Replacing trailer axles

Working on a 5 ton equipment trailer with hydraulic surge brakes:
0:00 Replacing trailer lounge master brake cylinder assembly
4:01 1 year + remove axles, brakes, suspension
13:35 install new axles, suspension, brakes
32:35 Demonstrate problem with trailer not going in reverse
37:16 install block off valve to fix reverse problem
There some grey dodge footage in here, and some excavation footage.



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    Andrew is bob the builder

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    Congrats Andrew on 1 million followers your videos are awesome

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    Andrew is there a grease gun you recommend?

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    Andrew: puts 20 tons of logs on a 5 ton trailer Trailer: breaks Andrew: surprised Pikachu face

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    New sub from Ga. Dude, you are hardcore. Total guy channel. Love it.

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    As I recall there used to be a little spring tab that aytomaticly adjusted the star wheel when you backed up and hit the brakes. Wouldn't work on the system you have on that trailer. I used to sell auto parts and recall something called I think flex steel brake lines. Copper used to be a solid no, no, don't know if that is still true, I am talking 50 years ago.

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    just how big is your property show us where your boundrys are i think it would make a interesting video i love your channel ( mike from wales uk )

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    LOL what the hell is Cody doing as soon as you laid back underneath the trailer to finish fixing it he came up under there and try to get you or something

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    I see that he is using the best vise ever made in the USA Wilton vises they are expensive but you only have to buy one in a life time!!!

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    Butt Andrew they wouldn't sell many parts if they made stuff to last today like stuff use to last when we actually made products to last like it the 50's,60's and 70's right here in the good ole USA!!!

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    It would have been very cute if you put codi in the drivers seat and tell him when i tell you to pump the brakes and hold them it would have had EVERY One Rolling on the Floor 🐕 😁😁😁

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    Trailer should have a solenoid that's powered by your reverse lights to lock out the master cylinder so you can reverse

  • Josh Beatty

    Josh Beatty

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    Of course I commented that right before you installed the solenoid lol

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  • Robert Cowan
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    I’ve got to do the same thing to my equipment trailer thanks for the video it will make my job easier!!

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    You're welcome. Good luck fixing yours.

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    Well done like always ! Bravo !

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    The definition of a quick job!

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    Never seen one of those breaking things down south. We have electric trailer breaks. Hooks to your truck via wires.

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    How did you move those axels, son? I just picked them up, Dad.

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    I thought I was the only one that lined up my trailer hitch with a Burke Bar! I named mine Brooke Burke.

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    Andrew, not sure if you have heard of this but look up "freeback" drum brakes to see an example of a brake drum system that doesn't work in reverse (on purpose). This would eliminate your need for a bypass switch. Not sure if these are ideal for heavy equipment trailers but I have used them on boat trailers with surge brakes and they work excellent.

  • Isaac Cameron Chacun
    Isaac Cameron Chacun25 dagar sedan

    15:30 it is just me or is that old axle clearly bent? It definitely looks like it is to me. If that's the case then sure it "could" be bent straight again but it would never be perfect. Andrew made the right call with the new axles. Yeah he could have salvaged the old ones but with all the other new parts on there it makes no sense to leave the sketchy axles.

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    I would have while putting the 7 way plug on was add backup lights to the trailer. Best thing I ever did was add them on my trailers.

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    Measure never drill three times Norm off T O H would have a heart attack . Have to remember that one

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    those axles should use hub oil that rubber center on the dust cap should come out and put your oil to the bottom of the hole

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    0:27 - isn't that what he always does?

  • Terry Ezzell
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    In 1990, my father, my brother, and I bought a 22 foot Bayliner cuddy cabin on a galvanized two-axle trailer. The boat had been used at the Georgia coast, and all the hydraulic brakes, brake lines, and master cylinder were rusted beyond repair. I pulled the boat from the coast back to northwest Georgia with my high-top GMC conversion van. With no trailer brakes, that boat pushed us every time I hit the brakes. Took the rig back to m father's house, and we replaced all the brake components. After all those repairs, those hydraulic surge brakes worked great. All I had to do was barely touch my van's brakes, and that trailer immediately slowed or stopped everything. Can't wait to one day owning a trailer with electric brakes to be able to compare the two sytems

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    Is that trailer made out of 8inch channel or 6?

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    Dude you have patience I couldn't stand my dog licking me while working..

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    You should have flipped that trailer over

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    Drum brake slack adjusters should self adjust when you back up and apply the brakes, until they get crusted over.

  • McAlester Divers
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    I can't believe how many people don't know how to use a hand vacuum pump to bleed the brakes. It is a easy one person job. You can find videos on SEblacks showing you how to do it. Great for changing the brake fluid in the system too.

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    36:40 lmao

  • Benjamin Burlos
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    appearently they do sell disk brake kits so if you ever decided to upgrade it all you would have wasted money on was the drum/hubs

  • Benjamin Burlos
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    dont they offer disk brake axles? its not easy for me with my trailers since theyre electric brake but you have the hydraulic surge toungue and hydraulic lines already equipped and were replacing the axles anyways lol.

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    Everything is new, and there are old bearings, cheapest parts of all.

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    I don't know what valve you got but if you turn it off while going down a hill it will just hold the pressure in the line not let it off (they make 1 way valves for this if yours is not)

  • Austin
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    Haha the day they invent a brake that lasts even 8 or 9 years would be wild... even disc brakes are still gonna wear out pretty quick especially with heavy equipment on the trailer

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    I have disc brakes all the way around my semi and reefer but they all air though

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    Our trailer surge brakes had a pin we put in to keep them from working while backing otherwise we couldn't back up in muddy locations.

  • Serge K
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    the new headlamp has a good design but it is blinking pretty much and its light is also visibly polarized, we can see it clearly on video. You shouldn't use it for long work: it may injury your eyes. Try Olight headlamp or similar with Cray LED if you plan to use it for long.

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    There should be a pin or some other way to lock the slide part of the hitch so you can reverse with the trailer

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    I'm just saying, watching AC work or play is Better ,than paying for a movie. He is captivating for sure.

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    Interesting, so you don't need a brake controller in the vehicle with this style of trailer?

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    I bought my 3 1/2 ton trailer with electric brakes which work great. Whats your reason for not using them on this job?

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    Love the way he treats his dogs, never in the way, let’s them roam right into the middle of the job. Truly loves his dogs and it looks like feeling is mutual.

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    Most drum brakes are self adjusting after installation

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    Lifetime of a Dodge is five years.

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    I've been around heavy equipment for 35 years. This guy is an excellent mechanic/ jack of all trades! Hands down!

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    Congrats, Mr Camarata! Nice to see you on the right way using protection helmet, gloves and taking care of security. This comes first. Leading by the example - we’d like to see it in all places all the time for you and those that learns with you. Best regards from Brazil.

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    I have two tandem wheel trailers both use electric drum brakes they don’t have reverse braking problems uphill as the brakes only operate when brakes are activated. The brakes are proportionally applied by a brake controller in the tow vehicle which is fully adjustable for the load and road conditions. All trailers over two tonnes must have a battery system that applies its brakes if it separates from the tow vehicle. No need for hydraulics, with that we also have a mechanical hand brake for operation without tow vehicle. I’m sure you must have these over there. Thanks for the great videos - been watching till late hours!

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    Dude I have the same surge brakes on my boat trailer, and I had the same problem, so I just cut two blocks of hardwood, and blocked off on both sides of the slide so when you back it won’t employ the brakes. Oh you were right, it was a PIA to have to get out. I would have loved the switch in the cab

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    Ryan Hogan

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    @Andrew Camarata yeah, I think disengagement for engine breaking thing was nice., too bad you went after that hitch first, could have just gone electric… but you did well, I think the line lock will work great, you can also use it as an emergency brake to hold the brakes engaged.. great videos..

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    2 månader sedan

    That could have been done, and I left the wire there so it can just be changed by moving a plug. Its nicer on the switch because sometimes you might get in a situation where the brakes are already on before being able to get it in reverse. And its nice to be able to turn the brakes off if going down a big mountain.

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    Hey Andrew, I have been re-watching some of your repair videos. You have a tool that I would like to add to my collection. It is that orange ratchet wrench. It has the 3/8 drive on one side and a 1/2 drive on the other. Also, it has that flat section on the head that you could use almost like a hammer, if you need to give a bolt a little more encouragement. I think that you supplied some info on how to get one of those on a different video. Could you please supply that info again. I would like to get one of those ratchets.

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