Mulcher vs brush mower

Comparing a 44" CID low flow mulcher attachment to a Extreme implements XBC-7 low flow brush mower; installed on a Takeuchi TL12 track loader.
Link to mulcher:


  • Stephen Hansen
    Stephen Hansen5 timmar sedan

    The only thing I like about a regular tractor bush hog though is the mower is behind you and I’m sure you have cut lots where they say there’s nothing out there and there would be tires rimes pieces of weird iron and honestly the pto of tractor seems stronger I don’t know I just thought you could do more with it I just not impressed it looks like you spend more time trying to get it to cut you need a high flow pump god only knows how much that would be I’m telling I have cut more then then that on my tractor but I like the video

  • Stephen Hansen
    Stephen Hansen6 timmar sedan

    I guess they gone down on the price compared to what they used to be the ones with that mulching head would be nice to the one that turns even the biggest tree into mulch

  • googooforyou
    googooforyou12 timmar sedan

    You need a Fecon forestry mulcher

  • James Breault
    James Breault14 timmar sedan

    ⁰need to paint your army trk

  • hai hoang van
    hai hoang vanDag sedan


  • Geoff Forshag
    Geoff ForshagDag sedan

    Appreciate the lack of constant narrative like some. Pretty efficient in your comments without long breaks in demonstration aspect. Once question about door you installed - was a forestry door that is heavily fortified from debris or a regular door?

  • Linda Kenealy
    Linda KenealyDag sedan

    Those attachments are friggin awesome wow.

  • 2001wj
    2001wjDag sedan

    higher flowing hydraulics will help with the power

  • t23001
    t23001Dag sedan

    Pro: timesaver and driver is away from the action. Con: boulders or big junk hidden in the brush.

  • DigitalIP
    DigitalIPDag sedan

    Really wish i had one of those :(

  • Schallb
    SchallbDag sedan

    Patience grasshopper

  • Felix Bradford
    Felix Bradford2 dagar sedan

    That mulching machine get.the job done right.

  • Kim Holm Nielsen
    Kim Holm Nielsen2 dagar sedan

    HA.. - that new mulcher just make matches out of everything.. Good work.. - Nice video.

  • tonnymiller123
    tonnymiller1232 dagar sedan

    next investment: a bobcat with more hydraulic power and flow..

  • SilvaFilho
    SilvaFilho2 dagar sedan

    O homem e a máquina destruindo a natureza. Man and machine destroying nature.

  • louis armstrong
    louis armstrong3 dagar sedan

    ya done a good job well done, I reckon i could hit a few golf balls around on that bit of land, and not lose one ball.

  • Grunkle
    Grunkle3 dagar sedan

    Should have got the Binford 6100.

  • Joshua Frayer
    Joshua Frayer3 dagar sedan

    Awesome video andrew!

  • Travel Everywhere Vlog
    Travel Everywhere Vlog3 dagar sedan

    I wish I had a husband who works hard like this

  • mikef1570
    mikef15703 dagar sedan

    This man has every toy made but hasn’t heard of a pair of gloves.

  • Izzy Morgan
    Izzy Morgan3 dagar sedan

    I think you need a more powerful machine for that disc mulcher

  • Maroon Ascension
    Maroon Ascension3 dagar sedan

    Have you ever tried a barrel/drum type mulcher?

  • Forevergogo
    Forevergogo3 dagar sedan

    These are the tools I want to see used in zombie movies.....

  • Dyno Saur
    Dyno Saur4 dagar sedan

    Poor trees

  • Ingrid Arlington
    Ingrid Arlington4 dagar sedan

    We sure could use this to clear out our 10+ acres.

  • J Mello
    J Mello4 dagar sedan

    Accidental Rabbit Stew? lol

  • Lood Stroh
    Lood Stroh4 dagar sedan

    Mmm operating the mulcher like it is a mower will stall the disc every time. Might be a good thing to invest in some operating training.

  • Mr. Cool
    Mr. Cool4 dagar sedan

    What is the hourly rate for a piece of equipment like that?

  • Robert Fulton
    Robert Fulton4 dagar sedan

    Another toy for making money. Just look at the fun he’s having.

  • Jay Wood
    Jay Wood5 dagar sedan

    Hey Andrew have you looked at Drum mulchers. FAE makes a bad one and also. I think that will give you the wide cut your wanting and leaves the areas finely mulched on a back drag. Great video brother keep it up.

  • ceedaddy
    ceedaddy5 dagar sedan

    Maybe a higher flow hydraulic fluid pump....???!

  • Bob Wollard
    Bob Wollard5 dagar sedan

    Do you have a high flow pump in that thing? Even when running flat out it doesn't sound right. That blade should really be humming.

  • carl jones
    carl jones5 dagar sedan


    MS SARA THE EVANGELIST5 dagar sedan


  • Roman Bennett
    Roman Bennett5 dagar sedan

    first problem that is a disc mulcher you want a drum mulcher with a knife cutting system and you can get a good one from gyro trac for 30000 your second problem it is a takeuchi tl12 and it's not high flow your third problem it's a skid loader they're not made to run that crap skid loaders are not good for forestry mulching I highly recommend for you to stay away from forestry mulching it is expensive and you need a dedicated machine for it and those machines require constant maintenance and it takes a lot of practice to be able to run those machines without breaking them but if you know what you're doing you can make a lot of money doing forestry mulching you just have to put a lot of money in to start getting money out also you have to tune the head for the machine

  • Thomas Early
    Thomas Early5 dagar sedan

    Red one is a great machine Very fast conpair to the new one

  • Sisco_RL
    Sisco_RL5 dagar sedan

    I have watched this multiple times now. Such a good video. It’s satisfying to watch. Andrew should look into a high flow conversion for his TL12 and get a severe duty high flow brush cutter…

  • Miguel Romo
    Miguel Romo6 dagar sedan

    Andrew your lower loader bushings are in need of repair.

  • Terry Tenley
    Terry Tenley6 dagar sedan

    I like this video .. I have watched it over and over.. great job Andrew!

  • Terry Tenley
    Terry Tenley6 dagar sedan

    The mulcher..brush hog is way better than the sickle bar for tree trimming plus it chops it all up too.

  • John Browning
    John Browning6 dagar sedan

    The brush mower looks like a better faster job.

  • Hang Khach
    Hang Khach7 dagar sedan

    Tây ninh. việt nam 👍👍👍

  • Appalachian_Restorations
    Appalachian_Restorations7 dagar sedan

    18k for that mulcher. Robbery

  • Duy Duy
    Duy Duy7 dagar sedan

    I am Việt Nam 👍👍👍

  • Frank M
    Frank M7 dagar sedan

    I laughed when you said goats were an appealing idea. They do eat just about any weed or grass, and even little trees. They are used around us for that reason. Keep up the great vids!

  • Ron Mcmahon
    Ron Mcmahon7 dagar sedan

    Love that Mulcher its a BEAST !!! 🙉

  • Dave R
    Dave R7 dagar sedan

    I love your videos but I just get sick of those constant ADS

  • dezman56ford
    dezman56ford7 dagar sedan

    Bro, I could watch you for hrs, you literally leveled a darn forest, and i'm seriously jealous of the equipment you've acquired for yourself, well done dude, and good job with the scrub.

  • mrirurfkjsdo
    mrirurfkjsdo7 dagar sedan

    Must be satisfying to play with that 'toy' !!!!.... except for all little fauna and birds !!!!!!!!

  • SlimTheGoat
    SlimTheGoat7 dagar sedan

    Mowers are for skid steers munchers for mini ex

  • BackupAddict
    BackupAddict7 dagar sedan

    20k for that mulcher alone.... ouch

  • kasey casece
    kasey casece7 dagar sedan


    ROGER WALDMAN7 dagar sedan


  • Tan peng joo
    Tan peng joo7 dagar sedan

    Nice n beautiful place no ugly concrete buildings n wasteful shopping centers

  • Michael Beck
    Michael Beck8 dagar sedan

    Gotta say, on the whole, the mower does a better job...

  • Mike Nuyen
    Mike Nuyen8 dagar sedan

    Sorry but I see a Hollywood scare movie with this chipper?

  • Senem Ulku
    Senem Ulku8 dagar sedan

    Beautiful 🐎 gorgeous

  • Jackson
    Jackson8 dagar sedan

    just curious, with all the road driving its going to do, have you priced out tires for that military truck?

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    8 dagar sedan

    I have not. They are still like perfect. I should keep track of how many miles it has.

  • poconofwok
    poconofwok9 dagar sedan

    Tool porn

  • TubeScavenger
    TubeScavenger9 dagar sedan

    It's too underpowered. I think I'll put a chainsaw on it.

  • TubeScavenger
    TubeScavenger9 dagar sedan

    I didn't like it at first, it took a whole 5 minutes to mulch a 30-foot tree.

  • SpeshulD
    SpeshulD9 dagar sedan

    16:30. Whoops lol

  • Jake Moeller
    Jake Moeller9 dagar sedan

    Love the X Files type music.

  • Larry Feeks
    Larry Feeks10 dagar sedan

    Excellent job!

  • TheStrawberry Sunday
    TheStrawberry Sunday10 dagar sedan

    Skidsteersolutions even use ur video // parts // pics of it on there site :D

  • Wang Alex
    Wang Alex10 dagar sedan

    Hi, Dear, what an professional introduction and sharing in cutting! it is imprssive to me i am working on garden tools business and i uploaded many saws and other machines in my channel This is my channel linke, welcome you dear:

  • Frank Gerlach
    Frank Gerlach10 dagar sedan

    Did you get any of that hurricane rainfall?

  • Steve Bryant
    Steve Bryant10 dagar sedan

    Andrew - I watched this because we are getting a Skid Steer to kind a do the same thing. What is the HP of your Skid Steer? I see the Mulcher is a low Flow but still seemed to Struggle. - Also part 2 of my Questions in the area I live in here in the Pacific NW - it's really Rocky - I'm not sure a Mulcher would do me much good? LOL the lines loose at the start?? Wow - note to self Check the lines...Could it be low on Hyd Fluid?

  • Teddy Selbonne
    Teddy Selbonne10 dagar sedan


  • Pedro Rodrigues
    Pedro Rodrigues11 dagar sedan

    Hi! This field is being cleared for what purpose?

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    11 dagar sedan

    To make a field.

  • Motoko Shinanamé
    Motoko Shinanamé11 dagar sedan

    poor tree ...

  • BASH is obsolete. Python is my new gf.
    BASH is obsolete. Python is my new gf.12 dagar sedan

    Question 1: why during summer? where i live, this is done in late autumn or early winter. Question 2: the orange mower has three flails that do the cutting. would it help to make the leading edges slightly hooked?

  • Christian Bravo
    Christian Bravo12 dagar sedan

    Oh Wow, I want one, I want one.

  • Carolle Enkelmann
    Carolle Enkelmann12 dagar sedan

    I thought Molly was going on a diet!

  • Phat Boiz Back Yard KustomZ
    Phat Boiz Back Yard KustomZ13 dagar sedan

    Did you consider a FAE or Fecon head other than expense?

  • Mike A
    Mike A13 dagar sedan

    A high flow machine makes a night and day takes a bit to get the technique down to using it efficiently.......*299 cat and diamond disk mulcher at work*

  • Lawrence Norse
    Lawrence Norse13 dagar sedan

    Repent to Jesus Christ! Are you a sinner? Saint Luke 5:32 KJV I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. Saint Luke 13:3 KJV I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.

  • Bryan Oliveira
    Bryan Oliveira13 dagar sedan

    18:44 First time I've seen him mad.

  • Thomas Chin
    Thomas Chin15 dagar sedan

    Powerful machines 💪💪

  • ptman3
    ptman315 dagar sedan

    Look at the bright you have an excuse to buy a high flow machine. Pretty soon, it will be a full time job just to kept up with routine maintenance on all your machines. :) Nice problem to have though. Love the vids.

  • TheWhedgit
    TheWhedgit15 dagar sedan

    meh doesn't look that impressive 2:55 :O I want one

  • Dr Tune
    Dr Tune16 dagar sedan

    Mother Nature loves you ;-)

  • Matt Houston
    Matt Houston16 dagar sedan

    Would a drum mulcher be better ?

  • Cratecruncher
    Cratecruncher16 dagar sedan

    Nice comparison. I've got about twenty acres that have grown up with yaupon holly that I think that brush cutter could still handle so good news there! I have a lot of barbed wire on the ground between myself and neighbors. The fence posts rotted away decades ago but the wire is still there undisturbed. Every decade or when I have a timber sale I flag the property boundary using my metal detector. Don't laugh. It sure beats maintaining fences and I have yet to have a tree wonder off, haha.

  • Frank Rand
    Frank Rand16 dagar sedan

    Andrew, they make a bigger model with a 6’ wheel. More energy to shred the trees with.

  • Marco2G
    Marco2G16 dagar sedan

    Now I know what I want for the zombie apocalypse and it ain't a machine gun :D.

  • Feo Lender
    Feo Lender17 dagar sedan

    just put some pigs in there

  • Artford Lowery
    Artford Lowery17 dagar sedan

    Awesome 👌 mulching very good 👍

    JOEB JOEB17 dagar sedan

    Does anyone know what kind of tree that was at 38:18 ? It was a good looking tree until the tree monster ate it:)

  • serge kubezykdelong
    serge kubezykdelong18 dagar sedan

    Les 2 machines sont géniales. ☺😷😍 +100% 👍😎

  • serge kubezykdelong
    serge kubezykdelong18 dagar sedan

    Impressionnante + 100% 👍 debrousailleuse. ☺😷😍.

  • William T. Musil
    William T. Musil18 dagar sedan

    Next year this time, Camarata Services will also have a flock of 40 goats and will be offering a new, lower cost, land clearing option. Mulch $$$$, stumps ground to grade, a day or two, Mow $$$, a couple days, there will be stumps, or Goats $$, a month, larger trees will be left in place, plus, organic fertilizer will be applied to the entire property. :-D

  • Dan Chapmen
    Dan Chapmen19 dagar sedan

    If you dont want it to be so under powered then you should get a biger tracked loader.

  • Felix Cicogna
    Felix Cicogna19 dagar sedan

    Andrew View to go down to two of the mirror dealer and get your free con forestry mulcher you can get rid of both of those and not have all that problem and a T one of the T 12 there I believe has a high flow and a low flow switch it right on the high flow that she kind of just go through there like it was wheat

  • Cray fish
    Cray fish19 dagar sedan

    At the end ; The " Horses came over, " To " Display " some Real " Horse Sense " !

  • Cray fish
    Cray fish19 dagar sedan

    Those Trees ought to have been " Cut " to " Fire Place " " Sized Logs " / Otherwise pretty good !

  • Mike Moore

    Mike Moore

    18 dagar sedan

    The problem is that there is so much wood nobody wants to put in the effort to cut to size and haul it out.

  • Cray fish
    Cray fish19 dagar sedan

    I didn't get the area measurement as in ( ? ) acres .

  • Christopher Evans
    Christopher Evans19 dagar sedan

    18:45 that did the same thing to me when I was running my skid-steer on a job good job Andrew keep up the good work bro 👍👍👍😂😂😂

  • Thomas Yerbey
    Thomas Yerbey19 dagar sedan

    Looks great Andrew 🇺🇲

  • Charles Bolduc
    Charles Bolduc19 dagar sedan

    That mulcher your use is way to small for me the job your doing now