyed seeing him running around and being a great dog in your videos. He will be missed by all your followers. But he is in a good place Andrew.

  • Brian Graham
    Brian Graham19 dagar sedan

    I had two labs. miss them dearly as they were a big part of our family, still have their ashes, you are a good made Andrew, take care be safe ! ( from Canada )

  • Carry on
    Carry on19 dagar sedan

    Sorry for your loss😔

  • Keyboard Warrior
    Keyboard Warrior20 dagar sedan

    Lost my cat of 11 years recently, I know the feels bro

  • 58looking cruz
    58looking cruz20 dagar sedan

    They say that those who take care of god creation will live in his glory you have a place in haven Andrew for no better life you could have given him R I P LEVI..

  • abstractclass
    abstractclass20 dagar sedan

    I couldn't watch the whole thing without tearing up. Dogs are truly angels on earth. His spirit will always be with you in your heart. It's not a good bye but a see you later on the other side.

  • DAVID Rodriquez
    DAVID Rodriquez21 dag sedan

    R.I.P LEVI

  • Rich Karlock
    Rich Karlock21 dag sedan

    sorry for your loss

  • fernando carvalho
    fernando carvalho21 dag sedan

    I was very sad to hear the news, sorry, but i cant´t see the video until the end, is very sad. I know what it´s like to be in the same situation.

  • amy
    amy21 dag sedan

  • Tyrone Kearney
    Tyrone Kearney21 dag sedan

    Sorry for your loss I'm just finding this out I like everybody else never had anything on SEblacks that hits your heart so hard Levi's became a part of our Lives just as well as you sorry for your loss Andrew you have a lot of friends God gave Levi extra time just for you you know Shane a man wanted a boy mourning for their dog I have to be honest I said some pills for him Levi Levi has touched all of us you may not think so but look at yourself and ask yourself who you met them already I know I do I don't have to remind any of us Howie intricate part dog horses and other beautiful animals a great part of our lives they even for help us to find the beauty of life my dog summer she passed away in 2012 but she left some things in my heart that will always be there good luck to all of you forgive dogs your horses your P your chicken your goat but dogs have been horses of the most special

  • Shaw's Place - 876Networking
    Shaw's Place - 876Networking21 dag sedan

    I have been watching your channel for about 4 years now sorry for your loss I empathize with you for your loss I'm not a dog person but some many years ago I rescued I a kitten from some bushes in the country he was supposed to be wild ended up being my best friend for several years did sing sometime that you would think that he was human by how sensible he was got in a fight with another cat which clothing in his eyes and he succumb to that injury lost a true friend Levi man's best friend forever

  • Cristian Oliva
    Cristian Oliva21 dag sedan

    Sorry for your lost Andrew, Levi had a wonderful life with you

  • Tyrone Kearney
    Tyrone Kearney21 dag sedan

    I know I've never met you and I've never met Levi pushing you on the videos all these years please forgive me I'm trying to do this and I'm hurt and broken hearted that Levi's passed away I know this is hard for you because just as hard for me anybody that has a dog and you raised them from birth to death know what Angela's feeling and everybody that's connected to Levi when you met him personally or not when I lost my dog summer I still haven't got over the loss of her I have pictures of her and I remember her each and every day these dogs are her children these dogs are precious and I life thank you Levi for the smiles the joy and the laughter that you gave to us we will surely and sorely missed you to Andrew for your great upkeep the love and support to Levi Levi got a chance to spend more time on Earth than most dogs of its kind that is a testament to love great care inattentiveness to your animal truly kind of hate that work I'm going to miss Levi just as much as I miss summer dogs are most important thing to a boy and a man you think any of us a joking get your dog and you'll see what we mean

  • Vladimir Trump
    Vladimir Trump22 dagar sedan

    "Born a Dog .. died a gentleman" .. RIP Levi and deep condolence from Cebu Philippines

  • James McCellon
    James McCellon23 dagar sedan

    i feel your pain man.... always heart rending when we lose such a good friend... youll see him again someday....

  • Vera Lucia Pereira Chora
    Vera Lucia Pereira Chora23 dagar sedan


  • sda141
    sda14124 dagar sedan

    🥲🥲 I’m so sorry for your loss

  • Iain Cook
    Iain Cook24 dagar sedan

    Sorry to here that . I know how you feel unfortunately it comes with having the best friend you ever keep having.

  • Vic Tor
    Vic Tor24 dagar sedan

    they are family. sorry for the loss of your best friend. may he rest in peace. he will be on the other side waiting for you andrew,

  • Zouhair Suleiman
    Zouhair Suleiman24 dagar sedan

    RIP Levi

  • Phillip Matthews
    Phillip Matthews24 dagar sedan

    Sorry for your loss

  • Brian D.
    Brian D.25 dagar sedan

    I really looked forward to seeing Levi in your videos. You gave him such a great life with all the adventures you took him on as well as taking him to work with you. I will miss him. :(

  • Alex Stewart
    Alex Stewart25 dagar sedan

    Sorry for your loss. My dog died a year ago and I still miss him.

  • miss Sarah Winterbottom
    miss Sarah Winterbottom25 dagar sedan

    Andrew and Levi, besties forever,

  • Chacal Y Yakarta
    Chacal Y Yakarta25 dagar sedan

    So Sorry Rest in Peace Levi bro You gave him everything and in return he gave you loyalty and love

  • Craig Newman
    Craig Newman25 dagar sedan

    Thank you sir for sharing this with us

  • michelwong1
    michelwong125 dagar sedan

    Nice dog, good dog.

  • Robert Cowan
    Robert Cowan25 dagar sedan


  • Elizabeth Turel
    Elizabeth Turel26 dagar sedan

    Thank you for sharing.🥺 Been there too, many times.

  • Drone Fone
    Drone Fone26 dagar sedan

    Sorry to hear m8

  • YoyoGrrrl
    YoyoGrrrl26 dagar sedan

    Good boys never really leave us.

  • Scott Houghton
    Scott Houghton26 dagar sedan

    What an amazing partnership. Its always too soon to part ways. Thank you so much for sharing. I have been through this and it is probably the hardest thing you will ever do. Remember what joy you gave each other. Peace my friend.

  • Jim Helset
    Jim Helset26 dagar sedan

    My deepest condolences I know the feeling and it never gets easier but it is a fact of life... Levi is one of the blessed ones to live with someone who cares and cherished him all these years. Bless you Bro for giving him the best life any dog could ask for. He will be missed as he has been in every video I have seen.... He is/was a part of everything Camarata!!!

  • Mike Ball
    Mike Ball27 dagar sedan

    Sorry for your loss! Only dog owners that have life long friends understand! They are family, and it hurts!

  • thanks ace
    thanks ace27 dagar sedan

    Sorry for your loss man 😔

  • Michelle Plummer
    Michelle Plummer27 dagar sedan

    So sorry for your loss :(

  • Ed Carr.
    Ed Carr.27 dagar sedan

    Ppl who loves animals,specially dogs know the meaning when a dog passes away its like loosing a family member,my deepest condolences 💐