Pulling out a stuck tractor

Using a Yanmar b50 excavator to pull a stuck Ford 2110 tractor out of the mud.


  • michelwong1
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  • Rockin' G Ranch
    Rockin' G Ranch20 dagar sedan

    I’ve been there done that. My New Holland has a Bushhog backhoe that attaches to the bottom of the tractor and gives me barely any clearance. Been stuck many times.

  • Nebbia affaraccimiei
    Nebbia affaraccimieiMånad sedan

    no diff lock?

  • Wallace Grommet
    Wallace GrommetMånad sedan

    That front grader bucket looks a little big

  • bundydryandlime
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    Too easy. 2:46 rear diff locker didn't appear to be engaged

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  • Roberto Garcia
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    Sou do Brasil Assisti seus vídeos muito bom 👍

  • George Hauck
    George Hauck2 månader sedan

    Other guy wasn't a very competent operator. You can see he doesn't engage the diff lock. Nor does he use the split brakes to try (if he doesn't have a diff lock). If you're gonna beat on your machine and send it into nasty situations, you should know how it works and how to get it out.

  • George Hauck

    George Hauck

    2 månader sedan

    @Andrew Camarata Maybe so. Hey, you were there and I wasn't. Plus, a job is a job. Well done.

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    2 månader sedan

    A tractor that age may not have diff lock. And diff lock would not have gotten him out of that.

  • SynisterGaming
    SynisterGaming2 månader sedan

    Hmm, should have walked right out at first... Posi is a beautiful thing if you know how to engage it/ are able to ;)

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    I never heard this guy say click and subscribe, which is why I clicked and subscribed

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    A Ford.... stuck.... oh Well!!!!🤦‍♂️🤐🤣🤣🤣

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    Uh oh, better call Andrew! fb.watch/5KD-WkB5MD/

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    Love it .,shorties welcomed also , its still great

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    If I may ask, what would a guy charge for this? Or do you know the guy and it was a I help you now then you help me later sort of thing?

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    al kerkhoff4 månader sedan

    Great well manered smart hard working man

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    Ah there is the music ripped off of Duran Duran again.

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    happy skippy cody dog

  • Normand Halvorsen
    Normand Halvorsen4 månader sedan

    If alone, you can tie a little treet to the tire, works great. And ofcourse use the front loader to out om the mud. I Bern om this situation over 30 years, Evry summer

  • Common Sense Wins
    Common Sense Wins4 månader sedan

    Cody says "Mission Accomplished"!

  • cory ledet
    cory ledet4 månader sedan

    Aren’t you glad people don’t know how to chain tie a log to their back wheels to get out of the mud any more. 😂😂😂

  • Justin Holloway
    Justin Holloway4 månader sedan

    good to see the old yanmar again thought it was gone

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    You, by far, have the most diverse range of background music of any SEblacksr I have ever watched.

  • Adolph Romero
    Adolph Romero4 månader sedan

    How come you don't use gloves ??

  • Gott Kidds
    Gott Kidds4 månader sedan

    Why didn't he use the loader, bucket curl to back himself out? Not sure if he had exhausted all options.

  • Kurgosh1
    Kurgosh14 månader sedan

    So the the answer to, "Should I drive my tractor into soup?" seems to be, "No."

  • Enigma
    Enigma4 månader sedan

    tractor. bucket down. simple job done.

  • Enigma


    4 månader sedan

    bucket down, with flat edge on ground, so it slides. Are these people dumb !?

  • Sean Dugan
    Sean Dugan4 månader sedan

    What is the background music

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    Xe máy cày lún không thấy bánh trước luôn

  • daveknowshow
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    its a wonderful feeling when you can help someone in need. Andrew came to the rescue to lend a helping hand. thats what folks are suppose to do help each other. Americans helping Americans that is what will save this nation!

  • david vickers
    david vickers4 månader sedan

    How did that get stuck with a loader on it? And 4 wheel drive?

  • Dean Poindexter
    Dean Poindexter4 månader sedan

    You need to tell the dumbass operator of tractor that front bucket is used to push you backward thus getting unstuck. Have done that many times

  • Chuck Obin
    Chuck Obin4 månader sedan

    I don’t know why you just didn’t use loader bucket to just push it back out 🙄🤔😉👌

  • messin with mike
    messin with mike4 månader sedan

    whoever was operating the tractor should have used the bucket to help push themselves out and they wouldnt have gotten stuck.

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  • cptrestless Steven
    cptrestless Steven4 månader sedan

    Like the last ten comments god job brother and yes enjoy your channel. Hats off to the guy stuck in the tractor for realizing we gave all been there and being willing to share! Was that a 70's model?

  • Jonathan Badham
    Jonathan Badham4 månader sedan

    that rear ale open diff or is the axle lock nock working

  • Bruce Turnbull
    Bruce Turnbull4 månader sedan

    Why couldn't the tractor push itself out with the bucket?

  • idahomike100
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    i get my 4x4 tractor stuck all the time. i have a 12,000lb winch attached,no problem!

  • Flat Thunder
    Flat Thunder4 månader sedan

    Hardest part was trailering the excavator in and out. Nicely done! 👍

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  • Joel On Grid
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    That's a nice old ford tractor there.

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    co to za nuta fajna

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    _He works hard for the money. And soooo does Cody. They work hard for the money so you better treat them right!_

  • Simon Coates
    Simon Coates4 månader sedan

    The small lever to the back of you right foot in the footwell is the diff-lock.

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    TARTESSOS4 månader sedan


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    Damn that Yanmar is a fucking tank

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    some mud

  • Fred Flintstone
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    Just leave Vladimir in the mud, he likes the back door stuff.

  • stuntcardriver
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    Why couldn't the tractor roll the bucket while backing to get himself out?

  • cecil veley
    cecil veley4 månader sedan

    Fireball tool,, twisted straps how thick is that my god

  • Rob T
    Rob T4 månader sedan

    that'll be . $450

  • Dalton
    Dalton 4 månader sedan

    Andrew show this guy how to use his bucket to walk the tractor out of some tough spots.

  • Stephen Hansen
    Stephen Hansen4 månader sedan

    Ok is there something wrong with your hydraulic on your tractor bucket you could of easily pushed it out with that push the bucket down just the way that it was and roll the bucket intel you get traction and you wouldn't had to bring nothing out

  • Soi11 The Falling Girl
    Soi11 The Falling Girl4 månader sedan

    Could you have used oxen to pull it out?

  • cooter
    cooter4 månader sedan

    if dumb ass know how to use front bucket to push his self

  • Life with Lilah Marie
    Life with Lilah Marie4 månader sedan

    To easy

  • Mike Timo
    Mike Timo4 månader sedan

    I'm so surprised!! Usually it'd be something like.... "So it looks like I broke the cross windoggle spindle shaft, and I'll need to do a little maintenance on this thing first... And while I'm in here, I might as well replace the transmission angle diverter spin conjunctor. All I need is a welding torch and a sledgehammer!!!" :)

  • Gareth Ifan
    Gareth Ifan4 månader sedan

    Wow..a little 4wd Ford tractor..how nice, handy unit with a loader on

  • Slivra Snosmuliv
    Slivra Snosmuliv4 månader sedan

    There is always someone who thinks that they tractor is amphibian...

  • Baby Catcher
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    Lesson to homeowner- don’t go out there again until mid-summer!

  • Eric Stonge
    Eric Stonge4 månader sedan

    Yes your bucket to push your self out

  • Dan Beaudry
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    Need to learn how to use your buck to push yourself out backwards

  • Speedy Steve
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    The ATV can stay there until dry season

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    Life is good!!😉

  • david roosa
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    it takes a 4 wheel drive to get that stuck

  • Larry Rivers
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    You can only double your power if your lines are parallel ! Any deviation reduces that doubling effect.

  • Milo Auker
    Milo Auker4 månader sedan

    need some mats to go back in there and fix those ruts or they will be there forever

  • Jabez
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    youtube algorithm anyone?

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    All I know is, I want to come back and have Codi's life. I bet that is the happiest dog in this world.

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    That's it? come on man !! We fans need more video's , you and Matt from Diesel Creek have the bests channels less talk ! Keep'm coming

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    Barry Strohl

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    @Andrew Camarata you tube just asked me what i thought of your video WTH? i 5 star'd as excellent ! .. i guess it some sort of survey

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    4 månader sedan

    I just uploaded a dozer vid.

  • Malacrux norman
    Malacrux norman4 månader sedan

    nice job :) if no excevator around strap a log on the rear weels and off u go :)

  • Christopher
    Christopher4 månader sedan

    I reckon that's stuck alright. Mmmhmm

  • Guds777
    Guds7774 månader sedan

    A tractor without a 4x4 drive is pointless. Sorry but it had to be said, else they never learn... :D :D :D

  • Tim Tolbert
    Tim Tolbert4 månader sedan

    I don't think that guy has too much experience on a tractor. You should have showed him how to get it out with the bucket

  • TheAjanaz
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    Камарата,а ты шаришь,через блоки вытаскиваешь!

  • Cargo tool shop
    Cargo tool shop4 månader sedan

    Push the bucket down and lift the front tires out of the mud drive backwards and roll the bucket forward, you will move one foot each time, repeat until unstuck, some people don't belong owning a tractor, I have used this to pull myself forward before, not as effective but it works

  • Oby-1
    Oby-14 månader sedan

    Yanmar to the rescue again.

  • Mr B
    Mr B4 månader sedan

    I think cody and levi could of pulled the ford out lol ... The old Yanmar is proper built ... more punch than it's size suggests and the just run no hassle ...

  • David McNamara
    David McNamara4 månader sedan

    You'll be back to him again soon if he doesn't put a weight on the back of that tractor when he has the heavy loader on the front and travelling on soft ground...............................

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    Hello Andrew, how is Levi going?

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    Good lookn out. Mud dawg is muddy

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    Does the diff lock not work?

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    I'll be honest and say I'm only here to watch your videos because you are probably part of the 2% of the SEblacks that uploads content with no click bait (fake titles), thanks.

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    Keep em coming. Movies are great, 4 minute videos like this are great too

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    That guy is like wth man “ stop playing with your dog 🐶 n drone get me out “ and Andrew is like “ take a chill pill let me play with my kid Cody 🐕 and fly my drone around get some nice shots for peeps and show what the heck you did dude” pulling that little 🚜 thing is piece of cake for me 😎🤷🏻‍♂️🕺 soon to be million subscribers 💪

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    the steeper the jeep, the further the tractor (чем круче джип , тем дальше трактор ) seblacks.info/cold/video/r32ImWOLa6uLeX4.html

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  • Alex
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    2:47 he needs to lock differential

  • Emmanuel Thommy
    Emmanuel Thommy4 månader sedan

    nothing relaxes me more than watching people work their asses off on the field. no wonder when theres any public work in my country, there will be 5 guys watching and only 1 guy working. THIS IS THERAPEUTIC!!

  • Crazzilla
    Crazzilla4 månader sedan

    Good job, but I can't fathom why you'd detach from the tractor before it was out of the ruts. :)

  • Crazzilla


    4 månader sedan

    @Andrew Camarata The pulley system, I missed that part on the first watch. That's my bad. Still, good job.

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    4 månader sedan

    Because it looked like it was out. And I had to remove that pully system because I ran out of cable.

  • Steve D
    Steve D4 månader sedan

    Glad we don't have 'smellovision', last time I did a mud pullout like that, it stank to high heaven....

  • Hunter Amy
    Hunter Amy4 månader sedan

    Do a maintenance on the new truck

  • David Shipulski
    David Shipulski4 månader sedan

    Great video! Yanmar might be one of the best machines! Always so reliable! Thanks Andrew for great content and no garbage!

  • Nicholas Lacovara
    Nicholas Lacovara4 månader sedan

    Honestly I drove a 4x4 compact utiltiy that size throough a swamp. Ether the bucket was not working right or the driver didn’t know what he was doing.

  • Nicholas Lacovara

    Nicholas Lacovara

    4 månader sedan

    @Andrew Camarata If I live in New York ! would.

  • B Harmon

    B Harmon

    4 månader sedan

    @Andrew Camarata 👍👍👍

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    4 månader sedan

    Bring your tractor and drive through this swamp to show the guy how its done. Ill film it.

  • Pople BackyardFarm
    Pople BackyardFarm4 månader sedan

    Nice work

  • Frank Hinde
    Frank Hinde4 månader sedan

    Hmm I was thinking my 4WD Yanmar tractor has got itself out of worse stuck than that using the creeper gear and the diff lock... Then I noticed the front wheel was spinning but the back wheel was not. I think the diff lock was not engaged.. Assuming it has one of course.

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    4 månader sedan

    This tractor might not have diff lock. IDK. Stepping on diff lock wasn't going to get it out. That needed to be pulled.

  • Thomas Yerbey
    Thomas Yerbey4 månader sedan

    Great video Andrew 🇺🇲

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    Where was that guy think he was going to?? Ok everyone screws up... All good