Sickle bar mowing trails

Mounting a new sickle bar mower on a Takeuchi track loader and mowing some trails. Mostly mowing tree branches with the mower in the vertical position.
Link for mower:


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    Like something from the Thunderbirds

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    I would ck with manufacture and see if it is suppose to be that loud. I have run cycles on a tractor that were much quiter. Great video, ty

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    Be careful of your dog. Sickle mowers bad for dogs! !

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    Pozdrawiam z Polski.

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    With 844 plus thousand viewers, don't think Andrew has to spend much time cutting in new driveways. He already has! He has worked his ass off all his life and now he is enjoying the Tube income. As he should be. And for the Lettuce Heads out there that think he's is a joke, just look him up and grab a piece of him.

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    Ordinaire comme job 👎 il y avait moyen de faire mieux je suis sur !

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    These look like German blades made by ESM in Ennepetal :)

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    A flail would be more durable and chop the brush up fine, cannot see that standing up to that punishment.

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    Business getting slow? You haven't been posting many videos.

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    I would never thought that you would have put some grease on the blade to stop it grinding on itself . Or maybe it's just me being Technical 😁 . Iv got to admit that's a very useful bit of kit 👍 .

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    Being a 1 man show is hard sometimes but gotta keep pushing an consistency pays off.

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    Andrew. Blades look kinda rusty. Shouldn't you oil the blades at least once before use? And once after, before putting it in storage.

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    back in the day they used to make a citrus tree trimmer that had multiple saw blades on a bar similar to the sickle bar that would trim the citrus trees on the citrus groves . one set of saw blades would turn counterclockwise and the other set would turn clockwise

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    What about a forestry mulcher on your excavator?

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    make sure you can find the liner up blots next time you need em.

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    What club you working for? I'm in NY as well. Actually, I expected the sickle bar to perform a little better. Congrats on 1M.

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    Having to clean branches off the top all the time would make me go for the other kind that is like a bush-hog that swings up sideways to cut branches like that... 👍

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    I guess you figured out the hard way, sickle mowers are NOT designed to cut 2" material, and for sure NOT big limbs! I have a New Holland 451 three point sickle mower that will run in all positions, it's very easy to hold in an upright position and cut SMALL limbs. Best part is, being in the back instead of the front like yours, it keeps itself clean, I don't have to stop and clean it off. Lastly and very VERY important, don't take your dog out when sickle mowing!!! I've seen dogs run by a sickle mower and loose a leg!! To them at ground level, they don't understand the cutter is sticking out away from the tractor/skid steer!! They run around the tractor and the sickle takes a leg or two off!!! It just happens so fast!! SR

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    Handy tool that one Andrew good job and quicker than by hand

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    Sickel bar mowers are not designed to mow tree limbs there for mowing grass and hay fields

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    Better a long hydraulic chainsaw

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    $9000 and it came pre worn in and rusty. high wood price or not, 9 grand buys a crate.

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    Cant believe that people never clean and lubricate parts before fitting ; is it any wonder they subsequently cease .

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    Those 1/4" are meant for shearing when a tooth gets jammed so you don't break the drive or shear a drive line connection which is more difficult to fix. Pretty much exactly like a bean/wheat head on a combine harvester but the teeth last a lot longer not cutting branches.

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    Cool idea. Cute dog so sweet.

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    more attachments than a Macbook Pro

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    Nice attachment Andrew..will come in handy for trimming along fence lines to clean up properties. Now, having done the snowmobile trail(s), you can return at some point with your "Mulcher" attachment and mulch up those branches you cut down so that they do not flip up and damage your snowmobiles or any riders when they are covered in snow...Continued success on your projects!! and Happy Trails to Cody!!

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    you want the 1/4 bolts,, they break BEFORE your sickle bar or drive knuckle. a farm store should have a grind stone to sharpen the blades without taking them off the bar.

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    Wow I’m impressed with how well that worked taking branches and even decent size trees down. I’ve only seen sickle bar mowers used to cut grass. That worked extremely well.

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    Put a roll/safety cage around you.


    Sounds like it can use some lube , does it have grease fittings ?

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    Andrew has his amazing channel because of hydraulic oil and its systems.

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    My brother just cleared the trail we have by hand. I thought of this video while watching him bust his butt🤣 We're in central NY. Great set of choppers you got there!!

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    I could watch it all day long doing nothing and never minding how behind I am in my own boring work.

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    Works good , love the tree adjustment , lol........Get another bar and take with you so it can be change out old time farmer stuff ...there are better knives and better rivets ..........Get you some !!!!!!!!!

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    I could see use for this in orchards and for hedging applications in long lines of cypress hedges and such….

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    I Think i would have gotten that rust off before putting it together.. Surprised you didnt weld a bar onto it to deflect cut branches.

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    The only machine that I've ever seen like that had gears along it and what I assumed to be chainsaw blades! But then, I've got no idea about such machinery, and I'm in the UK! :-O

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    Perhaps have a petrol powered lopper for the thicker branches?

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    Need a pole up the middle to stop branches from falling into the attachment

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    Not very effective. A chain saw or circular blades would work better. You're a clever guy, build your own.

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    Grass cutter?

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    Nice!. Be worried in our (Muskoka area Ontario) location of running into rocks if using horizontally but the vertical application looks great. Will check if could run with tractor hydraulics on a FEL, we use a brush hog type mower for trails and an offset flail for roadsides but being able to get higher branches would be nice.

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    Should have bought a boom arm mower instead. It would have chewed all that brush at the same time. Those bolts are made to shear so you don't bend the cutter bar... way cheaper to replace a tooth than the cutter bar.

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    Cody has a 'walk' setting? I think this is the first time I've seen him walk, rather than run every where. Levi would have loved it up there. All Andrew has to do now is rig up something to clear those branches away as he's moving along.

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    Neat video, good effort at clearing trails. I have to wonder if the Lane Shark wouldn't be a more durable solution for mowing the trail and then turning vertical for tree trimming.

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    I am sure that if Andrew is like me he thinks more of his animals than of humans. Watch some of the older ones where levi is in them to see what a animalitarian he is and the sorrow on losing Levi.

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    *** Andrew I think you might've inserted the rack of blades the wrong way. It looks like the tapered edges of those blades should be facing down. The flat side of blades go against the stationery side. Look at any regular bush trimmer and you'll see what I mean. The way you installed it creates a small gap between cutting surfaces, which reduces the shear action. That's probably why you broke several blades. They don't have as much support with that standoff gap and with the blade tapered this direction the larger branches are pulling the blades away from the scissor point.

  • Andrew Alexander

    Andrew Alexander

    Dag sedan

    Yeah, Like Rubus Roo said, there's only one way it's possible to insert the cutter. You can't insert the other end first, because there the knuckle for the drive on the other end, and you can't flip it around so the beveled side of the teeth are down, because then the teeth would be facing backward, not forward.

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    they only go in one way

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    It would sure work better if it was hanging down instead of sticking up. Then the limbs would fall onto the ground and the tracks would roll over them. No more limbs being collected.

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    old fashion Grass cutter been around for who knows !!!! when hydraulics came into application , compressed oil!!! it just fantastic hydraulics .

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    wrong tool cuts grass not brush

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    When the sickle bars are used in grass like normal there small bolts because they are suppose to break when they hit rocks.

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    Andrew has a skid steer accessory addiction

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    Those bolts are designed to shear. It keeps you from damaging more expensive parts, so leave it that way. Although you can get away with brushy wood, those were originally made for cutting standing grass/grass like plants. I wouldn't try more than 1" dia. wood. Don't modify that break-away system, either. Those sections are held in with rivets on older mowers. Be glad they changed that. But I still suggest getting extra bars, keeping 2-3 boxes of sections and bolts in your truck.