Revisiting that coal bin and cutting pipes

Revisting the the coal bin I cleaned out a few years ago and cutting off some metal ancor bolts sticking out of the ground.
Old coal bin video:


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    Nice to see you let Cody keep his balls. It's total abuse to do that.

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    naja, getting to be a film artist! First1.32 just art!

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    Whatever structure was anchored there, was very well attached to the earth.

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    The way he grabs the metal turns out he should’ve been a server at a Mexican restaurant to carry out hot plates

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    Crypto is like water, it flows up the currents,or the down currents, it settles in tranquile lakes , or fiercely rains down cliffs forming a spectacular waterfalls,at the end of a rainbow. So, think crypto as water, my friend, and hydrate

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    Great stuffs !!!

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    I will advice you learn the candle sticks and select your crypto properly and decide which one to buy and hold .Maybe 4yrs.

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    Thanks for your video today....What is the best way I make money from crypto trading :(

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    Huge Difference! Nice Work Andrew!

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    Center trees gonna die

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    You know the one dumbest thing I see this guy doing all the time is not wearing gloves when he gets burned by the torchill realize that he needs to work clothes

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    Wearing gloves is how to get burned.

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    You should do more castle building or build a nice bunker into the mountain

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    @Andrew Camarata That would make for a awesome video series , Get 10's of millions of views 😯

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    I might.

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    You must have Asbestos hands... Wow I would only have grabbed those chunks of hot steel with Gloves?

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    Wile i hope you were using propane look's like a acetylene tip on that torch . :)

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    когда ты первый раз расчищал это место я думал ему сто лет, а оказалось что этому месту почти двести лет )))

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    I have admired how you work ,build keep going forward. but i just saw a video of you on young videos and wheelrs. I am Mad you never mentioned the little girl with you ... or person. That really upsets me. !!! who is that person that was part of your life ???. family is irreplaceable !!! is that your little sister ? is she or he part of your life still ??

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    Which girl? They dont seem to stick around.

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    It scared me when he grabbed the pipe with no glove

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    Come on 1 million! Andrew deserves it!

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    Andrew, Andrew, where are you? No new video. I missed of them. Please, samsing, a bit, ewery week, PLEASE! Your Ukrainian fan.

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    There is a video rendering now.

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    Cool idea to leave the trees but I doubt an arborist was consulted. Those trees are not going to respond well by being loaded with gravel over the entire root zone.

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    Andrew Camarata

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    Sometimes trees hate that, sometimes they do fine. New trees grow fast.

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    Hi Andrew, what's the brand and item # of the blue towel you use all the time?

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    @Andrew Camarata Thank you, sir!

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    Buy it here:

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    All those rebar did it used to be a crane sat there? What was the site?

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    Might have been. It was a paper mill.

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    When you reach 1 mill, will you throw a small party?

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    They should turn that coal bin into a skate park.

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    Looking forward to you repairing the track loader hitch, painting the Hitachi, painting the IHI CL35 and painting the 955 yellow. They would all look so much better.

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    What brand of machinery do you prefer?

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    Jesus turn down your oxygen on your torch. Your not allowing your flam to be hot enough

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    $let me see your

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  • Construction life
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    Found your channel a few days ago, loving the videos keep up the good work.

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    @1:00 They should try to preserve this great graffiti artwork interwoven with the half fallen apart building. It tells many stories.

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    So those big ol excavators couldn’t have gotten those metal pieces out? 🤔

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    Not worth it. those were ancored into lots of concrete.

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    cody's got some big nuts

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    Great work sire ,so are so hard work

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    Andrew you need to trademark your own name so other SEblacksrs can't use it in their posts they're using it to gain views

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    Can you pls help me out, I have a skidsteer and it has a way to big bucket can you tell me what is the size of bucket I have to get

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    Short film 📽️. But better than the other stuff I watch! Keep up the good work!

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    The Florida pool pump motor bearing repair guy When Service Calls Longwood approved ! that was good info Andrew

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    I never felt you left the bin job quite finished and here we are :) Andrew your wasting oxygen when you have such hig flow on the pre-heater flames it is unnecessary.

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    Damn that's some thick pipe!!! Thicker than a snicker!!!!

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    Andrew we need a video covering your entire fleet of equipment ! It would be neat to see them all in a video showcasing their unique functions and uses !

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    That's a racist architect who drew that plan up. Only white cars in the lot.

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    xxof83013 dagar sedan Hey thought u may like this DYI Is ROCK crusher

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    Few things I hate more than graffiti.

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    Andrew, are you planning on ever making a video with your most used tools? Im talking wrenches, impact drills etc. Would love to hear your thoughts and recommendations.

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    Can’t wait to see the next video where you visit this site and they have built everything out! It is just amazing to me that someone was able to build a building right into the water like that and it can last hundreds of years. I can’t imagine trying to build something like that and get that through city planning these days.

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    Very cool. Like how you keep us updated on projects👍👍👍

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    That's got to be what $2.00 worth of scrap iron?

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    I keep wondering when he is going to OWN these projects instead of doing dub work on them. His 1M subscribers would all contribute as investors (eg, "THE AC GANG INC", LOL).AC could own the town, along w all of US! Think about it..just think about it. What a terrific idea. I was a small developer in suburban Phila and would have loved to have an "affinity group" such as SC had here. What do all of you think? Imagine we a contribute just $100 each?!? That would be $100M to buy projects! lender money to match it..would amount to $200M! Air B N Bs would populate the region as perfect vacation destinations for the 100s of tjousands I of vacationers in the 1,000mi radius region. Thoughts?? mments?

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    What are those metal things sticking up?

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    Old places like that built this country into a manufacturing powerhouse. People became richer and success thrived.

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    I run a cutting torch non stop every day for 2 and a half months when tearing down old sawmill equipment and conveyor systems you name it.......was fun but got boring after about a month

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    You should have just cut off the orange parts only lol

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    FO to the 322 thumbs down syndrome kooks

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    You have cool jobs man ♥️🙏🏻♾

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    When you think the metal is orange from heat but it’s paint But then it’s smokin and just makes you think yeah it really is hot Then he grips it after sledgehammering it and it’s smokin 😂 Hands of steel 😂 Seems like the dirt or The insulate made it hard for the heat to climb up What you can learn seeing someone just cut metal Oh must of been orange so they don’t run over and the metal is seen pop out the ground That was a very very dangerous lot Imagine going though there in winter And hitting one of those things 😳😆 And I can see the pipe was cover with another because of the water so it helped protect the pipe and made it live longer from corrosion The built awesome back then

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    I was just thinking about this place

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    Thanks for showing the signs about this place...interesting history.

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    light iron is about 140 a gt.

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    oh wow brick from the 1800s is worth 3 to 4 times the current bricks are going for.

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    Andew is a boss, grabbing that pipe with no gloves after torching on it

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    Did Andrew get hit by the storm He’s got it made up that mountain ! That’s what ya want these days. High ground. Castle on the hill !!

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    That looks great now. I do hope they accomplish their dreams and if they do, please revisit with the before and after videos Andrew.👍👍👍

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    Andrew in the next video: SO I decided to buy some demotion shears for the excavator.

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    What was the purpose of those pipes?

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    @Andrew Camarata maybe, possibly, but I'd still go at it if I had that kind of equipment at my disposal 💪🤠

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    Those things are probably ancored into 20 tons of concrete.

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    Torch was the tool for this. Especially since there was no power there.