Snowmobile riding 2020-2021

Snowmobile riding for the 2020-2021 season. Please consider donating to the snowmobile club, they keep these trails open. Paypal link:

0:00 intro and move sleds around
1:52 first ride on 1994 Yamaha Bravo LT
8:28 Ride 1978 Yamaha Exciter
9:37 Pick up new 2021 Arctic Cat Blast LT and first ride
14:40 fix snowmobile dolly and trailer
31:33 bringing dogs for a ride in tow sled
40:32 Blast riding and tree work
52:34 XLV540 and blast
1:22:25 fix yellow sled trailer
1:18:01 Fix tire on trailer and buy new trailer
1:24:43 lower seat on blast
1:32:06 Plane crash loop
1:44:20 1978 Yamaha Enticer 340 fuel pump install
1:56:20 Blast rear shock replace
2:15:51 Fix blast frame after hitting a rock and picnic table
2:36:39 riding with dogs
2:39:04 Fix Enticer hood
2:43:52 Grooming with Clubs groomer and my Rhino with tracks
2:56:10 night riding
3:01:33 buying my own snowcat, Ill do a better video on this next year
3:14:39 Review of Blast
3:20:33 Riding vintage sleds and ending

Arm wresting video that almost made this vid:


  • Jack Truitt
    Jack TruittDag sedan

    such a good video. stoked for you and your snowcat adventures

  • Vol deMort
    Vol deMort7 dagar sedan

    Look at cody run!! Fast as fuk boiiii

  • 906 LAWN
    906 LAWN9 dagar sedan

    There is nothing Andrew can’t fix including the airplane engine he found.

  • Sudd 268
    Sudd 26814 dagar sedan

    You need an out door wood stove, you could put a heat exchanger in your basement shop and keep it warm also the house, you have plenty of wood available, with your tools and skills you could build it yourself, as always thank you for your videos.

  • david ellsworth
    david ellsworth24 dagar sedan

    i think reason why today new snowmobile are made of sheet metal to make them lightweight so they can drive in really deep snow. what ever you did you hit something really hard just saying

  • david ellsworth
    david ellsworth24 dagar sedan

    wow $200-$300 for that ski box . you probably could build one cheaper and wood on that ski box look like it wont last to much longer .

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    23 dagar sedan

    I don't think I could have.

  • david ellsworth
    david ellsworth24 dagar sedan

    that old Yamaha sled at 8:30 look like it was brand new probably early 80's sled but it looks new . who even used to owned that sled it like they buy it and never drive it in 80's . unreal . that sled should be in a snowmobile museum just saying

  • david ellsworth

    david ellsworth

    24 dagar sedan

    @Andrew Camarata yeah that Yamaha is sweet . i cant believe the condition of that Yamaha sled i don't know how you find it that was a great find buying that Yamaha . i love your new sled you must have to travel find the snow to drive that new sled cuz i live in saugerties era and we don't get snow like we did in 80's and 90's

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    24 dagar sedan

    Yeah, I feel bad even riding that.

  • eghty8fox
    eghty8foxMånad sedan

    56:00 look I can trim trees too

  • Mike Sidebottom
    Mike SidebottomMånad sedan

    the revers acually makes the motor run backwards. dont do it for long it will not get oil as the pump is running backwards

    AHMED ABRHMMånad sedan

    انك انسان راىع

  • Glen Kemp
    Glen KempMånad sedan

    Views are AMAZING 🤗

  • Bruce MacGlynn
    Bruce MacGlynnMånad sedan

    Well, definitely saw this before, but somehow failed to comment or like. I've fixed it. Cody runs great even in powder. geez that's tough dog. Definitely heard that rule about rims, but I'm thinking that had more to do with vehicles that were going at least 10mph. Always interesting to see you in both modes of protective gear (or lack of it). 28:40 I don't know, I think you were better off with a pointed front end. 😜

  • I SEE You
    I SEE YouMånad sedan

    hold MY bEER ..i GOT THIS..

  • robert anthony
    robert anthonyMånad sedan

    After having the fuel system or even just the carb drained on a snowmobile, try pressurizing the tank to prime the system. It will save you some cranking, and maybe keep from fowling plugs from dumping too much fuel down the plug holes. All in all I like your videos, keep them coming.

  • 嚨滴咚
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  • Manca Thumbs LLC
    Manca Thumbs LLCMånad sedan

    Dog is awesome

  • krashdown102
    krashdown102Månad sedan

    25:53 Annicken Gildernes Jealous?

  • Helen ❤️
    Helen ❤️Månad sedan

    2:49 .... The way you installed belief in your friend for both of you to take on that tree was nice to see . Sometimes people give up too easily . I bet you he will be retelling your day out together for a long while with a great sense of achievement.

  • Rena Burggraaf
    Rena Burggraaf2 månader sedan

    Hi Andrew. I just love your videos. Especially when you MacGyver stuff. My husband may be sick of me talking about you. Lol. You are my favourite you tuber.

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    2 månader sedan


  • Jusike
    Jusike2 månader sedan

    wow thats great spot. the over look that is. that is so cool at the top and that BLUE sky man what a ride.

  • Joe Kasson
    Joe Kasson2 månader sedan

    This is a very interesting channel, never begs for likes or subs and yet look at the views. Incredible, all these other channels are boring and filled with please love me,please hit the like button , beg ,beg ,grovel,grovel. If they were that good none of that would be needed.

  • S T
    S T2 månader sedan

    Go get your self a ultrasonic cleaner and use simple green airplane parts cleaner awesome results on small parts

  • Al Story
    Al Story2 månader sedan

    Play, play, fix, fix, fix, fix, play, play...

  • Th3Riddick
    Th3Riddick2 månader sedan

    I had an idea for your trailer. Put some sort of springs in the front and back of the ski's to help with absorbing motion. Nothing very stiff, but I wonder if it would help with its capacity and stability on the trails. It looked to me like it was nosing down a good bit when the two dogs were riding.

  • justin crackedatfortnite
    justin crackedatfortnite2 månader sedan

    I'm pretty late but I think the chairlift is actually a T bar because it is not very high off of the ground.

  • Cherolyn Wolf
    Cherolyn Wolf2 månader sedan

    How fast is Cody running?

  • Dave Hobson
    Dave Hobson2 månader sedan

    How does the selfie stick disappear

  • Dyana Mullican
    Dyana Mullican2 månader sedan

    I have only been on a snowmobile once. Thank you for taking me with you.

  • Bill Gardner
    Bill Gardner2 månader sedan

    what kind of drone is following you on the trails??

  • tanker
    tanker2 månader sedan

    im 100% a doo guy . but gawd i fuking love love love that purple and green cat the 8000 , so sexy

  • John Nies
    John Nies2 månader sedan

    Diddid Qz QASd

  • Trouble_gaming
    Trouble_gaming2 månader sedan

    His motto is don’t force it get a bigger hammer I love it

  • Sidewalkchalker87
    Sidewalkchalker872 månader sedan

    Every get nervous about your puppers getting hurt by machinery?

  • poly glot
    poly glot2 månader sedan

    Does that aerial shot above the snowmobile look like the most desolate shot you have ever seen wow. If a person can’t clear their thoughts there it ain’t gonna happen.

  • Peter Keränen
    Peter Keränen2 månader sedan

    I can't believe this is only 2 hours from Central Park

  • anthony john ramsey
    anthony john ramsey2 månader sedan

    was that a wolf that ran across

  • Shawn McCall
    Shawn McCall3 månader sedan

    Helmet sit

  • Brandon Rippeon
    Brandon Rippeon3 månader sedan

    What 360 action camera are you using?

  • poly glot
    poly glot3 månader sedan

    Have you ever thought of doing a video based on a holiday like the Fourth of July, Christmas, Easter…. I think that would be an awesome video but you need a lot of time to get ready for it, Probably.

  • LaLa McQuoid
    LaLa McQuoid3 månader sedan

    Yeah man Cody ain't no joke!!¡!!!

  • Alan Wondergem
    Alan Wondergem3 månader sedan

    I wonder what happened to the pilot of that plane? Wonder if he survived the crash?

  • Alan Wondergem
    Alan Wondergem3 månader sedan

    Seeing as how today is the 1st of June 2021 this was a fun video to watch.

  • Crazy Jeep guy
    Crazy Jeep guy3 månader sedan

    B52 bomber I believe

  • Crazy Jeep guy
    Crazy Jeep guy3 månader sedan

    Loop trail no ones done it.....does it one handed holding a camera stick😂😂😂

  • Crazy Jeep guy

    Crazy Jeep guy

    3 månader sedan

    Is that the same crash site mustie 1 hiked to?

  • Dianne L
    Dianne L3 månader sedan

    Cody can run - my goodness!! He's amazing like his daddy 😍

  • Bartman360
    Bartman3603 månader sedan

    What kind of selfie stick cant be seen on his vids? Or is it edited out? I can see the shadow at times but the stick cant be seen.

  • Bartman360


    3 månader sedan

    @Andrew Camarata Sweet man, dig the vids. You are alot like me who understands how things work. Its the first step in fixing anything. Your imagination and fab skills are off the hook, especially in and around your container castle. Real men build with steel. Wood is so boring. You are awesome, keep it going. Back to the shop for me, building a stage 4 20hp 212cc 4 stroke motorized bicycle. Fun stuff.

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    3 månader sedan

    Gopro max camera, it can see around the stick. Good for shots like that.

  • Terry Young
    Terry Young3 månader sedan

    Tifmll lol d

  • Janne Kokko
    Janne Kokko3 månader sedan

    Never have I snowmobiled but after watching this, it looks like a workout so now I know its not for me LOL. Still, great video!

    KEVIN SMITH3 månader sedan

    The panicky digestion posteriorly remain because goose singly polish atop a probable wedge. penitent, aboriginal soda

  • Stef
    Stef4 månader sedan

    1:04:03 first time I see you and food together! and yes, I love my airfryer! 😄

  • Matthew Campbell
    Matthew Campbell4 månader sedan

    The wonderful curtain microcephaly wait because dill demographically injure qua a snobbish tempo. industrious, offbeat bite

  • Joseph Brown
    Joseph Brown4 månader sedan

    @ 2:16:00 he tells how he kamakazied a picnic table while ramping off of snow drifts... and the frame got all bent up... for no reason!

  • homedoggtom
    homedoggtom4 månader sedan

    Did you find any serial numbers or tail numbers from the airplane crash? I’m surprised the aircraft was left there- usually the NTSB investigates such incidents.

  • iDisOrder
    iDisOrder4 månader sedan

    1:53:16 _4 deer running across the path up ahead_ *Beautiful!*

  • Healers Canada
    Healers Canada4 månader sedan

    I got Drunk 🥴 4 times watching this!!! His love for what he does makes me wish I had a quarter of his success and happiness! We Love Andrew!!!!!!

  • George Stolz
    George Stolz4 månader sedan

    Hi Andrew. I have been trying to figure out why people would donate money to fix snowmobile trails if they don't use them. I still haven't been able to figure out why people give money to You Tubers to support their lifestyles. For me it is like going to a travel agent and buying airplane tickets to send your neighbor traveling around for 2 weeks and you stay home. But what do I know. Lol. Best regards.

  • iDisOrder
    iDisOrder4 månader sedan

    honest question - why buy a snowmobile trailer and not a regular trailer? why bother with a sloped front and unusable space? someone tell me the benefits of a sloped snowmobile trailer please _edit:_ next project idea- cut metal arrows, powder coat them orange and post 'em along the trail

  • iDisOrder


    4 månader sedan

    @Andrew Camarata Thanks for the response. I live on Long Island. My cousins go up by you to snowmobile in the winter and bring their sleds in a regular trailer along with their side by sides. Their trailer is a stainless (floor & sides). Was just wondering if there was a benefit to the sloped snowmobile trailer design

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    4 månader sedan

    They are set up for moving sleds, they work really well for it. A regular trailer will rust out in the salt fast. Snowmobile trailers don't.

  • Alaska's Last Frontier Cabin
    Alaska's Last Frontier Cabin4 månader sedan

    I just watched this video. Have you ever considered coming up to Alaska? We have great riding up here. If you want to come up next winter, let me know.

  • Alaska's Last Frontier Cabin

    Alaska's Last Frontier Cabin

    4 månader sedan

    @Andrew Camarata ha ha ha a very long snowmobile ride but not too bad of a flight. Btw, I been watching your videos. I love them. Are you going to do a house tour video?

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    4 månader sedan

    Is it? That is a bit of a ride from New York though.

  • golfboy55
    golfboy554 månader sedan

    Only took 2 months to watch

  • NoSplash
    NoSplash4 månader sedan

    That snow cat is a badass lil unit

  • Mat m.s
    Mat m.s4 månader sedan

    cody is my spirit animal, people say im too proactive

  • Sean McDonald
    Sean McDonald4 månader sedan

    Cody watches his dad too much. See's a tree and immediately wants to clear it out lol.

  • Chessie Kid
    Chessie Kid4 månader sedan

    I thought I seen deer running across the trail. And it was.

  • metparker
    metparker4 månader sedan

    I only see one dog !!! Where's the one that got lost in the forest while snowmobiling ???

  • Shawn Beckmann1
    Shawn Beckmann14 månader sedan

    I was watching a bunch of ads and a Andrew Camarata video broke out in the middle of them all LOL

  • Dale Sather
    Dale Sather4 månader sedan

    Sorry for all my comments but when I was a kid w no money we took some triangle files and welded them to the ski guids that was back in 1973 in Churchill Manitoba

  • Dale Sather
    Dale Sather4 månader sedan

    If that engine is not to old you could rebuild and put a prop on it and make a air boat you have all the skill and tools to do it

  • Dale Sather
    Dale Sather4 månader sedan

    OMG Andrew you could have built so much better with a couple of old snow boards a lil steel you could carey a gf or old Levi in real comfort w gas can and dog food for the boys and gf and with a lil engineering a ski attachment so you could toe a broken down sled.

  • Dale Sather
    Dale Sather4 månader sedan

    Best that I can tell from the video of you jet sking to the statue of liberty thinking you where on the Hudson? So with that your in New york state? And the snow you have is ausome and the hill trades are really good. Here you can have that too cent its -40 F or cellcus its the same. I once was at Reindeer Lake Sk. And we where on old portage trails that where thousands of years old and at night amongst the tall pine trees you will never forget!

  • someppls kids
    someppls kids4 månader sedan

    i think we just became best friends. wanna do karate in the garage?

  • Half Nelson
    Half Nelson4 månader sedan

    That longer track really makes a difference in traction hey?

  • Michele M
    Michele M4 månader sedan

    Thank you Andrew. I appreciate you taking us along on your adventures. I also appreciate all the time you spend on good editing.

  • Eddie B
    Eddie B4 månader sedan

    Famous Andrew quote: "I've got an idea... I'm going to re-engineer this hitch!" 1:02:30

  • MrNickelbrille
    MrNickelbrille4 månader sedan

    Gee, you need a new trailer for the sky-doo. This plane wont fit the old one. You gotta admit,you thought 'bout fixing it right ? Lol, do you ever get back home with two gloves after a trip with Codi?

  • paul hatch
    paul hatch4 månader sedan

    That dog must be part greyhound. He is a runner. 20 mph?

  • Gibbs Tinting & Detailing
    Gibbs Tinting & Detailing5 månader sedan

    Love the dog man! I just said goodbye 2 my 15 1/2yr old Lab not long ago. Thank u!

  • Ed Polanowski
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  • liveuk
    liveuk5 månader sedan

    Tape the selfie 🤳 stick to the vehicle I know it's your thing to hold it but you never know how many Pic a nic tables there are out there waiting for you.

  • Alexis DeVille
    Alexis DeVille5 månader sedan

    I guess in the mountains, you run into some abandoned lifts at ski areas That went broke , .

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    5 månader sedan

    There are a few of them.

  • Nicole Arsenault
    Nicole Arsenault5 månader sedan

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  • Teckin
    Teckin5 månader sedan

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  • Mark Brown
    Mark Brown5 månader sedan

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  • Moacir Souza
    Moacir Souza5 månader sedan

    ainda não entendi porque você , uma pessoa mais inteligente e criativa acima da média, ainda não "bolou" um suporte para colocar sua câmera ou celular , para segura o aparelho para você.

  • ryker carlson
    ryker carlson5 månader sedan

    Add ice scratchers on the rails the one that go on the skis are junk and you will never overheat again

  • xyz 9875
    xyz 98755 månader sedan

    16:45 Talking about vices, I had the same problem. So I bought a vice, which is made out of not cast iron but steel, therefore it is 50 % lighter, but it grips as good as cast iron one and it will never break.

  • Moacir Souza
    Moacir Souza5 månader sedan

    Caro Andrew Camarata, sou seu FÃ, estava assistindo seu vídeo, e vi que você achou os restos de uma Aeronave Acidentada, você comunicou à Policia ou à força Aérea? Se não comunique. abraço.

  • Jeremy Cerra
    Jeremy Cerra5 månader sedan

    Should make a tail gate for snow mobile trailer you can drop down for dogs to get in easier.

  • Iulian Neagoe
    Iulian Neagoe5 månader sedan

    Are they not selling original shocks for that? Seems like a brand new snowmobile. Also, it should be covered by warranty

  • David Reeves
    David Reeves5 månader sedan

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  • HemiPhenom955
    HemiPhenom9555 månader sedan

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  • Levi Jefferies
    Levi Jefferies5 månader sedan

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  • HemiPhenom955
    HemiPhenom9555 månader sedan

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  • HemiPhenom955
    HemiPhenom9555 månader sedan

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  • Plushie
    Plushie5 månader sedan

    Snowmobiling is really fun. Unless you do it in the dark, with nvg's, and with a 600 lbs sled traversing a 40-degree hillside off trail ^^

  • Bryan
    Bryan5 månader sedan

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  • Bobby Booshay
    Bobby Booshay5 månader sedan

    @andrew camarata the steaming hay is manure....

  • krashdown102
    krashdown1025 månader sedan

    glad you edited out Cody running under the tree @ 2:49:46 the safety nutters would have complained about it if they had saw it.

  • Bonzo Kaye
    Bonzo Kaye5 månader sedan

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  • Mike F
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