Track loader repairs

Working on a 1960's Caterpillar 955h crawler loader:
0:00 bring in garage
1:29 New top roller
4:57 Remove exhaust elbow
14:13 new seat
22:05 Install new exhaust elbow
23:45 Demonstrate bad starter
25:20 Install muffler
27:18 remove starter to get rebuilt
31:46 Demonstrate roller not turning
33:11 Engine oil change
35:35 digging in shale
45:41 Make exhaust gasket
49:10 more digging, also using a Ex100 excavator, Cat 950 wheel loader, and Takeuchi TL12 compact track loader
Ebay roller listing: (the winning bidder refused to pay)


  • mobayguy
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    I'll buy the roller - Going bowling this weekend 😉 Good Job Andrew! - Keep em' Coming !

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    Hı Andrew! I lıke your vıdeos them often. The seat could be paınted. Good luck.

  • Jeffrey Strader
    Jeffrey Strader2 dagar sedan

    I could fix your Turbo exhaust issue in 5 minutes, but your a wee bit too far away from Oklahoma.

  • Jeffrey Strader

    Jeffrey Strader

    2 dagar sedan

    @Andrew Camarata I've ran into that issue before. Me and a buddy diesel mechanic figured out a way to seal the ring, without welding. It's not the 4 Bolt Flange you installed that's leaking. It's the Internal Joint Sleeve you stuck in there. It leaks where it is touching the Turbo housing as well as where it's slid up into the Elbow. (There's a lot of pressure being generated there by the Turbo exhaust) It should be press in, machined Expansion Sleeve being installed into Elbow. I've seen mechanics who put in a Sleeve similar to what you did, but weld it to the Elbow (not advisable, seeing as the Elbow is mainly Cast Iron). I've seen High Temp JB Weld used, I've even seen Gasket material lined around the internal circumference of the Elbow and Sleeve. People have tried just about everything they can to stop the leaks (short of purchasing a New Turbo and Exhaust Elbow Kit/which you and I know are bank account busters!)..........................."OH and by the way, your NO DUMMY in what your doing. You seem to have enough experience to keep your equipment going. I was just offering some friendly helpful advice"

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    2 dagar sedan

    Five minutes? I think taking that manifold off could easily turn into an all day frustrating project

  • Jeffrey Strader
    Jeffrey Strader2 dagar sedan

    Andrew when your dealing with a tight space and installing a nut, you can also put a SMALL dab of superglue on the wrench to hold the nut in place....

  • FlyingSeaMan256
    FlyingSeaMan2563 dagar sedan

    “I gotta stop breaking stuff at some point” *fires up torch* Also you should find a used oil burner for your shop! I know you’re pumping out oil on services all the time!

  • Sudd 268
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    I thought the green loader was some state equipment or mine, didn’t know it was your special mix, thank you Andrew for your videos, stay safe and get some rest.

  • Charles Lloyd
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    Man, that pipe looked like it was ceramic

  • G G
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    i know it's not the job, but i would be cool to see you do a paint shop, where you pull stuff off sand blast then paint it. lol i know it doesn't work any better cause of paint, but look at like this, rust protection.

  • NuclearSavety
    NuclearSavety13 dagar sedan

    Plese drill out aluminium rivets ...

  • Lawrence J Neuser
    Lawrence J Neuser14 dagar sedan

    It's good clean the connections before you put them back on the starter. If you tin the connections after you clean them you'll have less problems in the future, I found that out working on my Fords over the years. And yes I know, you don't have Ford's. Most company's do a better job on their electrical.

  • Lawrence J Neuser
    Lawrence J Neuser14 dagar sedan

    You have clear coated the wiring diagram, the battery acid fumes will corrode the aluminum.

  • Pete Scales
    Pete Scales16 dagar sedan

    bloody hell andy you puttin grease on a bolt , you should oil everyblot you fit back ok , therell always come undone with no effort ye , regards from the UK ye

  • d.j. meric
    d.j. meric17 dagar sedan

    What is the name of that mini jackhammer that you used?

  • sydy YA
    sydy YA19 dagar sedan

    i have never ridden a bob cat i am currently working on a cat 330

  • Walter Mckinney
    Walter Mckinney21 dag sedan

    heat red hot hit it with Kroil or good penetrating fluid let cool 5 min the try to remove... Repeat if necessary .

  • Jim Campbell
    Jim Campbell21 dag sedan

    Excellent and thank you

  • Robert Fay
    Robert Fay22 dagar sedan

    *- THIS SIZE is just a tiny bit too big for your bull temperment, and THAT is Perfect:* *- *** *- Put some teeth on the the bucket, and build a Lifting Jib with cable to hook to the bucket top.* *- Go tear up some stone or get your jobs done in a satisfying amount of time.* *- It will be fun looking for something used you can have fun with refurbishing.* *- Experiment with "Quick Start" ether to shrink parts after heating the outside steel holding them.*

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    @Andrew Camarata meh, I'd rather be outside too Brother 😊

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    Get premium.

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    That is a nice rock coming from a stone mason .hope you find a cool spot for it .

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    " I gotta stop breaking stuff at some point" lol keep up the good work

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    Haha "I gotta stop breaking stuff" if lol

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  • George Loyzaga
    George Loyzaga29 dagar sedan

    By the time he is 60 his property will no longer "hilly"He will flatten it up,testing his heavy equipment .

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    Eddie B29 dagar sedan

    Nice assortment of machines and if one breaks down you have another one to back it up!

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    Absolutely outstanding American entrepreneur! Horray!

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    This might help you when welding any metal remove rust or paint! That helps to make your welds clean formation and stronger!

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    Olá, tudo bem com você, eu estou no Brasil e estou gostando bastante de assistir os teus vídeos e como você consegue resolver seus problemas. eu tenho um problema não entendo o Inglês e gostaria imensamente se você pudesse de alguma maneira em colocar legendas em Português Brasileiro para poder entender o que você está falando. OK. Muito obrigado Hi, how are you, I'm in Brazil and I'm really enjoying watching your videos and how you manage to solve your problems. i have a problem i don't understand english and i would like immensely if you could somehow put subtitles in brazilian portuguese to be able to understand what you are talking about. OK. Thank you very much

  • Terry Ezzell
    Terry EzzellMånad sedan

    I would love to know how thick that workshop floor is. I have been watching Andrew's videos for several years, and he has driven all kinds of tracked heavy equipment into the workshop with absolutely no ill effects at all to the floor. As I have come to know Andrew, I would be willing to bet he over-engineered the hell out of it

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    @ 33:55 “me after Taco Bell” type of volume.

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    Ciao Andrew gran bel posto dove vivi 👍💪

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    I like your engine block warmer

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    andrews phone in the background always gets me lmao

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    You sir are an amazing craftsman. Thanks for sharing this video. Wishing you and your family another wonderful week. Cheers.

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    It's crazy how calm Andrew can be when his engine is burning

  • Dan From Away
    Dan From AwayMånad sedan

    Andrew, this is the first time I have ever written a comment to anyone. Allow me to suggest that you do all your welding/cutting/heating out of doors. This is good professional/trade/industry practice (wherever possible) and since you have fuels, lubricants, paints, dogs, etc. for you it should be standard practice. If u r concerned with sharp slag/dross in your gravel just run a strong magnet over the area where u were cutting. Given your fleet size and growing abilities with tools/machinery I would also suggest you not use OA cutting torches/tips for heating steel. A mid-sized rosebud set to a gently carburizing flame would serve your interests much better IMO. This will allow stay on the work longer and for the heat to sink in and more thoroughly and evenly heat whatever. A good practice is to heat the nut/bolt a bit, walk away and do something else, return, heat again. Maybe do this several times. this allows the heat, which is your friend, to reach into the work evenly which is the goal. Also, I noticed you jumped right on the bolt/nut while they were still red hot. The entire principle of using heat to aid in the removal of bolts, etc. is the expansion/contraction phenomenon. Steel molecules move around when heated and they never all go back to their same pre-heat starting point. IOW they shift around when cooling down and in that cooling the steel in the nut, ideally, pulls away from the bolt. Let everything cool off before slapping a wrench and twisting. Remember, steel nuts, bolts, pins, etc. are in their weakest state when hot. Shipyard workers I know use freon on the bolt and heat on the nut (whenever possible) as this causes one element to shrink and the other to expand. This is especially important when the piece is an expensive one or where it is mad difficult to get taps/easy-outs in place. Welders/ironworkers/fabricators use heat to soften steel so they can twist off pieces they could not twist off when at room temperature. Use WD 40 or whatever AFTER the cool down period. Let the heat soak in and then let the penetrant sink in. Finally, counter-turn nuts/bolts immediately IOW only twist off a few degrees then tighten again, add penetrant, loosen a few more degrees, then tighten, penetrant, etc. I admire your appetite for monster/difficult work you have never done before and your readiness to rip shit apart devil mind the details. That, plus the fact that you love dogs, we have in common. Hope this was worth reading. DJW

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    Was that a wasp nest

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    Of all the innovative methods you use Andrew I think I liked jamming the nut in the wrench when it was in an awkward upside down location was my favourite today Great stuff as usual

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    Sounds like your exhaust manifold gasket went out with the additional back pressure created b the muffler. Great videos!

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    Whoever decided to paint that thing green ruined it. The original yellow paint looks so much better.

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    Some six year will say please mommy can have that roller thing. Too funny

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    Starting to wonder if Andrew eats or sleeps.

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    19:46 Cody playing with the toy

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    That exhaust leak is coming from around that steel ring that you put in it’s not the gasket material

  • Felix Cicogna
    Felix CicognaMånad sedan

    Going to have to fix that exhaust leak if you don’t need to leave that brand new metal right up with exhaust coming through it then you’ll have to buy another one

  • Felix Cicogna
    Felix CicognaMånad sedan

    Do you know anything it might be a good idea to put a solar powered trickle charger on on somebody’s batteries that you have that have a bad time keeping up

  • Felix Cicogna
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    Her whole turbo should’ve been replaced I know they’re very expensive there at least two grand but the rest it up as that is it’ll probably run would have run more efficiently with the new road with a rebuilt the turbo wanted at least something you should’ve thought about they’re just saying

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    And you still get parts for these old timers…?.

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    Sounds like that guy ruined street racing


    "I guess I'm going to have to stop breaking stuff at some point" ?!?!?!?!?!?!? The vacuuming was good, although it would have been better before disassembly to prevent some of the junk that went down the turbo. You have to admire the guys determination, and everyone has to learn, regrettably sometimes from their own rather than someone else's mistakes. Carry on bro. I see myself 60 years ago!

  • Tactical Repair
    Tactical RepairMånad sedan

    Andrew, that's a blown gasket between the exhaust manifold and the cylinder head. That's causing lower boost and it will eat away the cylinder head to manifold sealing surface. I don't know if you use that machine much, but you probably should fix that leak. Not a hard repair.

  • Seth Wilke
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    That shop rag in the wrench trick 👌 definitely going to use that one day.

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    That shop is pretty epic.

  • 765 Garage
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    You need to start grinding paint off of the surfaces you're welding. Your welds will penatrate and look better.

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    As a mechanic, dealing with broken bolts was the most challenging task. Always felt good to get beyond that.

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    whenever you plan to loosen old rusted bolts like on the roller...spray them well with Liquid Wrench ahead of time. it will make the job easier and prevent broken off bolts. Did you spray lube into that roller?

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    The gasket you putIn the exhaust has not fixed the problem Andrew you can really hear it on the video and the audio really brings it out loud like so you got something else going on right there to turbo yet

  • Felix Cicogna
    Felix CicognaMånad sedan

    Andrew it sounds like the 977 when you put a load on the engine sounds like you got an exhaust leak at the manifold are you blown head gasket

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    You need to weld both sides of that bracket to the muffler and just unbolt the whole knuckle flange together

  • winston cryer
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    No you need to weld where you slid it in there's no clamp or nothing that you're using you need to weld it

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    Andrew you are a gifted guy. But you didn't sit on your ass to get there. As anything in life you have to work for it. That one day you decided to video what you do. And look how far you have come. And equipment and more equipment. Its Always great to have the right tool for the right job. Keep at it my friend. PS. What was the final verdict on the roller? Maybe pressed it on to far?

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    My starter was like that too, needed the love tap. It ended up being the brush springs were rusted out, one could no longer push the brushes onto the commutator. I made one out of some pallet strapping steel band.

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