Removing part of a barn

Operating a compact track loader:
0:00 project explanation
2:23 brush mowing
9:55 Removing trees around the barn
30:53 fixing a rubber track
35:28 Demolishing half the barn
46:11 Loading trash in dumpsters
1:01:11 Removing hay from inside barn
1:08:30 Removing trees too close to the house
1:11:17 Lab inspection and outro

Video of fixed barn: (Hasn't happened yet)


  • liono lee
    liono leeDag sedan

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  • Edwuurd
    EdwuurdDag sedan

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  • Christopher Onyx
    Christopher Onyx2 dagar sedan

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  • Finn Sainty
    Finn Sainty3 dagar sedan

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  • Kriswixx
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  • Miriam Arndt
    Miriam Arndt5 dagar sedan

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  • Dave Bowers
    Dave Bowers5 dagar sedan

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  • Dave Bowers
    Dave Bowers5 dagar sedan

    When I watch my favor farm channel and they are mowing hay, I am sure I can smell that alfalfa and as you tear down that barn that wood dust is throughout my house I enjoy every minute of it

  • Lisa Sereika
    Lisa Sereika5 dagar sedan

    Now that's a sexy tractor! Hahaha

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  • Alika Noyb
    Alika Noyb7 dagar sedan

    Awesome job well done.

  • Eric Schamell
    Eric Schamell8 dagar sedan

    Those are nasty invasive trees he took out behind the barn. “Tree of Heaven” from Asia... as soon as you cut under the bark, all you smell is rancid peanut butter 🤢

  • Deb Dely
    Deb Dely8 dagar sedan

    Why didn't the just burn the barn?

  • Senem Ulku
    Senem Ulku8 dagar sedan

    Hello from Sydney Australia omg the roots are soo strong but good work guys bravo

  • canopener cork
    canopener cork8 dagar sedan

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  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

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    Lorena Castillo9 dagar sedan

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  • Barry Wise
    Barry Wise10 dagar sedan

    Where’s the excavator when you need to bring down leaning trees? Turned out you didn’t need it but I bet you were thinking the excavator would do the job easier. 😁

  • Sören Nilsson
    Sören Nilsson13 dagar sedan

    I am far from an expert but that barn is no more. Time to retire it. The cost of repairing it is higher than building two new.

  • Samuel Sägesser
    Samuel Sägesser14 dagar sedan

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  • Samuel Sägesser
    Samuel Sägesser14 dagar sedan

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  • alter Mann Lockern
    alter Mann Lockern14 dagar sedan

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  • Merlin Monson
    Merlin Monson15 dagar sedan

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  • Dark Night
    Dark Night15 dagar sedan

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  • Overland & 4x4 Australia
    Overland & 4x4 Australia21 dag sedan

    Absolutely love these Long clean up videos!! Keep it up man! 👌🏼

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    Linda Kenealy23 dagar sedan

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  • Ryan Perkovich
    Ryan PerkovichMånad sedan

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    Patrick FlanaganMånad sedan

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  • Kerry Izme
    Kerry IzmeMånad sedan

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