Replacing the mounts on a bulldozer blade

Working on a 1988 Cat D4c bulldozer, replacing all the blade mounts (weld on).
Video welding blade last time:
Lower mount auction listing:
Hardware auction listing:
Frame mount auction listing:
Levi the dog memorial plates:


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    evan tho im a kid i love this

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    I love your if you’re gonna do it do it right attitude 👍

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    Excellent video dude, I admire your persistent can do attitude.

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    andrew fix ever thing he has

    ALI BUOLAYYAN2 dagar sedan

    Now you have to fix the other one that you destroyed

  • 1armedguy
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    It could be a few reasons for the welding machine too act as such, one the liner either needs cleaning or replaced. Two, the tension mechanism that forwards the wire through the liner up the lead can fail. Seriously there's not a whole lot that go wrong with these welding machines but they are just that a machine. Cheers !

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    lol poor codi and that press

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    Gracias por mostrar todo , impecable , lastima que no lo puedo traducir al castellano , sigan asi

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    Andrew I'd hate to see what you pay each year on Equipment Taxes.

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    Andrew Camarata 1 mln. abonnees . i love that

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    Welds the bolt in there then proceeds to break everything trying to get it out lol

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    I had a good laugh when you realized that maybe you were pulling on the wrong hose- BUT- not laughing at you but in understanding. I don't know the number of times I've been working- then fighting something on a project then realize, talking to myself here, "Dummy, THAT'S why this wasn't working!"

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    Корявенько конечно, но залип.

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    Andrew is the king of brute force.

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    Just cause u have a welder, doesnt make you a welder. Preheat those pieces, clean the slag and paint off for penetration. Not sure how this guy has so many followers. Gives quality craftsmen a bad rep.

  • AmericaIsNowAfrica
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    Just a thought but an air hammer may have vibrated that piece out of your dozer easier.

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    that poor pooch I bet he got his eyes flash burned from the welder,

  • mad tater
    mad tater4 dagar sedan

    I wouldn't have wired fed welded it. I would have sticked welded it with 7018 . but I'm old school

  • mad tater

    mad tater

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    @Andrew Camarata I admire your work ethics we need more people in this world like you that jump in and do it.instead of sit around and piss and moan

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

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    Wire is faster and easier.

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    По моему подачу проволоки надо увеличить для нормальной сварки, судя по звуку и внешнему виду швов нет провара.

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    Opened a can of worms

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    Hi Andrew When removing broken bolts try welding a washer on first then the nut to the washer love your vids Great work

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    The dog knows more then most people. 41:38

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    Wow. Great video!

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    One hard SOB U ARE

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    This guys tools are like: Please help Us!!!!

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    A man's man. Why is masculinity under attack? Because men like these are harder and harder to find. God bless you and everyone else who can reach down and grab your sack and get it done.

  • Millwright DAD
    Millwright DAD9 dagar sedan

    I've been a cat mechanic for years, build them here in Washington state. Watching you have to do so much to pop out the elevator pins had me laughing. We have those problems as well when old machines come in for routine maintenance. Also, Watching you drill the shims I was screaming so bad, your welds on that bracket better be perfect, you just put all the stress on them now ruining the shims. Love what you do Andrew. Spoke to soon, just got to you cutting the shims to work lmao....

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    That was a long video, but everything in it is so satisfying to watch...

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

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    works well with your patient repairs NICE job

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    Sorry you had to go through the ex=tra work

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    now we are adding in more 150 maybe

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    heat and kroil would have cheaper to get that eye out.

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    Add andrews time at field service rate and a another 1000

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    Did I mention Kroil

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    3600 bucks of parts and repairs estimate

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    I still chuckle every time I see that harbor freight wrench come out. I can't believe it has survived this long.

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    Ok Andrew I know you've been doing something to make some new videos we need our Andrew fix ok come on

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    Wow such an uphill battle,isnt that frustrating should be easy and take x amount of time.glad you was able to regroup everything back in order.i loved seeing you try to melt all that back together that you cut pieces at a time.i suppose i would have attempted that also at least it back to work and not so sloppy.snookie pa.

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    Andrew, no one could ever call you a Quitter!!

  • rfcomm2k
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    All that work and I did not see you use a single bit of grease anywhere. Did you know when you were pressing out those pillow blocks you could have used the new one to press out the old one instead of using a socket.

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  • Old Scout
    Old Scout10 dagar sedan

    Amazing that the mounting place on D4 didn’t break. What you broke you should have been able to move 1/2 world before that piece on excavator broke. You sure straighten out that cable !! What’s in that Cat paint that is so amazing ?

  • Soody
    Soody11 dagar sedan

    Is it ok to watch him welding in the video without wearing a mask/glasses? can this damage eyes?

  • tim mayer
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    Patience of a saint!

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    andrew where can i get that orange wrench?

  • Keen Observations
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    This is an awesome “How not to video”

  • Keen Observations

    Keen Observations

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    @Andrew Camarata I’m guess I’m wasting my time then. Good luck to you.

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    11 dagar sedan

    @Keen Observations that’s actually very safe to do that.

  • Keen Observations

    Keen Observations

    11 dagar sedan

    @Andrew Camarata I get that, but I see some easier ways to achieve that goal. You have the tools, and the desire to repair your broken parts but I also see you break far to many tools, parts, and equipment trying to fix stuff. There are courses that you can take to learn how to retrieve broken parts, but what you are doing it going to get someone maybe even yourself seriously injured. You should never hook a chain or cable to equipment and just tug on it. As you noticed these can break and send parts flying. Likely taking out eyes and or killing (your dog) or others around you. I cringed so many times when you just yanked and broke your chains, cables, and tow points off that I had to say something.

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    11 dagar sedan

    Why? This is how to replace all those parts.

  • Shawn Ebright
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    18:24 ultimate power

  • Bailey Kincaid
    Bailey Kincaid13 dagar sedan

    Good video. I admire your work ethic. On the blade though I liked the trick with the bolt to bend it back inward. You should of used that trick 4 more times one for each corner of the plate you welded on. That would give it more support and it would allow it to be easily secured during welding.

  • Frankie k
    Frankie k13 dagar sedan

    Welding through that paint with no respirator is not a good idea

  • Scooter lawson
    Scooter lawson13 dagar sedan

    can you do a video on that white side by side thing in the video? would like to kno more about it and see it in action..thanks

  • Scooter lawson

    Scooter lawson

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    @Andrew Camarata thanks i found it

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

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    Go to my channel and hit playlists, then hit unlisted b videos

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    @Andrew Camarata can u add a link to it? i cant find it

  • Scooter lawson

    Scooter lawson

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    @Andrew Camarata ok thanks

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

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    I did. It’s in my unlisted videos.

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    A lots of dirty U removed it

  • William Malenfant
    William Malenfant14 dagar sedan

    A little anti seize would make revisiting this job much easier Andy!

  • William Malenfant
    William Malenfant15 dagar sedan

    Andy. Your dozer is a mess. If you clean it after every use, it doesn’t take that much to keep it clean. Just sayin!🤣😂🤣😂

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    AndrewCamarata plus a blasters license equals more work. Not to mention a lot of wear and tear saved on the equipment.

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    ok some constructive criticism ... i just hate when a creator cuts the sound completely and leaves you hanging with no sound .... add background noise add elevator music but never leave it with no sound .

  • Gr8Success


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    ​@Andrew Camarata just a suggestion : when you have short periods of fast forwarding the video instead to leave sound blank you could add a sound effect of a cassette player *Click* and a *Rewind Sound Effect* and you could probably layer it with some speed up generic background noise you had in the scene . you could use AUDACITY for sound editing and save your sound clips to use in your video . anything just so you don't leave gaps in your soundtrack . hope it helps?

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    15 dagar sedan

    How should I handel those though? I am editing stuff right now and have some more of the same situation.

  • Gr8Success


    15 dagar sedan

    @Andrew Camaratain my opinion it breaks from the immersion if you completely cut the sound ... if you have headphones you want to hear constant sound or noise so you get separated from the outside... if you cut the sound you start hearing your surroundings ... anyways keep up the good work i enjoy your videos

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

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    What if its just for a short amount of time?

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    When an Andrew video drops and the title has “repairing” in it and it’s a 30+ min vid, you know you’re in for a treat. Great work mate💪

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    Anyone else notice Cody the dog jumping when Andrew sparks his torch @ 41:31 😂

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    Exelente trabajo amigo solo te recomiendo enfriar los tornillos con agua para q no se rompan y al principio afloja poco a poco hacia adelante y a hacia atrás poniéndole poquita hagua hasta que saques todo el tornillo

  • Samuel Sägesser
    Samuel Sägesser16 dagar sedan

    I would love to see an official CAT mechanic's reaction to this whole video, lol Somebody give this man a cookie.

  • Lucia Pedroso
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    Why don"t you grease the pins ?

  • Samuel Sägesser
    Samuel Sägesser16 dagar sedan

    I work in sheet metal, but my material is never thick enough to be measured with a wrench I have lying around :)

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    j'ai jamais autant rigolé de ma vie : l'arrachage de la goupille ça a été le grand moment de mon existence ! je peux mourir tranquille : merci Andrew :-)

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    Andrew I find your reckless brute tactics great fun to watch LOL. U da man!

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    Andrew needs to watch a couple AVE videos- and vice versa.

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    Its like Catapiller got the cheapest and softest bolts on the market, FFS!!

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  • William
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    Bro I mean no disrespect, I’m no genius, nor a welder but I do know you must clean your welds, if you want them to last or weld at all!

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    Better than a movie, ty.

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    I'm convinced you give Andrew a pry bar a torch and a welder and the man could complete any task

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    Dear Mr Catapillar Should you require any advice on D4 dissembling please contact Andrew at this number. Gas axe mandatory

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    Blade strength on dozer=Andrew×2

  • Russell Clement
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    After watching you measure up those plates you welded in the blade I'm so glad we changed to metric years ago,,,

    KARLOS TXURI21 dag sedan

    Pobre chico, parece que es "autodidacta" y también un "SUICIDA" obsesivo compulsivo 🤯🙏

  • The Truth Speaker
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    I get the got to get her done attitude if you are “in the field” but if are working in a shop I was under the impression that if you don’t try to clean up your metal before welding you can contaminate your weld causing porosity. Great video thanks for sharing

  • Tony Mendoza
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    New design , will be hard to replace it next time

  • Tutankhamun
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    That welds are not good but not bad, you still need to practice. You should considering to buy lathe and magnet drill, it will be much easier to drill holes or to turn material to right size. Biggest minus, is that you don't paint welded parts, it will be rusty faster.

  • Sosostupid
    Sosostupid22 dagar sedan

    Put your bearings in the freezer overnight or longer next time. Heat the part with a torch a bit right before installing the new bearing/bushing and out of the freeze and only when you’ve got everything ready to press it in. An expanded seat and shrunken bearing go RIGHT together. You’d think it was TOO easy. Hey man- use resources instead of going through the learning curve solo- others have done that already, learn from Their experience. Shit you busted Every damn bolt you put a wrench to…they weren’t even that shitty lookin…

  • Marty Smith
    Marty Smith22 dagar sedan

    I have read some of your friends ideas and comments one thing i have not heard or see is that you are a good person that you have not curse or anything close to it I thank you very much i will continue to watch you

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    I wish to see more new videos please i really like to watch your videos and i am tried of watching your old ones and i have seen all of them please thanks

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  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

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    I put copper anti-seize on every bolt.

  • Samuel Lancaster
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    It's nice to have the tools you need to get things done

  • The Millwright
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    Make sure you do a follow up when those welds fail…. Welding over paint No pre-heat Mig welding Also get a air arc, all those parts would have come off in half the time with half the effort

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    22 dagar sedan

    I got an air arc, but I do not have a stick welder powerfull enough to run it.

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

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