Replacing a well pump

Replacing a deep well pump that is installed in a cistern.


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    Thank God for helper Cody😄

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    16:55 I've never heard of you having that track dump truck you should make a video on that

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    Wow, didn't realize you could get a well pump for that cheap! Hopefully it will last you a couple years at least!

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    Andrew that box is not needed what so ever now you can run everything from the pressure switch with a 2 wire system

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  • Dan Goodwin
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    Isn't that expansion wirsbo/ pex type A? If so, It's designed to be used with expansion tool and wirsbo expansion rings/ fittings. It's better in many applications. But yeah it's not designed to slip right onto a fitting like pex-b or black poly. The fittings are larger for better flow for the pipe size and the pipe is more kink resistant than cheaper pex.

  • Jr Boggess
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    You might want get a bigger storage tank ,so you can have more water storage, also if you are running a old hand dug well keep in mind that water that's in there is just surface water. So if the water ever got lower than the pump you would want to switch out the presuure switch with a low pressure cut off switch ,that would save the pump if the water ever got down that low. A good pump should last 20 to 30 years and a welltrolx tank with last 10 to 15.

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    Does not cost nothing to "store a couple extras" Costs will keep going up so buy three lol!!

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    he should get all natural wood handled tools and just train the dog to put them away lol

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    The most nerve racking video ive ever seen

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    Poly pipe comes in copper tubing size, (CTS) and iron pipe size, (IPS).

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    i love the fact that your dog always sems very interested of everything you do :)

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    Andrew you don't drink that water do you?

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    6 years out of something that costs nearly 10x less than store pumps.

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    Why replace it if the pump is well

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    Wanna live life like you did, independent professional development day to day life. But here in my place it is too much expensive to afford a life like that.

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    Ok so what I don't get is.. you were doing the pressure washing and the well pump went out, so you ordered two more on ebay and... waited for them to be delivered, installed one, and then went back to your pressure wash. ...How fast was shipping!?

  • Clem Taylor
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    My Grundfos pump lasted ~24 years. After it failed and was replaced it took about 6 weeks to flush all the super fine grit out of the system. I can't tell you how many times I had to clean screens. I'd much rather pay for a higher quality pump and not have to deal with replacing it every 6 years.

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    Price difference is between usamade and imported copy of USA made pump

  • Dave Carlson
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    Cheap eBay chaiwanese crap.

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    Mi vida el también mira así aprende !!!.precioso 🙋‍♀️🥰🐶

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    I love how your dog is on top of everything you do, talk about loyalty.

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    Why is your water that reddish color?

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    Is there anything that this guy can't fix??

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    Andrew goes from one problem to another, and fixes them all!

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    The very beginning of @11:16 it showed briefly flowers beside the well house. Does anyone think that may be where Levi is buried just a guess I don’t know.

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    this was well before levi died

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    Is your middle name handy?

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    Well done 👍

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    rusty water. I hope you don't drink that shit.

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    I think the difference between a $200 submersible pump and a $1000 dollar submersible pump is 5-10 years and 20-35 years which the pumps I've installed seems to last.

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    I've never seen a man who is equally as good at fixing things as he is at breaking them. Do you think he learned to fix things so well because he breaks every second thing he touches? Or does he just break everything because he knows he can always fix it? Either way, I'm deep in this rabbit hole and I'm loving these videos.

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    Got rust don't need iron in his diet got it from his water lol

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    The iron oxide is strong with this one. You need to flush that well more often. Your bleach is reacting with the iron in the water. Hope you have good filters.

  • Sman Bman
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    It sounds like well bladder tank is leaking ( well pressure tank) that well kill the pump (short cycling pump)

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    What is your truck called

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    Tell me that's not your drinking water man because that stuff looks Rusty

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    Great job !

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    i think the problem you have i also had with my garden pump which is roughly the same size and cost $ 240, it stopped working last year. I then completely disassembled mine as far as I could. and then i saw the problem that i already suspected (calcareous water). Lime clogged everything. I then put the entire machine in a large bucket overnight and added water by dissolving about 15 ounces of citric acid. Problem solved. try it with yours Andrew if youre having the same issue, saves money..

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    Do you drink that nasty water too ?

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    Nice work Andrew 🇺🇲

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    “Ok Cody take that” haha

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    Andrew, by now I'm sure you solved the problem but I thought I'd add my 2 cents since as a farmer I had to learn about wells and irrigation systems. A controller is probably a VFD couples with a 3ph motor which would give you a constant pressure system. No control is likely a 240V with a pressure tank, and these are constant flow systems. motor sizing is a function of how much flow at a given pressure (and of course lift). You well is basically at ground level :) You can find charts on the gould website with motor and pump pairs for your situation. good luck. Actually feel free to reach out if you still want to talk about pumps etc.

  • Jonathan Harrington
    Jonathan Harrington2 månader sedan

    My well pump is 15 years old and going strong spent 1200 for it

  • Doug Williamson
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    A union would be a good idea rather than pulling the poly lines apart every time you change the pump , your pump will not last the way it is installed 1.your tank is too small the pump needs to run for at least 90 sec to not over heat 2. the pump motor is on the bottom and the pump on the top, your motor fell off, do a better job to tighten the nuts Loctite works well 3.the pump in that small pipe will over heat rather quickly leading to its failure , get a bigger pipe 4.3/4 pipe from the well will cause the pump to work harder adding to the over heating 5. the filter you have is designed to be used under a kitchen sink not for your application go to a larger filter if you think you need it ( 25 micron 20 inch ) iron remover would be even better 6. the box on the wall is a control box , the round cylinder is a capacitor you are lucky you did not get zapped even with the power off if you don't leave a deposit most drillers will not show up , you would be amazed by the number of people that just will not pay once the job is done and yes the right pump may cost you 600 to a 1000 a Grundfos SQE would likely last 30 years if you install it correctly

  • Nill
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    You shoulda made black and red the hot wires. If white is a hot wire you're required to put a ring of electrical tape on it to tell people it's not neutral. Not that anyone's going to come looking in your box, but I know you like your stuff to last "100 years" so one day someone might have to replace the pump that's not you.

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    2 månader sedan

    Yeah, I could have, the reason I did not because red was the start wire, and the new pump did not require that. But anyone servicing that pump will easily be able to tell what was done there.

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    "Dad ! Come and play with me ! I'm bored !" 7:02

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    Your work ethic is to be admired. Well done.

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    "Why are the pumps like 1000$ dollars?" Because they're banking on you not knowing the worth of an item not commonly bought by residents. Septic repair guys quoted me 700-1000 for a septic pump. Got a fantastic one from amazon for 400$. Also watching cody just hanging out with you is weirdly relaxing. Like what did he find at 10:45

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    the bug at 7:49 actually made me flinch.

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    Yes there is different quality pump's just like you can get a Daewoo or a Cadillac

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    2 minutes work 3 hours of repair Why is it everything fucks up with his machinery

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    Cody brought a huge smile to my face. Lol. He had me laughing as he barked at the machine. Great video.

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    hey andrew that pressure washer which has the hot water boiler thing,is it always hot water or can you do just cold water as well?thx mate

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    If you want it done right do it your self.

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    That's your drinking water??? Yikes haha

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    Come on gallons per minute sometimes the pressure pulls to much water and trips the trip wire ,pressure washers have to have so many gallons per minute or it burns out the pump and washer

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    Did you hear Bill Magnerelli (D-Syracuse) wants a new law passed for modifying car and motorcycle exhausts in NY? Includes fines and jail time. SMH🙃 Its like the health dept here is in charge of global warming and septic design a friend went to their communist class and they showed a video it going from one tank to the next and this over weight karen kept raising her hand. I do not get how it goes from one tank to the next. Is there another earth i am on the first flight off this rock.

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    I hope you don't drink that shit.

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    I was raised no deposit no job, sorry Andy

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    The pump burnt out because the PVC pipe is too small it needs some water around it to cool while running

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    paint that cat that cool Green color like the track loader :D

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    Hi, Andrew. I am enjoying your videos so much.. By the way, I see your well water is so muddy. Have you tested water quality? I really like to watch your videos for long time hahaha. That mean is you should be healthy ^^

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    I could watch Andrew ALL DAY, EVERY DAY!! We just about have watched him all day, every day since we found him about a week ago. He's going to have to get busy & give us more videos soon, because we've 'bout watched them all!! 🤣🤣 He is brilliant & humble & polite & AMAZING!!

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    Like how Andrew quickly sniffed out the well digger shyster. Never mind about $2k deposit, just do the job and get paid. That well digger missed out on tons of free advertising. Hope he watched this video.

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    Damn bro...How shallow is that well??? Mine 'should be good' at 575 feet here!

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    Most pumps die because of dirt in the water wearing out the internals and/or the diaphragm in the pressure tank develops a leak so it doesn't maintain pressure which causes the pump to run continuously.

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    You should make some merch in hi-vis! I would instantly buy a shirt for work

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    Title suggestion: "DYI: An introduction to Murphy"

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    R.I.P. Mr. Levi..... GOD speed to you. I only knew of your channel this night of unrest for me. Sorry for your great loss.

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    Pex A and Pex B is totally different size

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    My dad has a 1k dollar pump. Running 20+ years. Still going...

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    You do realize it was just the clogged water filter the entire time, right? I mean ffs that should have been the FIRST thing you checked. Great job spending unnecessary time and money though!!! lol

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    Do you hunt ? And if so can you please do some hunting/ shooting videos it would be awesome plus most of your audience who are probably country people already like shooting guns and hunting.

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    A thousand dollar pump should be able to service, maybe a relay or switch usually. Don't throw it out!

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    just noticed the rust on the well components. its mostly caused by a microorganism and its common in wells. i believe the solution is a shock chlorination twice a year. im sure theres youtube videos out there about well treatment

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    I'm sorry. I love dogs

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    Dowsing is pure nonsense. It's called the water table for a reason. Water is in every spot you look. Just how deep is the question. Crook got you for 250 big ones.

    NUNYA BIDNEZ3 månader sedan

    It's a dirty job but Andrew has to do it. Every Single Time. Ugg

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    I saw your interview and hanging out with B-Rad, it was interesting. Andrew you are to cool for words!

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    Maybe next time replace the filter first?

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    Glad I'm not the only one out there, who has water in their iron lines.

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    So sorry to lose Levi, he was a great supervisor and a great dog. 😥

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    3 water filter system/ UV water filter system

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    Filter probably took out the pump too…

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    Hey Andrew I'm not sure if you'll get to read this but I want you to know I am very very impressed with your videos I enjoy watching them from beginning to end even my great-nephew likes watching your videos and he is only three years old and he can tell me just about every piece of machinery that you have and he can even tell me what parts you are changing or fixing I hope you continue to release these videos because I think the are a great learning tool for the younger generation. Once again I enjoy your videos and keep up the good work I don't live in the US I live in Australia but I will continue watching your videos with my great nephew.

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    Before the end of this year (2021) Mr. Camarata will have over 1 million subscribers. Grats to him!!! And a NEW 1 Million SEblacks Plague!!!

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    my well pump is 85 feet deep, water table about 20-25 deep. i had to replace my pump when i bought my house and i did it myself, bought a new pump at home depot for around $200 just like the one he bought, been working great for the past 7 years. that was before i had a channel and making videos otherwise i'd have a video of me doing it and the stuff i rigged up to pull the pump and line out, and yea there were a few cuss words LOL

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    I wonder why the dog didn't like that you pull starting it

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    watching this just makes me want to go change my filter right now lol

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    should add a mesh spin down filter prior to the house filter. it will allow filters to last longer not being clogged up with silt.

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    I don't know much about electricity, but it seems much more complicated to you than to us in Europe. My electrical installations in my house look like child's play compared to yours in America, again we have all the possibilities like you. As far as I understand you have special lines for AC current and for DC current. Therefore, every yotube channel from America looks to me like you are all electricity experts, from ordinary people to semi-professionals to full-fledged professionals. I wonder if this is due to the unnecessarily complicated rules of electrical installations in your country? I have a feeling that every ordinary person in your country must know everything about electricity in some way, or that his life is complicated if he doesn't know.Your electrical installations seem to me like a small factory, with a lot of cables springing up everywhere, I have a feeling that every house has a separate room for electrical installations, I say that not only by watching this channel, but many youtube channels from North America. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I repeat again I am a total idiot about electricity. but that's how it looks to me.

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    We don’t have dc coming into our houses in America/Canada and most of the time it is just black to black white to white for residential

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